Reviews for A Crossing of Paths
Sammy Victoire chapter 6 . 7/22/2020
Oh Harry, our little doormat. I can't wait to see him kiss Draco's butt in later chapters.
Sujeeth chapter 19 . 7/7/2020
Ah man, discontinued? Sucks. I really loved the fic but i think ageing Harry to 17 hardly served any purpose but whatever. Hope you continue one day:)
Elpatron1 chapter 1 . 5/8/2020
hey did anyone ever notice how petunia and lily have different appearances, lily had to be adopted by muggles. And shes either a child of house bones or wesley. thos are the only two familes in the series who have red hair. Look up Amelia bones appearance and lily potter's appearance.
x102reddragon chapter 19 . 5/1/2020
Hope you will continue this story soon!
kellen23 chapter 19 . 8/10/2019
Hope you update soon
BohemianVoldemort chapter 19 . 6/30/2019
This is a fantastic story. i hope you recover enough to make another venture into this little escapade. I literally do not have any gripes about this except maybe that the characters were aged up for maturity but the characters are only more mature in that they throw a party and are old enough to date without worrying about age gaps. I was hoping for a more scholastic Harry and Ron or maybe a mathematic advantage when solving problems for Harry and Hermione since they can basically do freshman algebra and/or geometry. Then again I don't really want to read about that. lol
Drakensong24 chapter 19 . 6/15/2019
I like this story
PurtonPoster chapter 19 . 3/13/2019
I love it. I like that Harry left Cedric and Krum it is a competition after all I would maybe tweet that he waits with Fleur after moving her to a safe location for madam maxim to arrive. Please keep up the good work :)
NakedGrizz chapter 19 . 3/7/2019
Hey - I really like your story, though I agree with the reviewer below that this last chapter seems a bit out of character for Harry. Still, I hope real life is working out okay and you can come back to this, since I'd love to read more from you.
P.M.Alderhill chapter 19 . 2/16/2019
Great story,. But it seems a little out of character for harry to abandon both Fleur and Cedric just to win, even considering that they are only unconscious. I understand you want to revive moldyshorts but it's a little forced for him to want the cup so much that he leaves Fleur alone. But it's still well written so who cares I guess
benrobbins77 chapter 1 . 1/24/2019
Is this supposed to be a departure from canon? It seems almost identical, except you have Fleur acting differently. Not really very interesting.
Guest chapter 6 . 1/15/2019
Re-cast* Dove*
Mutant Ascension chapter 19 . 12/27/2018
Well at least Cedric won't die this time that's about the only good thing out if thus mess. I am really looking forward to the next chapter.
Guest chapter 19 . 12/25/2018
I’m too wiped to log in or give a meaningful review but yay for the update.
Baby Huey chapter 5 . 12/26/2018
"You hear that Neville? We'ere going to Die violent deaths!" Harry said.

"Well, as long as they are not drawn out," Neville replied.
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