Reviews for The Spider
Ysoltea chapter 87 . 12/5
oh dear, dear precious. -Gordon Ramsay
Ysoltea chapter 74 . 12/5
Spidey Bells sounds like a reference to Spiderman's Dingleberry smh
Ysoltea chapter 73 . 12/5
Bastet... gurl just why?
Ysoltea chapter 72 . 12/5
but no this isn't the Krusty Krab... No, This is Patrick.
Ysoltea chapter 71 . 12/5
Now I can't remove the image of a steak with Tony's face. Tony Steak.
Ysoltea chapter 70 . 12/5
Wait I have a big brain moment. Sexy is connected to Mac's Unstable Matter Clothes right? So doesn't that mean that Sexy is gently cupping his balls rig-BONK! Odin is Peng Clan's young Master and Malekith is Courting death Loki does an oopsie.
Thor: Ehe tte nandayo!
realizedbarsa2024 chapter 2 . 12/4
Bro, the same, always hated a black cat, and did not understand this to masturbate on her, felicia hardy is a simple spoiled daddy's daughter, besides, she has a terrible character, she is selfish, arrogant, arrogant, cynical, jealous, greedy, and bitchy, in general far from ideal, in all fanfiction thatI read that she betrays, cheats and uses the Main Character, only for him to forgive her and they reconcile. the worst girl in marvel, she was created only for fan service, but she is completely empty and boring as a character)))
realizedbarsa2024 chapter 1 . 12/4
Lol, a black cat is a girl in trouble without super powers, like MJ, besides, she is also a whore and a traitor, I never understood this jerking off to a cat, Gwen or MJ, this is already a cliché, in every marvel fan fiction they are in the role of the main love interest, no variety or imagination on the part of the writers)There are so many more beautiful, smart, loyal and strong girls in the world of marvel, but the authors are fixated on uninteresting, gray, betraying, changing and weak burdens
Ysoltea chapter 80 . 12/4
Scott's dad didn't question the AI's name
Ysoltea chapter 77 . 12/4
Search for SSJ9K Thanos and you might fall for Thanos' sexy voice
Ysoltea chapter 77 . 12/4
The Godfather
Ysoltea chapter 76 . 12/4
Damn it! It was a chance to say "Nanomachines, son." Drax: I'll do you one better, Why is happened?
Ysoltea chapter 53 . 12/2
If a guy said what Jessica said it the guy would be another FBI Statistic nah mean?
Ysoltea chapter 34 . 12/2
Vin Diesel would be proud of May.
Ysoltea chapter 21 . 12/2
I know of another Jeannie who's known as the Panda Queen, Wife of Lord Immersion.
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