Reviews for The Spider
Dedrick Jones chapter 62 . 9/13
Is it Brant
Guest chapter 40 . 9/12
Guest chapter 1 . 9/11
Dude wish me luck, looks like I found gold, I'm in for a journey.
yasserkend8 chapter 60 . 9/10
Ross would never do something like this ever, he would be grateful that peter saved his soldiers lives yes, but I dont think he would ever cross the line of disobeying orders I think you mishandled Peter's escape pretty badly I thought he had a plan to escape but I guess he only wrote a speech :/
manthonio234 chapter 98 . 9/8
Estoy esperando la continuaciĆ³n de esta increĆ­ble historia
Shadow Demon chapter 98 . 9/8
I opened a doorway into the chaos of the Dark netherworld. you is now one white-skin among thousands of black-skin. I do not expect your essence to still be intact
AkihitoTheExiled chapter 98 . 9/8
This is the best story in FF I've ever read.
moar please.
from start to current.
I had fun reading this.
I couldn't stop reading when I finally started reading this.
God damn.
I'll recommend this in Discord.
einsteinonspeed chapter 98 . 9/7
Hey I just wanted to say I have blown through this story in about a week. I've really enjoyed it and hope you keep it going! Favorited!
Vicente Urrutia1 chapter 98 . 9/4
Vicente2099 chapter 98 . 9/4
Sm1thy chapter 98 . 9/3
Just reread the story hoping u update soon
shake774 chapter 59 . 9/2
Im done with this shit and honestly fuck your SI i'e tried so hard to get into this story and it has good i give you that but all the romantic angst bs is so fucking retarded i can't even begin,with all the wish fulfillment and he was to act like he is always in the fucking right, like they are the assholes, its always a recurring theme with you're fics you can't admit that you're wrong or plain and simple a fucking idiot

Anyway that was all
mr. jack joke chapter 48 . 9/1
Cloak?! you killed him! Noooooooooo!
misteryman526 chapter 86 . 9/1
Nice, but I don't think antimatter works that way. Matter plus antimatter BIG EXPLOSION, so if you used an antimatter beam powerful enough to destroy a star, it would be an explosion equal to the total mass of the star (E MC). Or maybe twice the total mass, since all the energy in the antimatter is also being released. Anyway, it would be a bigger explosion than a supernova, so all life in the system apart from maybe Omega-level beings would be exterminated and the planets themselves would probably be destroyed.
mr. jack joke chapter 43 . 9/1
dagger...? where's cloak?
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