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Ezabellaa chapter 25 . 9/17
Hey Lin!
The chapter is awesome. Although I was nagging you about this time. I, myself now feel a little sad about Ana and Bryan separating. But it's gonna be sooo exciting.
I can't wait for the next 3 updates. Although I wish the 28th chap was coming on 15 October my bday. Yayyyyyy!
Lots of love! Take care.
LuxahHeart chapter 25 . 9/15
Ohhhhh shit. I'm already pumped for the next updates. This chapter was amqzing, as always. Loved that roght hook Tala's wife gave to Kai. That was perfect!
Hope you're doing well, will talk soon.
subha123kai chapter 25 . 9/15
Ana's new name ... ! Chapter 28! Kai meeting Ana! Obviously!
Yours lovingly subha
Yuyuxx chapter 25 . 9/14
Yes, yes, yes, yessss. Finally you went up a new chapter, I like it when the chapters are so, so long, they let you read more in the story and the most special. It's very funny how Bryan gets "horny" just by having his blonde next door, they undoubtedly enjoy their sex life at the top.

Now Kai let out the name of Ana and I think that if Alisia being the maniac and crazy will have that tip to discover who she is. I was already waiting for that moment and the one that mentions the names of the chapters is incredible and now that "Mya Azarov" will meet the black fenix of Russia. I think Ana and Ray get along even if Ray "meets her for the first time". Seriously as it will be the new look of Ana and how would it be to meet Kai? Surely it will affect Kai in a way similar to her bubbly blonde, you know I feel that Ana has a charm that attracts men and can go crazy in a way that does not forget her and makes them a part of her being (it's what I've thought since she started her interactions with both Bryan and Kai).

It is interesting how the alliances of this mafia are, it is interesting that they already have the suspicion that Boris is alive, what would happen if that vermin ran into Anastasia, oh no, very soon, even if it is by chance.

Bryan's dream is very nice and is complemented by Anastasia's love towards animals. I love how you describe the sex scenes between the couple either from something strong and wild to something sensual and romantic, I love how you put feelings and do not put any taboo and let it go out naturally, they are my favorite scenes when reading, for me It is something special in a couple and know how synchronized they are and how deep their relationship is.

The more doubts I have is: How do you use that strap for 69 ?, as much as you read it I did not understand it very well, will you be able to explain it in more detail?

Also the game of S and M, do you mean that Bryan and Ana have BDSM ?, I would like to know what role they take because it is funny in a certain way who takes control, which in my opinion Bryan wins to be dominant in sex, even if it is passionate and romantic, I would like to read that kind of acts in both of them because that doubt eats me up (excuse me if I'm very strong in that, only I'm very curious about those issues in relation to sex and relationships).

Another doubt or rather a fact, when I read about the trios I understood that Ana did not want to let another woman touch her boyfriend, but she also thought, what does Bryan think about that?, Because I think Bryan would not enjoy it, much least he hated him, since he would not like to share Ana, let alone be touched by another man who was not him. Sincerely I have read until now and Bryan has been jealous with Ana and it would not surprise me that he was possessive with her XD.

Well with that now to wait for the next chapter, please do not take so long that is in the best moment and I want to continue reading the "lemmons" XD. When will the next episode ?, and it is very curious that they will bring more ahead, I no longer aggravate the desire, I hope the next one is also long and entertaining and I wish you the best.

Besos :3
Cutetyhil chapter 25 . 9/14
Yyyeaaahhhhhhh! So we finally are heading somewhere, huh! YES YES! I'm fucking so excited about the 28th chapter!
Well here's a little introduction to someone:
Simy: Mya Azarov, meet the black Phoenix of Russia.

XD Lol yes! A cool name for Kai's recent old love xP

Mya Azarov: Nice to meet you, *when do I get to kill him!* XD
I can feel the tension of departure as they separate and it's way too hard for both of them. Finally, when things were getting better nd life seemed revived and beautiful, this departure has to occur to do what Anastasia has always wanted- starting from her depression, becoming a complete different and cold hearted person toll meeting Bryan and it's prominent aftermath. I know it's gonna be tough but this for god and "Change" is the rule of life and there is no fighting back.

I liked the party scene of Ana and Elena. It was so sweet and memorable. The tryst moments (nope not lemons xD -Skipped them) of Ana and Bry were awesome. They want to live together and grow old the same way~ something way too promising for their relationship. I was like beetroot red when Elena questioned those questions to Ana. XD

Kai's kissing Alicia was Hilarious! XD Their warming up later seemed their protectiveness towards each other after that scene xD

Alright, I was waiting for such scene to pop up- It was and must definitely be Boris and Brooklyn behind that killing of 43G men and attempting to stir wrong the relationship of his Allies. :(

I'm so waiting for the next chapter and the next two will be featuring how's she gonna enter the Cherrnny Feniks.

Love your way,
Saira's world chapter 24 . 9/3
Hey! Lin,
It was a good long chapter. I never thought of Kai being so sensible to an employee. Or did I ever thought Anastasia's and Kai's paths would cross in such a way. I feel bad for him. There's so much emotions in this chapter and I love it. Update soon!
Love ya!
subha123kai chapter 24 . 9/3
Nice chapter. I am truly busy. So bye for now.
Yours lovingly subha.
Ezabellaa chapter 24 . 8/31
Ohhhh poor Kai. Poor poor Kai. It brought a tear in my eye seeing how broken he was after only discovering that Ana is with another man. What would happen to him when he came to know that she is planning and training to kill him? *sigh*
Chapter was great BTW. I'll be waiting for the next one.
Lots of love.
LuxahHeart chapter 24 . 8/31
Thanky you so much for the lovely words before this amazing chapter. We are doing well, thank you.

Now. For the chapter. My lord this was long, you really out did yourself on this, but it was all so good! I'm interested in seeing if Nestor is somehow going to regret his decision on killing his wife and trying to take Kai down because of it.

Bryan and Ana... do they ever stop?! Lol.

I did love her lil remarks to the lady at the tux store, I was grinning ear to ear from her dialogue because it really was funny and much more her character.

Kai running into them, and then being so broken afterwards. I beleive you caught all of that emotion and scenery wonderfully. MY heart was breaking for the poor bastard. It's not easy to forget a love like that, and even if you think it's gone and out of your mind, it never truly is.

Can't wait for the two to actually come face to face, along with Bryan in toe. That'll be some epic ride.

As always, much love to you darling.
Ezabellaa chapter 23 . 8/31
Traitor. That Brooklyn is a traitor. I hope he gets his punishment for betraying my Kai. And also from Kai.
Chapter was great. I am sorry for the late review. I read it a long time ago. I started to review but have to go the academy and then I forgot. Sorry. I loved the chap. Especially the action. Fight and stuff. I am gonna read the next one. Thanks for your review on my story.
Lots of love!
Yuyuxx chapter 24 . 8/30
Livn, I must say that this chapter was: , this is what I wanted to read, that there are no limits in what you express, even if it is a very strong content, I have been fascinated by the lemmons, so much so that you took it to a comical situation In this regard, I identify with Yurik with the orchestra scene, I piss with laughter XD.

I was impressed with Ana and Bryan conversation shorts, because when they mentioned suit, boyfriends, wedding, I thought "they" were going to get married, when in fact they are others, you made me literally get up and down from heaven.

I am still curious about how Ana does not get pregnant, practically those two spend it in sex all day, those contraceptives must be super strong and effective so that she is not pregnant.

I loved how you portrayed from the perversion of Kai to the spectacle in silence of mirrors between Bryan and Ana. I knew that I could not stand the silence and that even Kai enjoyed it left me confused, since how could he not recognize Anastasia when she was moaning? , if when he said a name it was when Kai mind clicked.

Of course it takes a long time for Kai to realize that he was in love and follows Anastasia, I see that no matter how much he tries to forget it, he will not do it and as he looks for her to be his, I feel that problems are coming for those three. I imagine a part that Kai tries to forget about having Valeria sex or with others and says "Ana" to the girl he has sex with.

I love how you portrayed Kai feelings and how deep that "bubbly blonde" is. I look forward to what Kai will do with Ana and what she will do if she gets to the point of knowing about her now. Also if someone else found out if the fenix fell in love with every soul towards a girl, I look forward to the next chapter, kisses Livn .
Cutetyhil chapter 24 . 8/30
Haha! Seriously I'm jealous of you! XD I want spring too! It's not the chilliest winter here but neither the spring! ;)

Well well, this was the awesome chapter ever *till now*. I felt bad for Nester. The things his eye wife did to her was so wrong and she'd no remorse or regrets about cheating on him. I won't say that I pity her dying.

She deserves it. And I think everyman or women should deserve for such infidelity. Kai wasn't the best help buy I'm not saying anything. He just helped him that's all.

And ,for course the best part of this chapter was Kai discovering Ana! Call me sadistic, but I was totally grinning that moment. And thank god, Bryan is just Sevastyan for him. He hell doesn't know. Sighs. Yeah she's his best torturer ever and he has no rights to get rid of her. ;)

I liked how Ana went mad at the assistant. Lol yeah, , that was something quite daring of her. Like she did same with Valerie at the party too XD

Alisia getting mad over her time of the month was something that we usually don't come across in stories, so that was new and seemed so real the way she reacted. Lol yeah

I seriously feel so good for Ana being happy and I wish she'd knew how silently she'd tortured her biggest hatred of life! :')

Waiting eagerly for the next chapter,
Saira's world chapter 23 . 8/15
It was a dark chapter. Brooklyn betraying the mob. Tala being furious. Getting to see that the 'Sevastyan' is back and Ana handled him very well. Looking forward to the next chapter. Update soon.
With love,
subha123kai chapter 23 . 8/15
Wow... Oh my god!
My exams are close so bye...
Yuyuxx chapter 23 . 8/14
Heyy Livn, sincerely you leave me satisfied with the chapter you climb, I knew that killing Kai so soon would be very boring and would end. I love it as follows the demonstration of love and passion of Bryan to Ana and the theme of babies seemed perfect ;), I feel that if it remains like an accidental pregnancy it would be very shocking in the story (By the way it was fun the part of Bryan's jealousy, I like how he mopes Ana).

It's interesting that you can see the Brooklyn crossing to betray Cherny Feniks, I like the horror and mystery of how you described the setting and how he made his allegations clear (I feel that Tala already knew that Brooklyn had something to do with the loss of drug and before he has not had confidence), the way in which Brooklyn talked about looking for the guilty felt it very false even for himself.

I still like sex scenes since it is part of reality, of the dark world of people, the mafia and I do not intend to jump anywhere without reading (otherwise I will not understand the story and the effort you put into it when writing) .

It may seem strange, but my favorite part was the appearance of 'Sevastyan', I feel that the way in which appeared from nothing before Anastasia saying not remember what happened and that she took charge of entering reason (clear in its unpredictable way ) to return to be Bryan. I like how he let out his fears of doing damage and believing that it was better to finish Ana goes and throws a knife to turn the table around the XD situation.

t's amazing how a kiss can change everything and determine the relationship of a couple, it's also great that all this brings you to be more realistic and make sex or love only, I love how Bryan wants to continue treating Ana as if it were of glass. I feel that those feelings that lead them will lead to deeper situations and that they will be involved in the Cherny Feniks event.

Finishing, I am very good with this chapter, I am curious if the subject of babies in relation to Anastasia will be seen later, I feel that I will see her with a baby (although it will be Bryan or Kai?; D). Many thanks, I look forward to the next one and take care of yourself ;-D .
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