Reviews for Harry Potter and the Lady Thief
Doug V chapter 67 . 4/2
Excellent story...a great read.
BNC-3K chapter 67 . 3/31
Impressive story! Very well done!
Soveliss chapter 57 . 3/28
... I can't tell whether Moody's speech when he first arrives at Grimmauld - when compared with the stutter speaking to Ron and Harry in private, though they arrived with him - is intentional or not. But it's driving me up the wall trying to figure it out without reading further. btw, fantastic story so far; I've really enjoyed reading it.
Blitzstrahl chapter 18 . 3/19
eh! I'm getting mixed signals here. Is Ginny letting Harry clap cheeks, or do they only make-out?
marvinkitfox1 chapter 67 . 3/13
Thank you for writing this magnificent Story.

Well-written, engaging characters, and a *wow* twist to the usual Harry Potter Universe setting.

If I had purchased this book in a bookshop, It would have a place on my top bookshelf next to my other alltime favorites.
Guest chapter 66 . 3/9
Jeanne is really stubborn how many times does she need told to believe that it not Harry's pride but trust thatvgurt him the most but I guess for her that's what would be worse so she expects it of other people
slstanekt chapter 67 . 3/9
I'm going to assume that Sirius taught harry how to be an animagus now but that would have been helpful in the need to escape Voldemort. I was wandering why mrs malfoy had to heal her hand when they went down to the vault because if it was blood magic used to open the wall they never would have needed to open the vault
roseman780 chapter 7 . 3/3

hi jj8

Guest chapter 67 . 2/11
I don't like how it ended! I don't like how self righteous Sirius's wife is , I especially don't like the fact that Harry is channeling his inner Suzaku kururugi for half the story ...
brittmtz15 chapter 18 . 12/30/2019
b. m. mmm
PixelatedLights chapter 65 . 12/20/2019
ugh I wished Hermione had trounced harry. He sounds just as arrogant as he thinks Hermione is being Would have liked to see him get completely defeated
enigmaticpersephone chapter 67 . 12/16/2019
Your story was sooo intriguing, I loved reading it thanks for sharing it!
szabo.alexandra1991 chapter 67 . 12/11/2019
it was bloddy fantastic. amazing storyline interesting twists and plots. great job thank you! virtual hugs
LetEverythingeXist chapter 66 . 11/17/2019
I loved this story from start to finish! It was original and I couldn’t stop reading!
ankitmahat chapter 1 . 11/16/2019
I am deeply disgusted by the fact that Hermione was expelled from the school and Harry and Ron did absolutely nothing to stop it. They didn't even tried to help her after that. I don't think I can read this story any longer on that account.
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