Reviews for Project Phantom (Aria Finale)
Guest chapter 3 . 8/4/2017
What I'm wondering is, where or what, is Elen dining in the background of all of this? I remember that in the third chapter, she did go meet with the Russian freighter captain, which would explain her absence to Reiji and Cal meeting up in the Church... I still think she would also be fighting Inferno's forces in her own way once Elen heard of what Reiji and Cal where doing in Mexico... maybe going back to L. A. in disguise as one of the dead German sisters, seeing as how she would most likely have time to visit the morgue or police station to possibly verify the bodies with the false claim of being a possible relative to Scythe...

Ahem, back to doing a actual review, I really enjoy what you have so far. Have you read and/left a review on any of my Phantom fanfiction?
Toyu chapter 3 . 8/4/2017
I'm the one who left the Elen centered review, I just forgot to lg in first.