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HopelessRomantic183 chapter 37 . 15h
Was that Nino or Marinette who pushed her away? I guess Chat might be a possibility too, but Nino and Mari are closer...either way this could end badly...!
Undertheskys chapter 37 . 16h
Good update. I cant wait for the next
Commander Chandell 919 chapter 37 . 19h
I probably don't have to write a review since you actually *heard* my reaction, I'm gonna write one anyway.

First and foremost, Adrien is so frustrating right now. Because he believes that he doesn't deserve the comfort of his friends and what Nino said makes sense. A person doesn't need to give reasons to deserve affection - we all need it.

Another is that I totally agree with you. Adrien is so adorable right now, because he's finally fallen for the girl on the other side of the mask. Even though it took him this long, I'm just happy that he loves her. There's also the fact that he's lovestruck so yeah. THE TABLES HAVE TURNED.

The rest had me screaming - not that I need to point this out. You enjoyed my screaming as much as I enjoyed reading this. To prove another point that you really are evil. You laughing was proof enough.

All in all, despite my suffering, I enjoyed reading this. Thank you again for taking the time to write this. Keep up the great work!
Foreteller Ava chapter 37 . 20h
Hi I don't normally review or read from ffn but I couldn't get an update on AO3 and I knew the chapter was up and I know how to find updates when they aren't on the main page yet.


I'm calling it right now, this is going to motivate Alya to pick up the black cat Miraculous with Adrien. (Or force her to pick it up since idk maybe that's Adrien.)

Good chapter, I'll keep screaming now.
musicandstarlight chapter 36 . 11/14
...That was incredible. Alya knew exactly the right words to say to make Chloe finally understand what she has done. Genius!
Grandeeney Marvell chapter 36 . 11/14
Holy. Fuck. GO ALYA!
Lokilust chapter 36 . 11/14
Now for everyone to know who started this
Multifandomkiller chapter 36 . 11/14
Undertheskys chapter 36 . 11/14
DAAAMMMMNNN ALYA! Great update. I cant wait for the next update
Kikyohates1 chapter 36 . 11/14

Nuff said, this fanfiction could kill Adrien for all I care (don't kill him please, it's just a point), I love it so much right now, no matter what happens, my god 3
twztdwildcat chapter 36 . 11/14
Oh I’m so glad someone gave her a taste of her own medicine!
OtakuSeikatsuTamashi chapter 36 . 11/14
I really HONESTLY love this story because it points out so much of the ugly truths to the over-dependence and illogical familiarity the Parisian public have towards "LadyBug". Proof of that is that this is my first review to be more than a word long (plus my literal second EVER). Now I just can't wait to see Marinette beginning to re-hold the confidence mantle and be a strong BAMF (not immediately 'coz you know, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT). Hopefully, Nino is chosen to be the new Jade Turtle since we all know he more than qualifies. Also, my vindictive and plain sadistic side wants to see the utter devastation of ChatNoir/Adrien when it's revealed that he not only didn't know his "lady" for shit, physically assaulted her, falsely condemned her, and instigated the whole (or at least a large majority) to actively attempt murdering her. That and Marinette's own downward spiral would destroy him and finally make him see his bullshit. It'd be F***ING BEAUTIFUL. Why? You ask, am I taken a stab at Chat Noir? Well, simple, 'coz I can. He done goofed EPICALLY. Marinette fell victim in a moment of volatile emotion that could be seen a LONG time coming due to Chloe's constant harassment. Mari may be a hero but even she can't help but break after a while because she is still just a teenage girl with worrisome self-esteem issues. Even when first contacted by HawkMoth, she refused until undergoing torture. But seeing as how she is such a champ, she continues to fight within her akumatized form. Then received a kick to the face for her efforts courtesy of her partner. Not to say she won't bear the consequences of her actions, like the deaths, but at least we know that she tried to fix it and ended up drowning in self-hatred. Also, I want to see the romance develop as ChatNoir attempts redemption and grows to love and value the true BAMF that is Marinette. A humble ChatNoir is a hot ChatNoir. I expect major power-ups from both because of their growth in this early life crisis. There's still the HawkMoth reveal coming and I am dying of anticipation. Not to rush creative genius but please hurry with the writing.
Commander Chandell 919 chapter 36 . 11/14
I love how understanding Alya and Nino are. They've been patient with Marinette - Nino most of all - and it really shows how much they want to work this whole thing out.

I have mixed feelings about Chloe. Ever since I joined the server, ideas have been coming into my head as to what could happen next and basically head-canons. You already know what I've come up with but I look forward to what you have in mind. I'm super excited!

The ending of the chapter made me anxious - anxious to see what happens next. With the way you've written, I can't say for sure I know who the five students are. The way you write makes it seem like one thing but then it's so not in the next chapter. I'm anticipating for what comes next.

You really are such a tease. And evil. But I love you anyway~! 3

Thank you for writing this and I hope you keep up the great work!
Sakuralover4ever chapter 36 . 11/14
Oh my, that was total Chloé bashing. I kinda feel bad for the girl, I mean think about how unwanted and isolated she must feel? But, I do agree with Alya. Chloé was about to make fun of Mari over her suicide attempt! That is beyond called for! Suicide is NOT FUNNY!

My rant is now over. Anyways, I love the chapter! I'm anxiously waiting for Mari to talk to Chat Noir!
Gothicelfs chapter 36 . 11/14
Finally somebody told Chloe the truth! I have been waiting for this since the first chapter!
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