Reviews for Rent-A-Vampire
Cavelenare chapter 10 . 6/15/2019
Oh damn. This chapter was so unexpected. It tore me apart
Cavelenare chapter 7 . 6/15/2019
Oh dear Bella! Such a sceptic. Edward must think you’re a hoot!
Cavelenare chapter 1 . 6/15/2019
Secretrevenge chapter 32 . 4/8/2019
Such a delightful twist on our beloved story.
TennesseeCaliforniaGuy chapter 32 . 3/1/2019
Still wanting Jake to receive a ass whooping.

Liked this..
TennesseeCaliforniaGuy chapter 31 . 3/1/2019
Really glad they weren't happy with the family.. They did abandon Edward and cut off his funds, which was just unnecessary really.

I'm sure he has own funds in the family account, since he isn't going off with them, he get his share out.

Also.. So are jasper and Alice a open relationship? Wouldn't be the first time I read them being in that type of relationship... Wonder why people give those two that type of thing... For variation between the couples, maybe?
TennesseeCaliforniaGuy chapter 30 . 3/1/2019
Honestly Bella with Jake should be far more terrifying thought for Bella, because he was gonna rape her, had Edward not came.

To be apart of his pack is to be his sex slave I would assume and eventually baby maker. Very horrid thoughts.

It seems he is getting away with assaulting Bella like he did.. I'm sorry, him getting heartbroken at finding out Bella is super freaky with Edward doesn't count. He needs a couple punches to the face and to be taught how to treat women.
TennesseeCaliforniaGuy chapter 29 . 3/1/2019
I always say, a experienced girl don't matter to a guy unless it's a one night stand.

And really... Physically, Edward looks older then 17 if you ask me..
TennesseeCaliforniaGuy chapter 28 . 3/1/2019
While it's only for a moment.. I am glad you had Edward be insecure with Bella on the sex... Even tho it was nothing to her, she still experienced sex with another so she has that over Edward who was a virgin..
TennesseeCaliforniaGuy chapter 27 . 3/1/2019
It was special at least, not completely out of lust like most stories do.
TennesseeCaliforniaGuy chapter 26 . 3/1/2019
Confused with Edward's behavior..
TennesseeCaliforniaGuy chapter 24 . 3/1/2019
'Why are we hurting each other'?

She is the one acting like a pregnant hormonal women... She clearly has no self preservation. At least have her understand what he is saying...

He could have worded things better tho
TennesseeCaliforniaGuy chapter 23 . 3/1/2019
Oh... I think Edward is not at all just up and abandoned by his fam..

Turning Jake evil and mike into a true friend? Unexpected. It's a wonder why Jake waited so long to go after Bella is she is his territory so to speak..
TennesseeCaliforniaGuy chapter 20 . 3/1/2019
They're barely friends tho... Her and mike..
TennesseeCaliforniaGuy chapter 19 . 3/1/2019
I hope when she does 'take his virtue'.. It's special at least...

And very glad you addressing something so many other fics ignore.. He has to much then her blood to worry about when trying to be intimate with her.
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