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PasiveNox chapter 2 . 7/6
this is nice very nice
PasiveNox chapter 1 . 7/6
hahahahah this is nice
Dxhologram chapter 14 . 7/5
Geez, Siegfried now meets Kriemhild and he has no idea what to do with her. Huh it was never touched upon what he feels about her especially what happens to her after his death.
Crimson Reiter chapter 14 . 7/5
Gambatte! Sumanai-kun!

Love the chapter!
hyperomegasonic26 chapter 14 . 7/5
Finally we have the completion of the operation to rescue Sakura and many Heroic Spirtis reunited as well. I see we will have the Heroes banquet soon to discuss what is wrong with this Holy Grail War and the Greater Grail corruption. Soon Rin and Aoi will join the party too and then the 'family' will all be reunited.

On the other hand, Tokiomi is about to have his own problems with Kirei and eventually he will learn if he survives how much of him acting more like a magus than as a human being and as a parent will end up costing him a high price and will relearning to be like a real human being.

With all this and how the rebellion is complete (at least Assassin left with a happy note even though they were forced to commit suicide due to Kirei's Command Seals), there is nothing else left for the outcome of this Holy Grail War to be made and we see what the future is waiting for when the 5th Holy Grail War begins.

PS: I sent more ideas in that same PM and I made another one with the ideas of the next chapter that I just passed. See them, yes?
AltenativeFutureFan27 chapter 13 . 7/2
Kriemhild comes to rescue her Hubbie.
Dxhologram chapter 13 . 6/21
Hey we get to see Siegfried do the chant and use Balmung. That's awesome. By the way do you know about his update animation? What are your thoughts on that?
hyperomegasonic26 chapter 13 . 6/21
Finally! The rescue operation of Sakura started!

Many things are happening at the same time, beginning with Tokiomi discovering that Risei was killed and how it was not in Kayneth's hands in this reality, something to tell me that a certain traitor son finally succeeded in realizing his desire to kill his own father himself and realize more soon its own evil and distorted nature (with a little help from a certain King of Heroes who wants to change Master to get rid of the annoying Tokiomi)!

Aoi and Rin finally took action. That phone call that Kariya gave Aoi before he left for his last attempt to rescue Sakura on his own was worth it, and both will realize that there is something wrong in the Matou residence (it has always existed), and things will be black for Zouken in this chapter since Siegfried, Illya, Sella and Robin see invited to the party. However, Berserker was now under Zouken's control, which means that Kariya died while being devoured by Zouken's worms and became the Master of Berserker now as in FAZO.

Actually a lot of things can happen in part two and when Tokiomi loses something, I imagine we can know who will be responsible.
Fall2Glory chapter 12 . 5/7
I can feel things reaching their peaks soon, which is honestly worrying considering only one Servant is dead and been replaced by an Avenger. As for the AU you mentioned, well I for one believe we need more stories involving FGO Servants.
Merlin Pranks101 chapter 12 . 5/5
Is Avenger Kriemhilde?
hyperomegasonic26 chapter 12 . 5/5
The new chapter is really good.

Apparently, Sakura's rescue operation will only be in the hands of Siegfried and Robin, just the two of them to help Kariya save little Matou. Actually Rider was smart to realize that the Grail is certainly broken to have summoned Avenger and noticed that something is terribly wrong and we also see that he certainly noticed Avenger is not any opponent and it was wise of him to withdraw since he has not yet knows totally who she is, but at least has a track due to the sword she uses to be the same as Siegfried.

Assassin was removed from the conversation and rescue operation, but at least the Heroes' Banquet took place and Siegfried knows what will happen if Holy Grail War and Irisviel will end up dying for having the Grail inside.

I am waiting for the next chapters and for the continuation that will leave when this story ends.

And a question, did you see on twitter the new drawings that I sent?
Fall2Glory chapter 11 . 12/14/2017
Only 3 things need to happen to give almost everyone a happy ending; one, Zouken has to die. Two, Medea (if that is her) doesn't go crazy and kill everyone, 3 Kirei and Gilgamesh die.
hyperomegasonic26 chapter 11 . 12/14/2017
Really, a beautiful chapter and for several reasons.

Tokiomi is a magus better than the arrogant Archibald and has honor when fighting a magus, but Kayneth does not have any of that and so ended up having this destiny with its destroyed Magic Circuits by Kiritsugu. I just do not know if the villain has died or not. I also liked that Kiritsugu asked Lancer Alter to rescue Tokiomi.

Second: The conversations between Kirei and Gilgamesh are always a touch more on what we see as a perfect pair of villains as they plan behind the scenes and by observing other people and their motivations. To be frank, regarding the ideas of the second chapter 2 of the crossover that I intend to pass on to you, I intend to put one of these conversations when they are in the Church after Kirei receives a visit from a mysterious dark-faced magus (Takuma) and his Servant Archer of Shinjuku when they tell the false priest that they have investigated Kirei and talk about the mysterious Holy Grail War of the Okinawan Islands, as well as they would inform him that if he is intelligent he can take advantage of the fact that no one in the Church has been informed to that he can persuade the Takugawa family to let him act as a private church supervisor for this war with the promise that Kirei can let Takuma act freely on a plan to get the Grail. Of course after the conversation and seeing that Gilgamesh heard everything, the two would talk and due Kirei start getting tempted about a new Grail and due to his two failed attempts to try to bring Angra Mainyu to this world and find an answer to his distorted existence, new blue Command Seals would emerge in Kirei's hand to his surprise, with Gilgamesh saying something like "Really, certain things have a tendency to repeat themselves, do not you, Kirei?"

With that, the two would then plot for this new war to work in their favor and as for such a Takuma, they intend to use her by making her think she would be using Kirei, but in reality it will be Kirei and Gilgamehs who will be using her.

Third: Sola-Ui will really touch the terror soon with the help of her new Servant Avenger and I can not wait for the end, in case you decide to have her sink into the mud literally (the Grail mud indeed) and radically change it become a more perverse person even when the 5th Holy Grail War begins again.

Fourth: Sakura's ransom, I hope he succeeds and end up giving Zouken what he deserves so much. Unfortunately Kirei is planning to end Assassin when this is happening, but I hope Sakura is saved and it's a shame that Lancer Alter was not warned of the ransom, you know, who knows when she saw Sakura, she would remember her memories from when it was Saber Alter.

Well that's all, I hope for your opinion.
Dxhologram chapter 11 . 12/13/2017
... I'm assuming that Servant Avenger is Siegfried's wife.
Also the whole reveal on Siegfried's Noble Phantasm that Irisviel. I thought it was just his Armour of Fafnir and Balmung? Unless you added something, which seems alright to me, since this is fanfiction after all, and Siegfried really needs to get more love aside from being in one or two volume of a Light Novel then get axed off later.
Saru chapter 11 . 12/13/2017
My lord, all these Servants going all about and doing their own things. I can see why the title is called Rebellion.
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