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stylo1 chapter 12 . 1h
a head of state (dr. doom) instigating a terorist attack on foreign soil does not walk away with diplomatic immunity. and if he did US would declare war on latvia. and now he made a comeback witha robot army that somehow got past all US borders. will he walk away from this aswell?
now i know this would be normal for a comic book, but i got the vibe you where trying to make it more real
Kamagong chapter 54 . 3h
Have Pete rebuild his Delorean into a heavily armored flying battle tank. Since your Spider-Man is a mixture of Superior/2099/Kaine in terms of attitude, I have no doubts he's got the stones to kill Dr Doom and Magneto if you piss him off enough.
stylo1 chapter 2 . 6h
urgh i so hate hero mentality, yes stepping in when treats to great for normal humans to handle is good but saving everyone from normal crime? the police will become dependent and the moment you are gone all hell breaks lose. besides 1 city in the entire world? what kind of difference is that.
ppl like stark aint hero's they love the attention that comes from being iron man but in the end they aint so special. if he shared his suit and there would have been a 1000 iron mans imagne how the battle of ny would have ended up.
Colinpop5 chapter 54 . 8h
Transformers chapter 54 . 8h
This is probably a very odd request, but due to the Transformers reference you made earlier and seeing all the car action in the new Ant-Man movie, do you think you could give Peter’s car shapeshifting abilities similar to the Cybertronians from Transformers?
I liked the Back to the Future movies, but not enough to the point that I would drive a DeLorean indefinitely, it’s an old-fashioned car that is frankly not the best quality.
Not to mention it’s not ideal for maintaining a low profile, since only car collectors or hardcore sci-fi fans would keep a DeLorean and most people prefer newer cars, and that Peter will be in the public spotlight due to Doom revealing his identity to the world.
Besides, considering that Peter upgraded his car with a combination of advanced technology and magic, along with the fact that Peter has developed shapeshifting clothing via Unstable Molecules and memory technology, it’s not impossible for Peter to develop a shapeshifting car.
It would be cool if Peter could drive a Corvette or a Camaro or even a special SuperCar or Concept Car.
Just a thought.
snipex chapter 54 . 11h
I love the new chapters, thank you for all the work you put into it. Have you ever watched Demon King Daimao I think you could do a lot with that world with all the gods and monsters or mess around with Sai. Keep up the great work
Lieutenant lick me1560 chapter 54 . 18h
i love this so much if you find this idea funbyou should give it a try but what about a (boku no hero spiderman) fanfiction were izuku gets spider powers all the ones ive read werent that good but your story telling is top notch i think you could pull it off easily just a suggestion tho ik people are busy! keep up the goodwork bro!
renextronex chapter 5 . 19h
you know I actually had to look the wiki because I had no idea that in the comic the trowing web thing was not an "radioactive spider thing" I only saw the first set of movies and... well.
renextronex chapter 3 . 20h
I really feel like writing the whole teenage drama is pointless... This guy obviously doesn't need to be in high school. so WHY?
renextronex chapter 2 . 21h
is there any reason your MC is not leaven high school? He pretty much saw through the original peter's reasons and recognized them as dumb so...
renextronex chapter 1 . 22h
I don't dislike the chapter but I would have liked it if he went through the "refusal of the call" in his first encounter with a super battle, I think It would have been more interesting
The Phantoms Wyvern chapter 54 . 22h
Hello love your story btw I have question I don't know if anyone else ask yet but did you ever thought of have your character so how end up in one of the D.C. Universes just wondering
Guest chapter 54 . 7/15
Nice story i read it in one go XD i hope you keep the Harem pairing.
Medkid chapter 54 . 7/15
Sign up an account, Guest! Stop spamming
Guest chapter 54 . 7/15
No offense, man, but revealing Peter’s identity may not be the best idea.
Also, you don’t set up a harem in a story for so long and then decide it’s not gonna happen after such major relationship development and significant storylines.
You reap what you sow, as they say, and you’re way past the point to make such a drastic change in the relationships. Besides, limiting the harem is probably a better bet than outright abandoning the harem at this point.
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