Reviews for Firebound
Red Reaper88 chapter 11 . 9/17
Amazing story
it's simply me n you chapter 11 . 9/9
I really enjoyed this story. It was interesting watching as the imprint evolved into love. She will have a great life now.
I’m glad that Bella was able to still communicate with Alice and Carlisle because she did have some friends in the Cullen family
TwiFanfictionRecs chapter 1 . 9/4
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orchidluv chapter 11 . 8/20
Freaking LOVED IT! I always love your work and I am on the edge of my seat waiting for another fic!
cici love chapter 1 . 8/18
I absolutely loved it thank you
LoveCake chapter 1 . 8/16
I'm one of those annoying readers that will only read a completed story send then review at the end. This story was incredible. I loved the dynamics of the characters and watching Bella become pack. So well written.
B4bidden chapter 11 . 8/16
wow ive had this story for abit now but havent had time to read it, everytime i tried life as a single parent with 3kids would get in the way. so happy my eldest told me to go have a relaxing bath as then my 2 lil ones wouldnt bother me sge surprised me then by bringing in my phone so i could reaf lol... This has had to be 1 of my fav Jared and Bella stories ever. i agree with u about Kim n Jared that in the real stories just was creepy. never was a fan of Edward either too controlling and Alice as u said at the end never really had a bf as she couldnt remember so i can understand how she could twist a friendship up but still too self-forfilling (spelt wrong hope u know wat i was trying to mean). ty again n sorry 4 long reply
Madmaxi chapter 11 . 8/15
Thanks for taking us all on this journey with you! It was a lot of fun!
Sassyvampmama chapter 11 . 8/14
Thank you for sharing this. I'm not normally a fan of the pack, but this one was fantastic.
Bell 1 chapter 11 . 8/12
I was simply super excited to see a completed Jared/Bella FF story. THEN I read it! WOW! Love it!

I love the slow development of their relationship.
I love the progressive realizations Bella went through.
I loved feeling the emotions once she discovered the whys behind her choices.
I loved and cried when Jasper subtly helped direct her toward her other two saviors, which also put me to tears.
I loved Jared's caring, tender, and selflessness in putting Bella's wants and needs first, just so she was happy.

This entire story was filled with so much heartache, joy, and chaos.

I loved this Jared as well. He made my heart melt with his love for Bella. His parents were obviously good examples for him too.

Thank you for writing and sharing this story with us! :D
MoonGirl1840 chapter 11 . 8/10
Loved this fic! I liked the strong, quiet, Jared. There's just something about an intense man of few words! I also loved the dynamic btwn Bella and Paul. And the easier friendship with Jake. Edward was scary, which, when you think of it was a natural progression with his canon personality. Excellent job all around!
Missysue32 chapter 11 . 8/6
I love all Bella and Jared stories! Couldn’t put it down I read it straight thru!
Peacelovefairy chapter 11 . 8/6
This is a great story
CaliNative76 chapter 11 . 8/6
Loved this fic! You did an amazing job.
Guest chapter 11 . 8/6
This was my first Bella-Jared fic that I ever read. Well first Bella-any of the Quelete fics I have ever read. I couldn't be happier.

This fic was everything I love about fanfiction and you made it happen.

Thank you for writing this rollercoaster of a fic.

I really hope you write another story soon.

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