Reviews for Stopover Part Two
Guest chapter 10 . 10/13
Draco... Such an adorable idiot.
annnemaaageth chapter 10 . 10/15
I still dont like Draco having first wife hahahahaha but I love how strong Hermione is.
Dehaev chapter 10 . 10/13
I'm actually... kind of disappointed that there wasn't more angst with this revelation. Even tho I about had a heart attack when I read 'My wife' and internally screamed, 'Noooooooooooo!' XD Nice to see Draco is NOT a cad (anymore anyway :P) and that he is willing to better himself through Hermione. Yay!

Thanks for posting this resolution quickly! I'm sure many of us out there are deflating in relief. LOL!

- Dev
LadiePhoenix007 chapter 10 . 10/13
I think that Draco had better thank his lucky stars that Hermione is as calm and logical as she is because most other women would've decided he wasn't trustworthy enough to give a chance.

P.S. I love your warning before the story! Cheeky!
kimbclar chapter 10 . 10/13
Excellent twist to the story!
Black Banshee chapter 10 . 10/13
How it was ? Dreadful ! I've been quivering with fear all along.
First I thought 'Good, soon-to-be ex-wife', then 'Oh my, what is she going to tell her ?' and so on.
Great job there.
Samolly chapter 10 . 10/13
Wow, that is messy! Just 6 weeks and living on the same property? That’s asking a lot of trust if they take things further.
HarryPGinnyW4eva chapter 10 . 10/13
I knew you would have a good answer to his stupid words. lol I am glad it came out and that he didn't try to hide or deny anything. I also loved that a) Draco learned from his mistake and was able to stay friends with his ex, b) Isabelle was so great, and c) Hermione was able to put it behind them. :-) Thanks! HG4eva
Sam Wallflower chapter 10 . 10/13
Oh... so she was his ex-wife... You are sooooooooooo mean! You scared us! xD.
My heart was racing after the last chapter. You nearly killed me xD.

I hope Draco doesn't cheat on Hermione as he did with Isabelle... I really hope he had changed...
Moreover, I admire how Hermione handled the whole situation. I thought thingswere going to get awkward but it wasn't the case.

Wow! Continuously surprised by what comes up each time. So excited for what's next. Please update soon :)

Lots of love,

Filisgare chapter 10 . 10/13
Dude. She handled that like a champ!
sassanech chapter 10 . 10/13
Well, he's a manwhore! The soon to be ex seems nice, and I'm feeling bad for her that he was such a turd! Is he doomed to be a serial cheater? Seemed to me that Hermione is taking this too easily. I'd have trouble trusting him knowing that history, but obviously she's a better person than me. Looking forward to seeing this new knowledge and it's ramifications play out.
coyg81 chapter 10 . 10/13
You are forgiven for giving us all a heart attack! I’m happy now things have been explained. Just hope Isabelle doesn’t turn out to be a bitch! x
Bridget Vo chapter 10 . 10/13
Whew! I am glad things got cleared up! Isabelle seems very nice and level headed. This was a good way to explain everything. I hope Draco has changed his ways! He seems genuine. I guess Hermione is going to have to take a leap of faith and trust him that those days are over for him.
Grahamgirl93 chapter 10 . 10/13
This story is still sooo good ...
stephrob92 chapter 10 . 10/13
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the quick update! Isabelle was much different than I had expected. I think Hermione let him off a little too easily though about his not quite ex-wife. He apparently lives on the same property as Isabelle, and he invited Hermione to spend a week at his home. There is no way he could think they wouldn't run into each other. He admitted in the last chapter that he could see himself falling in love with her, I don't think that occurred to him in that moment. I think he had figured that out when he invited her to stay with him. So why didn't he think to tell her about Isabelle? There is no way he forgot he had a wife. I really hope Hermione has a conversation with him about honesty and trust. She knows he was unfaithful to his wife so she has reason to be wary of him. I'm not sure how she can completely trust him to be faithful to her, who he's only known days, if he couldn't be faithful to the woman he took vows with.
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