Reviews for Keep Calm and Carry On
cass chapter 40 . 2/10/2019
And I loved it.
maranwe7282 chapter 40 . 1/31/2019
Wow. I don’t know how you do it, but you did it again.
Always perfectly composed and an absolutely delicious read!
lovemycastle chapter 40 . 1/13/2019
I have been addicted to Castle fan fiction for quite awhile now and somehow just discovered your stories... a Tumblr post brought one up and I gave it a go, are a new fave...but ugh, now my normal one hour before bed reading is going way too late into the night...I cannot find a good stopping good. your writing is beautiful and I am trasportted into an amazing Caskett universe...thank you! until the next story...
lovemycastle chapter 31 . 1/13/2019
ok, that last comment posted in last chapter, was supposed to be chapter 32. ...the paragraph with . the devotion, ardent worship...
lovemycastle chapter 40 . 1/13/2019
this story is blowing me away's painful and addicting and beautiful... but this chapter was in particular one of my favorites...they are so smitten...I love the paragraph starting with...'she loved her turn...'
Kate chapter 15 . 10/31/2018
Is Beckett pregnant?
Guest chapter 40 . 8/1/2018
I read this when you first did it on Tumblr. It was so exciting then, waiting for each new installment, but even better now that I read it in its entirety. Thank you so much for sharing your considerable talent. I hope you never stop!
Helen Sorrento chapter 40 . 6/25/2018
Loved this story
Mierke chapter 40 . 11/26/2017
Miscommunication is one of my most abhorred tropes in both fiction and fanfiction (in fact, not that long ago I've written scathing review for a book that was entirely based around this concept). And yet, you drew a world based on this very thing that totally had me immersed in it. Because these characters are aware of what they're doing, and are fighting so hard against their inclination to listen to their own assumptions instead of talking about it. They pull back, yes, but they also move forward. They try and try and try. And you made it all so *emotional*. One of my favourite passages was the following:
Castle had not ordered coffee.
So she hadn't either.
It hurt in ways she was too damaged to crawl out of.

And with all that, you characters were spot on (as always). Loved this passage, a touch of laughter among all the pain:
A choked noise in her throat, laughter that came out. This was going to be their sex life, wasn't it? He'd make lewd stupid jokes in the middle of things and she'd fall in love with him all over again.
sasans chapter 40 . 9/26/2017
This whole story was so amazing. I just loved all of it. I'm sorry to see it end. Thank you for the great read.
FluffyFierce chapter 40 . 9/24/2017
Utterly charming thanks!
vaso.caskett chapter 40 . 9/20/2017
Great, great story! Loved how one chapter it was angst, the next sweet.

Another great story. Here is to your next one :)
Guest chapter 40 . 9/20/2017
So sad this is over but thank you thank you thank you.

This was wonderful.
Jbug47 chapter 40 . 9/17/2017
Great entertaining story! Ready for another one!
bingblot chapter 40 . 9/17/2017
Aww, very nice to see how far she's come, how far they've both come.
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