Reviews for The Spider
Ysoltea chapter 41 . 12/1
In the case of baby Riri... Tony Stark you are the father. -Maury
Ysoltea chapter 17 . 11/29
5ft? he's so short lol
Rexus Draconoid chapter 70 . 11/17
Okay, this is my second time reading this and I will say that eventhough Felicia's anger is understandable, it is rich coming from her considering what happened
estredgetravis2 chapter 1 . 11/14
please update
Guest chapter 98 . 11/12
www. fanfiction s / 8778006 / 29 / Spidey-s-Life-is-a-Game You guys have to take a MAJOR look at this, it shows most of the women that Spider-Man had a chance with, in comics, and even beyond that...~Black Jeans-Wearing-Blue Jean.
Flwd chapter 61 . 11/11
This is so stupid
piquelmyuzk chapter 1 . 11/10
the hero part is good but man that personality. it's like how a republican or teenager would write romance. best wishes with your story author just doesn't suit me.
era-romance chapter 17 . 11/9
forget midtown high, it's getting to the point where they could rename the school hero high...or maybe make it float and call it sky high lol
Guest chapter 98 . 11/8
Why did u stop the man of valyrian steel
Eric Reed chapter 98 . 10/31
Loved your story. Hope to read more some day.
Raiju001 chapter 98 . 10/29
This has been one heck of a good story! Dang I am enjoying the way you are taking the story! Thank you very much for it and take your time. The muse strikes when it strikes! Fav'd!
Reishin Amara chapter 98 . 10/27
...was that Rick and Morty?
Guest chapter 30 . 10/25
So I have read up to ch 30, and while the author has started using incredibly shitty tropes that near-universially reviled, I want to draw attention to the human torch dating Liz Allen.

That's super fucked up. As in, Johnny should be in jail for a pedophile fucked up. It's a mid to late 20s dude dating a 15-17 year old girl. That's incredibly predatory and weird. Very strange that both the author wrote it and that no one has called it out.
Reishin Amara chapter 15 . 10/25
Technically the HULK can have sex...Bruce banner can't. Int he Planet Hulk arc he actually becomes an almost dad. Right up til a group of bastards blow up the planet along with his wife and unborn child.
bige2613 chapter 98 . 10/21
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