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Saira's world chapter 21 . 7/19
Nice chapter. I really wanted to ask you something, Are you a novelist?
Update soon
Ezabellaa chapter 21 . 7/17
Lin that is soo soooo soooooooo sooooooo not fair. I practicality skipped all the chapter. Now I have to wait 15 days more. Do you know how addictive your stories are?
Anyway they finally took the step. I was able to get that. And the last part is getting exciting. I have a feeling the next chap will start from Kai's POV. I'll be waiting.
Thanks for reviewing my story. Reply to my PM please.
Lots of love!
subha123kai chapter 21 . 7/17
Oh god too busy. Nice chapter. I will review once again clearly on Sunday.
Yours lovingly subha
Cutetyhil chapter 21 . 7/17
Hey there Linn. :D

*gulps down quickly* A-Actually yes, the entire chapter was practically filled with Lemon, though I want to be honest that I didn't read it entirely and just gave a brief glance at those para-s. But still, *smiles* I'm glad that Bryan and Ana got over their fights and are okay now or say too good. :)

I'm glad for them and that basically solves all their trivial fights and arguments.

"one of her biggest flaws that she has developed after the deaths of her family is that she cannot control her emotions, and she tends to lash out." - This was the best statement of the chapter and I whole Heartedly agree with it without a doubt.
That's right. Actually, not everyone gets emotional quickly. Some has the best as capacity to ignore and forget and not 'feel' on the hate comments or destructive criticism that's given- again it depends whether it's done by your close ones that maybe your partner, children, boyfriend, siblings, parents OR just called friebds or others like your manager or teachers. That's different. And sometimes some people are absolutely impervious to hate comments or destructive criticism given by both groups of people or sometimes the choice differs or sometimes people get affected by both the groups. It's just varies very widely. That's what I think. But it's true that you just can't lash our your emotions if you're the first person so that the second person does that in the similar way- lashing out his/ her emotions as counter response. And then again, the first person is SO wrong if she/he re-lashes just because his ego is hurt (I ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY HATE that kind of people to worst bits xP)
Uh, sorry, I just got away, but that line was seriously powerful and I couldn't stop myself to embellish on it. Haha. That's just me you know :'D

Over there, I can understand Ana and the way she lashed out; but I'm seriously not supporting her though I'm very well aware of the reasons (the deaths). No, she was very wrong there and I pity Bryan who tolerated her and made up everything. For this point, I'll not mind to give a salute to him for his patience and solving everything by controlling his anger which is justified to be there.
I just can't wait for the next chapter and ..oh wow, that brunette was Ana *smiles evilly*? Wow! I mean seriously wow! I just can't wait to see how she handles him and bring his death.

Post the next chapter ASAP.
AlwaysNia chapter 21 . 7/17
Hi Lin,
This chapter was so awesome! It was a lengthy chapter.
Finally, Ana and Bryan are together. Their fights were cute.
Just excited to know what will happen next.
Good work! Write more
Yuyuxx chapter 21 . 7/16
Hi Liv, woah, I'm the first to comment, Yeah. I must say that you exceeded my expectations, finally, finally, FINALLY, You made Ana and Bryan make love, I cry of joy, it was time to write it down. charm as were the thoughts of each in how to get to ecstasy, a prevent, the orgamos and the feeling of pleasing your partner without intercourse (For me it was interesting care of the pubic hair of a man and that a woman like couple is in charge of doing it and better in passing).

I loved the feelings of each one when making love, first orally for Anastasia and then in direct contact and unique body by joining themselves. Whoever did that act for so long and understanding for the time and the first time for them (obvious as a couple) it was nice since they were shown in a unique way, I do not know what more words to say to that experience since it is special in more than one way.

Another interesting thing that I saw is what Bryan loves as Anastasia's physical characteristic and reflects it in various feelings and in my opinion it is Ana's eyes, yes, the green spring eyes of that girl. As she says the eyes are the door of the soul they reflect the feelings the blonde feels towards her Russian, and I think Bryan observing them during the act was what most excited him and made him fall in love, whether it was his brightness or asking for more (Me and my evil mind xD).

One last thing that caught my attention was about Ana's favorite position, there are those who like that position, when I read it I thought it was "doggy style" but more with my ass raised (I do not know very well, since I'm young and I did not understand if it was like that, that's my doubt when reading), anyway it was my favorite part since it seemed to me that Ana was the dominant mocking type and that took me by surprise but I read that with that the "feeling" feels better It gives me that Bryan still like to do it romantically loves that dominance position as a man and I would have liked him to describe that first time or rather the moment of that position (at least from Bryan's point of view as a man).

Well with others I feel satisfied and there is nothing to complain about, I feel full and happy with this chapter, since I like erotic themes, because it is a way of seeing reality and true wild nature of the human being and that one does not show, like a mask. One more question is that what is the favorite posicon of Bryan XD? Many thanks I look forward to the next chapter, kisses and take care.
Ezabellaa chapter 20 . 7/2
Wow! No really WOW Lin. I am not able to say anything. This chapter was more than awesome. Actually it was beyond awesome. You seriously gotta need to take pity on readers and writers like me. I loved every bit of it. Except the parts which I didn't read. I loved the dark part. I felt sorry for that husband and his wife. But it was best. And I am 220 percent sure the next chap is going to be BLAST. Aaaaaa I am sooo excited for it. Can't wait for 15th July. Have your glasses repaired?
Lots of love!
P.S. I just remember you haven't reviewed my story. If you don't do it I'll make sure to come to your country, login from you id and review my own story. Hahahaa.
Ezabellaa chapter 19 . 7/2
Hey Lin! How are you doing? Firstly sorry for not reviewing the chapter earlier. I was soo busy these days I completely forgot. But I did read it. And chapter was as always great. That's good Bryan and Ana made up. But I felt so bad for Bryan. Had to go through all of this. So he was Kai's teacher, his master. Twist yaar twist. Loved it. Gonna read the next chapter.
subha123kai chapter 20 . 7/1
Oh god what a long chapter. It took 25 minutes to read... Tomorrow is my science test. Bye.. Need to sleep. It 11
Saira's world chapter 20 . 7/1
Chapter was umm dark enough to read. My sister has just read this chapter with me and she was like "I think she might be a novelist or something" Surely I thought you were some sort of novelist or writer. It might have took you a lot of time to write and proofread it.
Back to the chapter, actually I skipped the lemons btw Bryan and Ana . The first part was dark enough to send chills down my spine. Is this fic on Kai and Ana or Bryan and Ana cuz it's confusing! ;) Update soon as possible!
With lots of love,
AlwaysNia chapter 20 . 7/1
So far I have just read through the chapters and It was AWESOME!
Love between Bryan and Ana is beautiful
Fearing what Kai might be upto, I really want him to die{No offense}
Just eager to know what happens next!
Update as soon as possible!
Cutetyhil chapter 20 . 7/1
Hey there, :D
Nice chapter!~

I'd read this chapter lat night but it was a Lil too late and I'd to sleep early as I'd done work today. I returned just an hour back and I'm glad that I can finally review now.;)
Oh my... :0 T-That was Bryan in the start of he chapter...? That shook me to bits and I was almost getting frantic and scared at the way what he did to Yasha and his wife. That was the most horrible thing seriously and I extremely extremely feel bad for that woman and the painful disrespectful death she went through.

God, I'm seriously feeling so baddd for them. She did say to Bryan that she'll try to return the amount but that Bastard didn't listen and what they did! Aaaaaa! That dude of Bryan was certain after what he said how he had been in the past and he's the one who had turned kai into a monster. He's the teacher, master after all. I'm still convincing myself that Ana just really don't knows all about those tortures so she's trying not to hate Bryan.

That was seriously brutal and cruel.
Though Ana might have forgive him but I'm not sure she'll continue liking him after she really knows what what he'd done in the past that she's perhaps incapable of even imagining.
And whaaaaaooo! Alisia turned into a lesbian?
Buhhhaha! Poor Tala, his dear wife... XD
What actually this Valerie is? A super sweet fatal poison or what? XP
Kai's drooling and attraction towards her was funny and funnier was Ray's anger and his failure to stop Kai. I'm feeling seriously that this Valerie will keep on distracting Kai for a good deal of time. I can somewhat understand her cruel motives. Maybe. Or maybe not. I'm innocent, Linn XD
And YAYYY! finally so easy action. The plan of Bryan is awesome! :D I'm do excited for this. I'm not wanting exactly Ana to shoot Kai though Ana is ready.

That's because, c'mon, that idiotic Bastard has tortured so many people and all the pain he'll receive is just a gun shot? Not fair. Something is fishy right here. I don't think their plan Will be exactly successful.
Hahaha, too many lemons in the chap. The last thoughts of Bryan were hilarious! Lol! He's a little toooo much in love with Ana! XD
Can't wait to see how this plan unfolds and what results it shows :P

Lots of love and blessings your way too! :'D
Update soon,
Yuyuxx chapter 20 . 6/30
First of all apologize for not commenting on cap 19, I could not find words to make it clear how much I liked and the emotions you put into that chapter (my favorite part was the big balls that Alisia has to get Kai out of her misery xD).

This chapter I loved not only to show the past of Bryan, but how you let see the great influence he had on Kai to reform as the leader of a big mafia as it is today. I love the themes where he reflects dark themes like it is rape, crime traffic, trafficking and other more violent and bloody things (I am a fan of mysteries, crime and mafia whether books or TV).

Another great thing was that you left a good appearance to Ray, and missed him, I liked that you included the situation and tastes of other colleagues as their day to day in that world. I'm curious this Valeria, which is so manipulative psychopath is for freeze him and earn Ray hatred.

The same left to understand what I loved about the date of Ana and Bryan and that it was time for this bubbly blonde to meet Kai, it seemed very easy for Bryan to easily infiltrate the mansion and see the crazy and boss of Alisia.

The last thing you left me with my mouth open is that I did the whole sex scene between the couple so that in the end it was a wet dream on Bryan's part, DO NOT DO THOSE EVILS :(, I can not stand the urge for when they finally do the love that uncertainty leaves me.

The course of the story is going very well, I just have some doubts and it is the time and years that pass, I remembered at the beginning that Kai was 25 and now he has 30, also that Ana had 22 and then about 26 according to the time of the murder of his family. I wanted to know what age the characters currently have because it leaves me a bit confused.

Also, as a mafia leader when he leaves his office, he usually inherits it from his family, whether it is his firstborn or someone close to him and at how old they have children to leave that legacy to the future generation, that is something that one thinks well about. future of his mafia and when training him to take the position of leadership. That's all I hope you clarify that and wait for the next chapter with eager, thank you for this chapter with a good reading and plot.
Saira's world chapter 19 . 6/22
Hi Lin,
Sorry for not reading or reviewing for your last chapters, I was really busy. It took me two whole hours (maybe not that much) to read the chapters I have skipped. It was really wonderful Lin, a real good one. Update soon!
Cutetyhil chapter 19 . 6/19
Hey there sweetheart,

Sorry for the late review but I was just feeling weak for a few days. Already knowing you've a long chapter for me, I thought to read after getting a little energy and spirit.
Just woke up from a nap and I was in my best mood to read this chapter. And I'm so happy now. There's a little news I'll be sharing with you later in PMs.

Lots of blabbering done now, getting on now with the chapter:-)

Where should I start from? I guess Kai needed a little a comforting words from his people (Rue only being Tala and Alisia). His words that he deserved this pain of loosing his cats for he's such bastard and a merciless killing machine really made me raise an eyebrow.

Hey there Hiwatari, are you serious? I know even this tragedy of loosing his cats can't stop him from his crave of all the worst deeds he has committed. It'll be just the same after some time or some days. He can't be come am innocent normal person and stops his brutal acts (ITS HIGHLY IMPOSSIBLE!)

I know Alisia got a little emotional there and she was right but as again a normal innocent reader, I don't like her simply overall because she's from the bad side of villains of this story. *sooo sorry, I'm being honest*

Again, I feel bad for the cats and not for him at all.
Goshhhhh, Bryan had such a dark past!

He was the one because of which what Kai is today.

Yeah I know Kai was already one such but Bryan was the one because if whom Kai is such a jerk today.

I don't blame Bryan honestly because whatever he is because of his parents death and the situation and circumstances he's peen put to. Meeting voltaire and training Kai, becoming brutal guys together was all just his destiny. I feel so sad for his loss of his brother in front of his own eyes and how badly he was framed by that monster Brooklyn, that's the reason he's joining Boris once again.

AND see how Kind Bryan is, he's still not blaming Kai fir that because he thinks Kai was doing right as per the info he got. Hmmm.

Ray could be trusted. I'm not sure of this statement but since Bryan is suggesting it, I'm okay with it... (I'm okay with it? I'm not even Ana xD) And now here he is, with a found new lovely partner and he have to part from her if she'll be joining the mob. Hmm.

But again, if she succeeds, she again can be together with Bryan but as per the summary, that's not that simple :P

Leaving that aside, loud squeals for the confession of Ana and Bry!

I hope everything turns out good at the end. I always end up Wi during if Kai will get the punishment for his deeds or not. Because in this harsh world, there is no justice in reality. That's what I's confined to books and stories...

Update soon,
Lots of love sending your way,
Simy. :D

P. S- Have you got your glasses? Was just curious to know... :')
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