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Guest chapter 41 . 7/9
Good read. As always, your characters have distinct voices which makes their interactions feel solid.
TheFreelancerSeal chapter 41 . 7/9
Well, as always, it comes as great relief to me to see a story I deeply enjoy continue. What can I say? I've seen a number of excellent stories go unfinished for a number of reasons. I know you fully intend to continue it, but I won't lie and say I don't let out a sigh of relief every time I see the alert. So, I guess in short, you just made my night.

And once again, you don't disappoint.

It really makes a bit of sense for Xander to feel a bit put out by his retainers' happiness. I can imagine he would be happy for Laslow, despite knowing next to nothing about him. And as for Peri, well, he knows full well what she's been through. Not to excuse her violent tendencies, but I do think she deserves a win in her life. I do think she deserves a shot at happiness, even if she needs a lot of therapy beforehand. And I tend to think it's a happiness Xander thinks is going to be perpetually denied for him. So, I don't blame him for being a bit jealous of their budding romance when his first love was for his adopted sister, then for the princess of a kingdom he is working to conquer. It's easy to understand why he might think love is not for him. It's really a pity, but it goes to show how life is difficult in Nohr, especially for its royalty. In Nohr, it seems love is only for the lucky and the strong, to quote Westlife's song The Rose. So, I think that was a good look into a side of Xander he wouldn't show but one he would definitely have.

Only one question, and I'm a bit sorry for my lack of perception, but have Laslow and Peri already tied the knot? I ask because Elise mentions the marriage of her own retainers, so I wasn't sure if they got married off-screen so to speak or if they were still at just the occasional kiss. I'll even admit, I'm not sure if they've even gone to more than that, i.e. Selena and Odin. I thought they did, but at the moment, I'm not sure.

I also enjoyed the moments with Elise. I tell you it is impossible to dislike that kid. No matter what, you just can't help but love Elise, and that definitely comes across in the writing. I especially like it when she makes Xander pinkie-promise. It's just so her. I also rather enjoyed the little bit where Xander just reacts to Niles's request. I can't say I blame him for thinking that way, considering the archer's reputation and Elise being the light in all her siblings' lives.

I think you handled Niles and Xander's little exchange well. The back-and-forth between them was very well done, and despite them never interacting in game, I really think you wrote it as well as if it were. So, now Xander knows about Beruka's pregnancy. I can honestly say I did not see that one coming. Heck, I didn't even Camilla barging in with news that she knew coming. One thing that I definitely found interesting was Xander's condition that basically comes down to "you made the bed; now lie in it." I can imagine it's probably the first time Niles was ever told to take responsibility for he and Beruka's dalliances. It also really fits Xander, seeing as his siblings are also illegitimate. Yes, Garon does accept them and give them that legitimacy, but still, I think that stigma still kind of lingers on them, and it makes sense for Xander, knowing that first-hand, doesn't want anyone else to have to have that mark. Although, I can only imagine what Leo is going to think. And I look forward to seeing that.

Well done.
Guest chapter 41 . 7/8
So Niles has promoted into an Adventurer now?

Anyway definitely appreciate the difficulty of writing interactions between Xander and Niles. Xander's personality coupled with his responsibilities as the heir effectively ensure that he won't tolerate Niles' mannerisms.
Guest chapter 41 . 7/8
Where's Azura?
BucketsofButterflies chapter 41 . 7/8
The wry humor and how well you convey the characters is what makes this one of my favorite stories. :)
TheFreelancerSeal chapter 40 . 6/20
Well, I guess your sickness is our pleasure, though I hope you're feeling better by now. I've actually read this chapter twice, counting this time, but I didn't get around to reviewing. Well, here I am to correct that.

I always wondered how one could incorporate the astral plane in writing, since it always seemed like a pocket dimension wouldn't lend itself to such things, especially Fire Emblem. But it actually feels like it belongs, and I rather like the idea that it's not quite the sanctuary it seems like it's supposed to be in-game. I like the idea that it's not all that welcoming, at least to Xander, and yet, it's where he would want to be. I can't put my finger on it, but it seems natural considering all they've been through. I also find his constant migraines interesting. Are they just the stresses that come with his life or is there something more sinister at play here; it's a question I look forward to the story answering. I mean, we know Anankos has taken over Garon, and he's proceeding to bring Takumi under his influence. So, I wonder if he's trying to do the same with Xander. I mean, it would make sense, possessing the crown prince, not to mention someone who is, for all intents and purposes, supreme commander of the Nohrian army. And yet, I'm still wondering if that's even the case, so I applaud you for keeping it so ambiguous. I also rather liked how Leo tried to lighten the situation at the end with a pointless, un-comforting fact. At least it seemed it like it.

I also enjoy the moment between Corrin and Camilla. No matter how much she's just there for fan service, you really can't fault Camilla's heart. She genuinely cares, but I also like that she's not fully coddling Corrin here. She knows what it's like to have no one to trust, so she's comforting but not coddling, and I think it fits her. It doesn't seem OOC for her to just tell Corrin flat-out that it's a cruel world, and she needs to realize that for her own safety. But still, she shows how much she cares by letting Corrin cry on her shoulder. Like I said, she may be known for having a big bust, but Camilla definitely has a big heart behind it. Well, at least for family, but again, nothing wrong with that.

I also really found it interesting, Corrin learning some of the truth behind her heritage. Admittedly, that was one element of the game I really didn't like. I mean, the whole point was basically asking what's thicker, blood or water. So, finding out that Corrin has no blood ties to Hoshido really disappointed me. Now, that being said, I think it also presents some interesting dynamics. I mean, what would it be like finding out that both families are essentially a lie? I think it would be devastating to learn that, so I have to say, I'm very intrigued by the decision to support it.

Xander's interaction with Corrin actually made me think how he's probably more used to dealing with Peri when she pouts and acts out. Of course, at least Corrin isn't likely to stab someone while throwing a hissy-fit. But yeah, just when she says, "Go away" or "I don't want to talk to you" I could just imagine Xander thinking how he now has another child in his life. I do wonder if there's a bit of foreshadowing in his last word though. But I guess time will tell.

Once again, this is a great story that I just eat up every word of it. It's that good, and I'm so happy to have found it. Keep going with it.

Well done.
Asher919 chapter 40 . 6/13
#BlameTakumi for this part of the story
Agent of Chaos 112 chapter 40 . 6/12
Well, far be it from me to enjoy someone else's illness... but this chapter is a gem. That you were able to release this one, which reaffirms their familial bonds, so soon after the last chapters drama just makes it that much more... appealing... Or at least, I think that's the word. At any rate, good work, hope you feel better soon (unless it brings more chapters to the table, in which case... Ehhhhhh...)
Guest chapter 40 . 6/12
can i say how awesome xander and camilla are in this story
Guest chapter 40 . 6/12
Appreciate you writing a chapter despite being ill, but don't need to force yourself on our behalf.

Your characterizations is certainly the strongest aspect of the story. I really like how the emotions and feelings of the characters are expressed through the dialogue and their actions.

The Nohrians have a realistic attitude to ignore Takumi's actions, but someone like Leo would be smart to use that as leverage the next time Nohr-Hoshido diplomacy comes back. Almost like Corrin in a way; Xander and Camilla let her actions slide, but clearly they haven't forgotten about it nor are they ignoring it either.
Temporal King chapter 39 . 6/11
Glad to see Leo, Elise and Azura are back into the story.

Now that the "Key Dragons" have identified the existence of Vallite forces after the Katerina fight, Azura should really speak up. Otherwise, the plot will be railroaded to CQ which the majority of us can attest to its weaknesses.
TheFreelancerSeal chapter 39 . 6/10
And as quickly as their friendships bloomed, reality has to crush them. I have to say this hurt to see all the bonding they did, and now, it's gone. I mean I knew this would come about at some point, but I never imagine it would be as sad as it was. I really think Xander was starting to fall for Hinoka and vice-versa. I mean, even without Takumi's...intervention, this would have had to happen anyway. I think that's what hurts the most, knowing that there really is no way there can be peace between them, at least not without defeat on one side. Makes you wonder how it will be when they inevitably meet on the field of battle.

I thought the devised plan was interesting, you know a parley that would clearly lead to parting ways. I also like how Xander decided that it was something Elise needed to see, how following his instincts led to Corrin turning out the way she did. I always imagined that Corrin would have a more...simplified idea of how the world works from being isolated from it. She never had to know what it was like for Xander, Leo and Camilla, having to fight and scrap to stay alive against your own siblings. Of course, it's easy to want to protect that innocence in Elise. I just found that an interesting touch.

Takumi trying to take a pot-shot at Xander was something I did not expect. When he started to draw his bowstring, I was thinking, "oh man, what is he doing?" Yeah, I know his hatred of Nohrians is to be expected, and he probably wouldn't think twice about sticking an arrow through one of them on sight. Of course, it seems Anankos's influence is taking more of a hold on him. But that definitely didn't help matters any, though it could probably be said it would satisfy Iago since he was watching. And you managed to write him as slimy as he is in game, so good job. He was one of those I thought it was a pleasure to finish off, and that comes through in the writing.

I like how things are really taking their toll on Xander, how it's portrayed. After everything they've been through, finding a woman he could love, fighting, drinking, and dancing side-by-side with former enemies, now having them become enemies again, no wonder he cried. Plus, I can imagine just being the prince of Nohr in general and fighting a war I doubt he really understands, that would take a toll on them. I kind of wonder if he's becoming a tad envious of Laslow and Peri, seeing as they're finding love while he still has to lose it. I can imagine he's happy for them, but at the same time, envious of whatever fortune they have.

Once again, this tale doesn't fail to impress. It seems to add a little extra grit into the already grimy world that is Nohr. You really feel bad for the people who have to live in it on a daily basis.

Well done as always.
Guest chapter 39 . 6/10
Good chapter, and is suitably more serious to show the parting of ways.
Anonymous chapter 39 . 6/10
Haven’t reviewed for a while, but have been keeping up with the updates! I am continuing to enjoy this story! Keep up the excellent work!
LavenderChilde chapter 39 . 6/9
I've been enjoying this story forever. Man things are getting good, and it's turning out to be one of my favorite stories on this site thanks for writing this! As much as I love Takumi, why'd he do that? Fucking Anakos the bastard.-sigh- Anyway till next time 3
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