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InnovatorSigma chapter 9 . 10/23
Love the story, update?
Crimsom-Wyvern chapter 9 . 9/30
My goodness, it seems like every single Servant is going rogue and fighting according to their own desires rather than just as tools for their masters. Assassin is going behind Kirei's back, Siegfried, Iskandar and Robin are planning to save Sakura all the while Gilgamesh rans around doing as he pleases. Arturia also seems more comfortable with questioning Kiritsugu's methods.

I look forward to the Banquet of Heroes, knowing that we are likely to see the greatest shitstorm this grail war has possibly faced.

I guess that's one of the drawbacks of summoning such noble and determined heroes. They are not so easily controlled.
King of Fans chapter 4 . 9/28
Ok why did he tell saber to stop?

I see rider and saber will be good friends.

I can wait to see what they think of caster. Will saber concise him that the only female servent in the grail war is not his Saint, considering he knows Jain de arc.

P.s will saber and by extinchen illya meet rin when saber is hunting cast and saving children?
King of Fans chapter 3 . 9/28
Wait is this lanser artoria alter lanser or normal Artorian lanser? chapter 9 . 8/26
Genial capitulo espero con ansias por el próximo capitulo .
Te recomiendo que la secuela de tu historia sea una apogripha de 4 equipos para que los jóvenes sakura , Rin , shirou y illya tenga alguna oportunidad de ganar y puedan formar una amistad .
Sakura - Medusa-lancer
Rin - emiya-archer op ( usuario de la primera magia ).
Bazzet - senzata-berserker
Karen - scathash-assesin
Shirou - Nero-rider ( Arturia-lancer/ dorado-rojo ).
Lluvia - Medea-caster
Bueno esa es sólo míopinión personal espero que no te molesté .
Gabriel790 chapter 9 . 8/25
Great chapter
hyperomegasonic26 chapter 9 . 8/25
It really was a good chapter filled with action from Siegfried and Gilgamesh and shows how cruel he can be, taking advantage of the legend of Siegfried to hurt him in any way he can. That King of the Heroes, he deserved to be beaten in his life, and hopefully Siegfried might have the chance to do so (if not during the 4th Holy Grail War, then at least in the 5th Holy Grail War where the ending between them would be serious epic).

With the next chapter, we'll see that many of the Heroes will gather in such Banquet of Kings and a battle between Tokiomi and Kayneth will happen in the meantime, with Saber, Lancer, Rider, Archer, two of the Assassins, and Gilgamesh (who knows) appearing At dinner where several facts about the Holy Grail War will be revealed (it is time for Arturia Alter to start revealing old skeletons in the closet if she has recovered much of her memories) and the mention of Sakura when Archer speaks of the Zouken case. That old man is going to have a big surprise.

And also, Illya will start having her flashback moments I believe, with her body generating Mana to regenerate Siegfried faster and due to this, reminders showing her, however from another timeline and fighting in another war and a little With a Servant (Heracles) who died trying to protect her, and the mysterious Golden Servant that would have caused her to have these mysterious memories come into her mind.

Gilgamesh really knows how to provoke terror in people.
Guest chapter 8 . 8/24
Will saber give his heart to illya she will be a total badass in the next grail war
hyperomegasonic26 chapter 8 . 8/21
Finally you have released the chapter. And he got well, starting with Kirei being corrupted by Gilgamesh sooner and soon it will not be long before the two betray Tokiomi.

At least for once, he hoped that Tokiomi could come out alive at the end of it all (but not before he had an accident). After all, at the end of this story, Rin, Sakura, Illya, and Shirou could have a good teacher of magic and I confess that he would be better off with Kirei for them as a teacher. And I imagine that this accident could be provoked by Zouken, and even more so when he knows what he does with Sakura.

Already in the future alliances, things are starting to go with Tokiomi seeing that it would be wiser that an alliance with the Einzberns would be viable and still mine when he and Kiritsugu find out what the Einzberns did with the Grail to make them both wake up Of their illusions.

As for Kayneth, he goes to meet Kiritsugu to kill him, but will have someone who will put this arrogant magus in its proper place in a just magic duel. And it may be there that Sola-Ui ends up suffering an accident that would leave her near death. Perhaps an attack on Kayneth's hiding place planned by Kiritsugu and being executed by Maiya could create the necessary situation for you to do what you are planning for Sola-Ui.

As for Caster and his Master, I did not expect them to die sooner. So the giant monster scene will not have more, but I believe the fight between Saber and Gilgamesh and Sakura's rescue from Zouken's claws can make up for it. Alias, I believe that a great battle between Gilgamesh and Rider using their mounts that remained intact in the skies of the city would give an excellent spectacle for the final fight between these two kings, and even more if Lancer is present in the conflict with his horse and his spear. A real battle of the gods so to speak.

Of course, Robin would need to have his heroic moment to have a good rationale and I believe he will be the first person to find out that something is wrong with Grail after Kayneth loses all of his Command Seals and with Caster's defeat and with Kariya being unconscious, I believe Zouken goes after Risei to get his reward ...
Fall2Glory chapter 7 . 8/17
Wait. What happened to Gilgamesh? He kinda just disappeared and he seems like an irregular serva- He's freaking Ruler isn't he?
hyperomegasonic26 chapter 7 . 8/15
A good chapter and I see that you have used some of my ideas and suggestions. Thank you, this will make the story more interesting. After all, it is not called Rebellion Zero for nothing and I do not want this rebellion to extend only to the Servants, but to the Masters as well.

To start, thank you for meeting the request about Kiritsugu receiving information about the Grail through the dreams he had of Lancer Alter and his memories, so he will get smarter and know that there is something wrong with Grail and that using it just goes Cause it to release something that could destroy the world and humanity. So the goals of Kiritsugu will change a little and will try to save Irisviel and Illyasviel from their fate as Lesser Grails and give an end to the Einzberns. But I hope he's not alone in this parade.

I wish Tokiomi would finally want to make a special appearance by showing how indignant he will be to learn that the Grail was corrupted due to the incompetence of the Einzbern family for trying to summon an evil god that eventually corrupted the Greater Grail And which threatens the world and the whole human race.

And as for Irisviel, her desire that she may also rid Illya of the cruel fate that the Einzberns impose upon her and this will be Siegfried's primary motivation in this war. I also really like to see that Robin does not want to kill Illya and has her code of honor on children, but unfortunately Kayneth does not have such things when it comes to doing whatever it takes to win the war cowardly and put herself on top of the world .

The end of Kayneth should be quite different from the end, with him somehow surviving the war, and making a wish when he is the gates of death before the Grail, just for him to take all the blame of all Association members for the disaster that Is the Greater Fire of Fuyuki and to be disgraced by the Archibald family, especially by the small Reines (since it is a tragic story, at least we need to have some disaster, if not how our dear Emiya Shirou can be adopted by the Emiya family?).
Gabriel790 chapter 7 . 8/15
Good chapter
Gabriel790 chapter 1 . 8/15
Good chapter chapter 6 . 8/13
Interesante capitulo .
hyperomegasonic26 chapter 6 . 8/12
Good chapter and very impressive.

Again, Siegfried's intuitions end up getting hit and at the moment he is together with Arturia Alter to fight is that the bad things begin, and although he managed to save Irisviel and exploit Kirei, and Caster has apparently been eliminated by the Lancer, It seems the actions of Kaynteh not listening to good advice from someone and especially from their Servants will end up giving a big turn in things. And I can already imagine what kind of order Kayneth eventually ordered Robin to do.

One from here Siegfried is going to be furious and may involve Illya, much to the horror of Kiritsugu and Irisviel. If it's what I think, the fight Kiritsugu and Kayneth will become much more personal than in the anime and something tells me that even Irisviel will get personally involved in the fight since she did not hurt by Kotomine.
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