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Soledge1 chapter 68 . 3h
Guardians of the Galaxy have been to the most worlds so look them up. try the shiar home world or Mojo world.
Guest chapter 67 . 4h
Well that was anticlimactic in so many ways
Grey Starkiller chapter 68 . 5h
It will be interesting to see how Peter and the girls will affect the plot of Thor 2. Peter already prevented Jane from becoming the host of the Reality Stone, but there’s no telling what else Peter can do.
Obviously, Peter can help keep the Asgardian casualty count to a minimum when the Dark Elves attack and possibly prevent the death of Frigga, and if Peter’s smart he’ll keep Loki from escaping or taking control of Asgard, assuming those could even happen since Jane is no longer the host of the Reality Stone.

What is Peter gonna do with the Reality Stone? Imao Peter should keep it regardless of the risks and use it to forcibly unlock and possibly augment the Reality-Warping powers he would inevitably obtain from Franklin’s DNA, and he could also use it on Jean and Wanda so they can become Reality-Warpers like their Comic counterparts.
Besides, keeping it on Asgard is incredibly risky and stupid, especially if Loki still escapes or Hela still appears, and giving it to the Collector is pointless.
And it’s not like Peter can entrust it to other alien races, given the arrogance of the Kree, Skrulls, and the Sovereign, the ruthless nature of the Badoon, the lack of intervention from the Watchers, the inevitable fate of the Xandarians, and the sheer stupidity of giving it to the Celestials.

As for what planets Peter should go to, in terms of comics I vote Hala, Tarnax IV, Moord, and the Shi’ar Imperium.
In terms of the MCU, I vote Xandar, Knowhere, Nidavellir, and possibly the likes of Vormir and Sakaar.
Grey Starkiller chapter 67 . 6h
I knew it was inevitable when Jean was first introduced due to her being the “One True Phoenix” and all, and the initial mentions of the Phoenix Force back when you first introduced Jean and the revelation from Hope further corroborated it, but it is nice to see Jean master the Phoenix Force.
As the embodiment of all the Psionic energy and all Life/Rebirth of the past, present, and future of the Multiverse, the Phoenix Force is one of the Top 10 strongest beings in the Marvel Multiverse, it could prove useful in the war against Thanos if Jean can master it.

Having the ability to create Psionic constructs similar to those used by the Green Lantern, though hopefully this is only the tip of the iceberg as you implied.
I’m not trying to be pushy, but don’t ruin this like you did with Magneto’s power.
Peter will need Franklin’s greatest powers, like Reality-Warping and Chronokinesis, to properly fight Thanos.
daniel chapter 68 . 6h
use translate

el planeta de los simbiontes para que peter se encuentre con venom y tenerlo salva vidas vs thanos
Guest chapter 68 . 6h
There will be no limit to the mischief Peter can get into if he goes on space adventures, though there is a chance that alien races like the Kree, Skrulls, Shi’ar, and Badoons that could attack Earth while Peter is gone, now that he has revealed to have an Infinity Stone to the whole universe.
slacott3 chapter 14 . 7h
I'm not sure how to tell you this but some dude's taken this story and posted it on webnovel I felt it as my responsibility to tell you to make you at least aware of the event
Blackholelord chapter 68 . 7h
So I will be nice to see the continuation of the story of Peter in the home of the Asgard. Hell he could help save many of the refugees when Thonos shows up on his ship. All it would take would be opening a portal to a nearby alien world, hell even a concealed starship.
Mandalore Requiem chapter 68 . 7h
Well since you mentioned Disney, why not pull some fan favourites from, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

Have some fun with it. Cheers.
Guest chapter 68 . 10h
I feel like Peter should become better at magic before traveling through space, given that Thor told him that he will more than likely have a big target on his back, especially if Thanos or the Kree or even the Celestials come after Peter.
Hopefully Peter can avert the fall of Asgard that begins with the Dark Elf invasion and Loki taking the Throne, and ends in Ragnarok.
Green Arrow Fan chapter 68 . 11h
So, are the “reasons” tHt Peter visits other worlds so that he can get laid?
Poseidon93 chapter 68 . 11h
Awesome chapters as always! :)
Guest chapter 68 . 12h
Personally, I think Wanda would be better suited to possess the Reality Stone.
InfernoStorm4444 chapter 67 . 12h
Wanda would be an excellent host for Reality Stone. Also I think its high time that Felicia get some kind of superpower like in some of the comics and games. If you want I can spell check the chapters for you, both previous ones and upcoming
myafroatemydog chapter 68 . 13h
Another fantastic chapter. Hopefully your life gets better
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