Reviews for Per Aspera Ad Astra
Serafinaster chapter 18 . 3/3
Please continue this story!
MetallicGirl chapter 17 . 1/30
NO! Someone find him before it's too late, ANYONE...seriously, anyone, even Snape! (Hell, Snape could probably sympathize.) AHHH! I feel so bad for my precious man. If only I was there I would never stop hugging him...
MetallicGirl chapter 16 . 1/30
Sirius's parents punish him with pain...and now he is punishing himself with pain. It's dreadful. (not the writing.)
MetallicGirl chapter 15 . 1/29
Phillip Chang...any relation to Cho? Just wondering. And I like the idea of Marlene McKinnon being a Ravenclaw, like me. Anyway...jeez...Sirius's life is getting really dark. Now he fights with James which makes me sad.
MetallicGirl chapter 14 . 1/29
Wow...that was so sad...the feeling of being so miserable that you just have to see your own blood. It is real for many people, unfortunately. On to the next chapter...
MetallicGirl chapter 13 . 1/29
Poor Lily, she's probably wondering if she should he would never trust her again, but it would be for his own good. I wouldn't have been sure what to do.
Ljota Lokidottir chapter 17 . 1/29
i sincerely hope you update soon, what a place to end. merlin. i've always been more of a remus person (though i obviously love sirius too, or why would i ship them?) but your sirius is so heartbreaking wow. all the fic about these boys is so angsty, i think shipping wolfstar is a really masochistic thing to do because we just go and read about the two of them having horrible traumatic experiences. anyway, this has been really really good so far, and very painful of course. please keep going, it's truly excellent.
MetallicGirl chapter 12 . 1/29
I don't know what his friends can do for him now...well, at least James will give him a home next summer.
Ljota Lokidottir chapter 13 . 1/29
aaaahhhh my poor sirius i can't

(also i love love love the lily-as-wolfstar-shipper headcanon that pops up. lily knows things.)
Ljota Lokidottir chapter 9 . 1/29
that "small, crooked smile" broke my heart. help.
Ljota Lokidottir chapter 8 . 1/29
oh merlin i got so mad when james showed up with firewhiskey. like, no, wrong way to deal with this you'll make everything worse. (teenage sirius having a drinking problem is so canon though, i honestly can't imagine that he didn't)
MetallicGirl chapter 11 . 1/29
Um, YEAH he's being abused, didn't you see it, James?! But what did they do to him?
MetallicGirl chapter 10 . 1/29
I bet it was Regulus screaming (poor kid)...honestly, though, it wasn't very smart of Sirius to say that. AND WHERE WAS ANDROMEDA?!

P.S. Uncle Alphard wouldn't have been disowned yet. He was disowned for giving Sirius money to buy his own flat, and since that hasn't happened yet, he shouldn't be disowned. Totally not a big deal, just so you know.
MetallicGirl chapter 9 . 1/29
Oh no :( I almost cried at this one. Strange thing is, I always thought of Walburga being the violent one, but's so sad. The magic mirror makes me sad too because it could have saved Sirius twenty years later. *cries*

I'm glad the WolfxStar is coming. But I'd also like to see more of the Sirius and James (platonic)friendship. I can never get enough of it.
MetallicGirl chapter 8 . 1/29
That hangover potion, James...*whispers*...IT'S JUST COFFEE! Seriously, though, I was smiling at the drinking discourse until Sirius thought Lily was going to do the Cruciatus Curse on him...then the smile literally just slid off my face and I felt so sad for him. And I suppose it sucks that his dad's name is his middle name.
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