Reviews for SAO: Nobody Dies
RayzaLemon chapter 5 . 9/21
wtf too many things oot thrown inside for absolutely nothing as the main topic answered with short answer. It remind me of Chinese author who decide everything with word count... (unpleasant memory).
Yui14 chapter 20 . 8/22
Awesome! I hated you for so long though because Yui but I also know you were having problems at the time, so I forgive you. I love that you are Christan also I am too. You seem to have a lot of faith and know all the answers that I only wish I could have. It's too bad they couldn't meet Yuuki because she died, I'll just imagine Sinon got introduced to everyone else later and that Excalibur happened and Yuuki and sleeping knights all got cures. There. Now it's perfect. tada! ... I feel like every time I write a review I tell someone else how to write their story. I'm really sorry! It was awesome!
I love this fanf chapter 19 . 8/21
This is the best fanfiction I've ever read, in fact I'd rate this is number 1 worldwide if I had the power and had read more sao fanfics, I love how you turned this story around and completely fixed everything (kayaba didn't make sense to me either) and got read of the reap scene (that thing put me off anime for awhile) and basically fixed all of the fairy dance arc. This could replace all of the arc becsuse it's so good. Anyway, keep up the good work!

P.S why don't you write your own story and maybe publish it? I'm sure it would turn out great!
Reishin Amara chapter 20 . 8/2
This was amazing and my head hurts from super tech jargon xD
Guest chapter 17 . 7/21
the pixe?
spiral Gust chapter 11 . 7/18
really good and I recommend it but it's a tad bit to much drama for me (my tiny brain can't keep up) XD
PowerFan132 chapter 1 . 7/14
If you ask me he was Orochimaru level villainy, and that just for creepiness.
S10MC2015 chapter 21 . 7/9
Yandere sachi should be cannon
skafoosh chapter 1 . 7/3
... and ran his Dark Repulser through the god of this world

One thing it wasn't dark repulsor it was asuna's lament light
Guest chapter 18 . 6/26
The ending was beautiful
therandompers chapter 3 . 6/22
From the title "Sao: Nobody Dies" i expected some mediocre at best fix-it type fic where all the characters just avoid dying horrible deaths cause 'plot'.
Was rather surprised when it was actually a more literal take on the name, followed by the logical aftereffects of such a change. And how they would affect everyone in varying ways and severities.

Point is, this is turning to be a far more enjoyable read then i initially expected.
Perseus46 chapter 20 . 6/22
Amazing epilogue, loved the dialogue with Kayaba; makes me actually wish he was more present in the story as you originally thought. Your moment with Kirito, Asuna and her parents was wholesome, I cannot state how maddening it is for me that a relationship is never set between them in canon.

Great story, diverted somewhat of what I expected (for some reason thought it would be more comedy and crazy shenanigans with the premise of nobody dying) but I enjoyed it really much.

Hope I can see more of your work in the future!
Laserbr0 chapter 20 . 6/22
Really good. Really sad this is finished. But gotta do what you gotta do. Thank you very much for this idea and implementing it with all you could. I personally think that SAO is the best since that was the first Japanese sub anime I have watched. And even though some parts make me sad it is really good. Also what are you gonna do now? Are you gonna watch sao season 3 when it comes out?
Laserbr0 chapter 1 . 6/17
Goodness I couldn’t believe you are continuing. Thank you very much. And kayaba boi is back.
Guest chapter 18 . 6/15
loved it a sequel please!
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