Reviews for Veering Left
MTGBoi chapter 78 . 10/19
So Misato left Asuka alone with sleeping Shinji hmm? Maybe that's good it depends if Shinji wants to forgive her and didn't scare her.
Looking forward to next update.
deathbringer374 chapter 78 . 10/4
More. Give me more.

I demand it!

RealRemainder chapter 78 . 10/1
Oh yay, new chapter!


-I got tnothing. Very good.

"Four little words"? Interesting... I kind of already look forward to the chapter point that reveals what these four little words are. Good work on the roping in!

(SARCASM): ...Oh so writting 'veering left' is an emotionally taxing task is it? Who would have ever thought something like that...

Ah, Misato, you really shouldn't tease Asuka like this right now... Still cute though.

Yes, Misato, the battles WILL be a lot harder from here on out. I just hope the changes weve seen so far are enough for the good guys to stand. Hatred against the Angels for the win.

Hmmm, maybe Shinji will be a few days on the brig or in solitary confinement and that will be it? They DID win... Nice portrayal of Asuka's change by the way. Very good character development. As I might have mentioned before, all it takes for Asuka to change is for her ego to be destroyed and shown to her the horrible thing her ego is.

Comitte already calling? Geesh...

NO! Misato would NOT leave those two alone with eachother, especially with Asuka admiting she might hurt him again! Hello, a nurse?! One of the doctors in Ritsuko's staff?! Literally anyone else?! Anyone else could stay with Shinji here! Then Shinji wakes up and goes after Rei or/and Asuka!

Oh, Misato wants her 'family' back...

*SIGH* Well, anyway, good chapter. And even if I call bullshit on Misato leaving the two of them alone, this should be VERY interesting when Shinji wakes up...
Panther2G chapter 78 . 10/1
So Asuka's not fooling Misato anymore, at least. She can tell there's been a sea-change in Asuka's attitude towards Shinji, even if Asuka still can't really say it out loud. This is going to be an interesting awakening. Hopefully they'll get some alone time.
WIBN chapter 78 . 9/30
I've been one of those "silent readers" until now. I gotta say that this's been a tumultuous yet enjoyable (in Eva's "everything sorta goes to shit" kinda way) experience.

Asuka has gone through quite a bit of character development, and I don't see much reason for placing her alone with Shinji unless he'll wake up soon. Well, I hope he wakes up. What will Asuka do when that happens? Act sheepish? Screw up (yet again)? Say "Shinji, I'm so sorry?"

This's such a cliffhanger for me, and there'll be a long time between updates. At least there will be one in the future.

Thanks for all the effort you're putting into this for us!
Sir NickolasJhonstonMarcus III chapter 78 . 9/30
oh this is great! I can see you setting up the bat for the next chapter. when I read the title, I was wondering what direction you'd be playing from. I thought those words would be, "I dont hate you".
as it is, you know I'm waiting with rapt attention and bated breath. I'm excited for your next posting.
Guest chapter 77 . 9/20
I do hope Shinji and Asuka reconcile after this. That said, awesome chapter nonetheless and looking forward to the next one but ...The killing me! AaAAAHH!
Guest chapter 77 . 9/16
Can't wait for the next chap. Hope you update soon.
Panther2G chapter 73 . 9/13
As if he didn't need therapy _before_ this...
Panther2G chapter 72 . 9/13
Feeling slightly guilty, Ritsuko?
Panther2G chapter 71 . 9/13
I kind of wonder if this sort of introspection is habit for Rei, or is it something she almost never does?
Panther2G chapter 69 . 9/13
Hell of a time for insight, isn't it, Shinji?
OutsourcingBoi chapter 77 . 9/13
So it looks like Rei II may be dead or at least out for a while. We miss you, I hope we will see next chapter soon.
Panther2G chapter 77 . 9/11
Now you've got two bedsides you need to be at when they wake up, Asuka.
So happy to see Shinji back it has to come out softly, eh? :)
Panther2G chapter 76 . 9/11
Whuh oh... Unit-00 is Adamite tissue, that's right. And that means Leliel can try to fuse with it more easily. And so Shinji gets to face the same problem as he faced with Bardiel in canon: A hostile Eva with an innocent Pilot inside he cannot let be harmed.
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