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silverhowl55 chapter 5 . 9/18
Please let Takumi develop a relationship with Sirius and Remus! Maybe they can go over to the elemental nations with Takumi when everything is over with...
Monster King chapter 5 . 9/12
Great story please continue it soon.
Guest chapter 5 . 9/9
Please update again soon
Fallow55 chapter 5 . 9/8
xxx Kudos xxx : )
Stone9990 chapter 5 . 9/9
Can’t wait for the next update because this is my new favorite story I have read
kayla1991270 chapter 5 . 9/5
please update soon can't wait for more
James Birdsong chapter 5 . 9/1
Awesome story
tymaxion chapter 5 . 9/3
A good take on this type of story, looking forward to reading the next chapter.
Guest chapter 5 . 8/31
If I was him I would be getting half (only half BC his children may want to return eventually.) Of my family fortune turned into precious metals and gems, maybe even getting some houselves to take along (ohh.. Maybe Naruko and him can make them their own summoning scroll and dimension for them to live freely. Maybe tsunade could heal them?), books, weapons, plants, ect...
Lunary chapter 5 . 9/2
Looking forward to the next chapter :)

Hope Sirius and Remus will decide to join Harry on his journey back :)


PS: I guess Dumbledore has it coming for him once he takes Naruko hostage in the lake "

PPS Why do I get the feeling Hermione and Neville might end up Harrys students and go with the Shinobi as well?
Elfin69 chapter 5 . 9/2
How will Dumbledore react when he finds out that he cannot break the bond with Takumi and Naruko and that they are expecting a baby?
Tal House chapter 5 . 9/1
Can't wait for the next chapter!
BROMBROS chapter 5 . 9/1
Another awesome chapter. I had noticed that you missed the e in the word pause but knew what you meant.
gadman85 chapter 5 . 8/31
To me, this was a rare example of a fic that I didn't know I needed to read until I read it. I really like this premise. I am not a fan of "Evil Dumbledore" but here it actually makes sense to me. He's lost a lot of the power and respect he once held for so long. It makes sense he would resort to less than ethical measures in an attempt to regain what he once had.

The first chapter was really quick, but it makes sense. It was a chapter to catch us up to current time in the story. I really like how Harry and Naruko grew up together. It is really nice the way they connected with each other. Harry was used to being treated how Naruko was by the village. He understood her and the two bonded because of that.

I really like how you gave us the first task in the first five chapters. I was scared for a bit there you might drag it out for whatever reason. I really look forward to the Yule Ball with Harry and Naruko. I don't know how it will go down, but I get a strong sense of fun with them. I wonder if Tsunade and Hinata will interact with others in the fic as it continues.

It was nice to see how things changed without Harry around. Hermione (if she still came in contact with the troll in her first year) was crippled as a result since Harry wasn't there to worry about her and drag Ron with him to help her. I also find it interesting that second year actually went better without him there. Yes, Lockheart died, but other than that only three students were petrified. Sirius was also found innocent and freed since he wasn't hyper focused on trying to protect Harry at Hogwarts knowing Peter was there.

I really look forward to how things go down between Voldemort and Harry. Will Harry end up ending him before what would have been his fifth year starts? I like the idea of "The power the Dark Lord knows not!" being Harry's ninjutsu and other ninja abilities. It is fun seeing how a war vetran Harry handles things as opposed to "I just want to be a regular wizard" Harry does things. I'm really glad you didn't force Harry to handle all of this alone on his own.

There is one big problem with this story that can easily be fixed. I am not being mean or anything like that. I just want to possibly help you with it. The main grammar problem I see here is your tenses. You switch between past tense and present tense a lot in the story. Past tense is kind of the norm here, if you didn't know.

I will give you kudos for actually getting men and women correct! For some reason, it really irks me when people incorrectly write "women" when they are referring to the single form and turning around and using "woman" when referring to the plural form. You aren't making that mistake and that is a huge plus in my book.

I look forward to how this story continues. I hope to see more of Remus and Siruis in the story. I also wonder what Harry and Naruko will end up naming their child. I also want to see if the child will be born in this world or if they will get back to Konoha just in time for the child's birth. I also want to see how Harry helps Neville, since he's decided to try and help the boy as a test run when it comes to a Genin team.

I look forward to the next chapter when it is written!
Guest chapter 5 . 8/29
can it be sirius/hinata
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