Reviews for Chasing the Memory of You
Guest chapter 18 . 11/10
Update soon please
Guest chapter 18 . 11/6
Looking forward to the next chapter
FlashGirl chapter 18 . 11/2
I think you should make it part of the end of the story.
FlashGirl chapter 18 . 11/2
He should really sing it to Cait.:)
FlashGirl chapter 18 . 11/2
I think Barry should sing 'Running home to you.'cause it matches the story very your story to bits.:)
wyatt moon chapter 2 . 11/1 way this just happened...
Nova.8 chapter 18 . 10/28
Aww, that was incredibly sweet. I wonder if Oliver and crew are doing something similar to their show characteristics? It'd be easier for them in the human universe you've created. Looking forward to more.
Nova.8 chapter 17 . 10/28
I wished Ollie had punched Jay in this chapter, it would have been so, very worth it. But I loved the way Caitlin told him off for punching Barry and that was great. I always enjoy seeing snowbarry scenes or lines in a story and using the "evil dress" made me smile. :-)
ShanouNash chapter 18 . 10/27
They’re so cute! I love it! I’m glad they wait, it’s a good thing not to rush things. Team Arrow is living I guess. I hope they will tell Caitlin soon because I don’t think she will appreciate that they keep things from her. For the rating, I find it okay as T. And for the sequel, you’re right, don’t think about it before you end the first fanfiction. Can’t wait for more!
chloe chapter 18 . 10/27
Lovely steamy chapter, feel like I need a cold shower
Black Lion 01 chapter 18 . 10/27
Excellent job my friend. I'm looking forward to the next update.
psychlover95 chapter 18 . 10/27
Oh yes another chapter I love this story can’t wait to see what happens next. I want to find out if Caitlin and Barry will find out about what team arrow is hiding. Will Barry become the flash ? Will Barry and Caitlin get together officially ? Please write and post another chapter please
CallMeMiles chapter 18 . 10/27
depending on how this one ends, a sequel would be nice.
Eliley chapter 18 . 10/27
Man I was so happy to see that you updated so soon. I love this story so much. It's cool how you've included Sara laurel felicity and Thea in this. And of course we all know why Oliver Thea and felicity had to go. I wonder if Caitlin and Barry will ever find out.
psychlover95 chapter 17 . 10/27
I love this story please please continue to write more chapters please. I can’t wait to see when Barry and Caitlin do end up together officially. I love that Oliver is like a big brother to Caitlin because I think that is awesome especially because on the show Caitlin and Oliver have not really interacted at all. I also love the relationship between Caitlin and felicity the show needs more of this relationship/friendship it’s amazing and I wish that they can interact more in the show two kickass women
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