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Guest chapter 36 . 12/28/2022
What a great story . I hope you continue this. I hope Kisara will be okay . Maybe Seto have her from bakaura ?
HiKari Mokuba's Guardian chapter 36 . 4/26/2022
OMG WHAT?! THE PARTY ISN'T IN THIS CHAPTER?! Oh noooooo! I thought it was. I must've been thinking of the chapters you've emailed to me rather than the ones that have been published. What a cliff hanger to leave your fans on! Okay, now that I'm all caught up, will you publish the next chapter soon?! Pretty please? :D I'm sure I'm not the only one dying to read what happens next! You're such a great writer - keeping us all on the edge of our seats over here!

Regarding the chapter itself, the scenes you were the most worried about in your author's note were superbly done. I really enjoyed the interaction between Gramps and Kisara and thought it was so sweet that he gave her the ripped up Blue Eyes card. I totally didn't remember that but it really served as a great metaphor for Kisara and her current situation. And the gift at the very end was so great too! And it was very convincing as well, not overdone or seemingly too quick to the punchline, if that makes sense. We know Kisara is conflicted, we know she doesn't want to go to this party, but the gift and her emotions that evolve after receiving the gift, really make it believable that she would change her mind. I just thought that was so well done!

Of course then I get to the end of the chapter and I think, "NOOOO, I didn't realize this is where it ended!" You gotta publish the next chapter soon or else I'm gonna die from suspense! Or at least can you please tell me the ending? ;) Hahaha, I know you won't but you know I have to ask every time. But a great story like this, I understand why you want to keep the ending to yourself. And I know I'll enjoy it even more as a result! I'm just so pleased with this story and how you've written Seto. Talk about being confused and conflicted! I also really liked the scene with him scrolling through the photos on his phone. That was absolutely perfect - it was Kaiba to a T!

Anyway, all in all, just a really wonderful chapter. Don't keep us waiting too long! Your fans and I can't wait to see what happens next.

HiKari Mokuba's Guardian chapter 35 . 4/26/2022
It's so interesting because the last couple of chapters I couldn't remember anything after "The Reveal" and then this chapter came along and it's all coming back to me now! Not completely but I think I do remember how the next chapter goes and it's a pretty big scene in this story. What got me to remember it was actually the interaction between Mokuba and Yuzu. AWWW! Those two are just the cutest, aren't they? :3

I'm almost afraid to read the next chapter because I know that's the last one that's been published but hopefully these reviews have been inspiring you to write some more as they have been inspiring me! Although now I just gotta sit down and write those darn chapters for my story, haha. Still, quite the fun chapter and a great way to set the stage for the next chapter. You're right that the story is getting into some rather climatic moments! I can't believe we've both been working on these stories together for five years this summer. What a fun ride it has been! And how I have so enjoyed this story. Can't wait to read what happens next!

HiKari Mokuba's Guardian chapter 34 . 4/26/2022
Wow, wow, wow... where do I even begin with how good this chapter was? I swear, this story gets better and better! And I'm so surprised by how much I don't remember past what I call "The Reveal" (the misunderstanding between Kisara and Seto that causes them to split up). I remember so much of the story up until that point. I think my heart just can't take how much hurt those two are in! My mind has blocked it out because I want them to be together so badly.

Back to the chapter and why specifically I thought it was so good... Mokuba was driving the plot. Now I know what you're thinking, "You only love this because he's your favorite character ever." Which is true but what I love about it is that it's a proper use of his character. I feel like the original Yu-Gi-Oh show really only uses him to move the plot forward in a superficial way but what you've shown here is exactly what I think his character has the potential to be! Obviously we can't make Kazuki Takahashi redo the show, but I suppose that's why incredible fanfiction stories like these exist instead. ;) I just love how Mokuba is taking charge here to figure out what's going on and it's so true to his character and I think his age too. He knows there's an issue that Seto isn't telling him about so he takes matters into his own hands to figure it out. I just think that's great!

And Kisara was so sweet here, as she always is, as I think you and I have imagined her to be as a character! Since we don't have much to go off of from the original show, we sort of have to take the OC approach with her and I thought the way she reacted and responded to this development was so on-point. And it really makes you feel for her too... she's so confused and conflicted. Not sure of what she wants but we know all she really wants is Seto! Ugh, those two are just so cute and seriously belong together. 3 I loved Mokuba drawing parallels between her and the Blue Eyes and how Seto was just better and stronger when he was with her. So darn cute! My blueshipping heart grew 3 sizes that day. :D

Great chapter!

HiKari Mokuba's Guardian chapter 33 . 4/26/2022
WOW, I can see why this was your favorite chapter! So good! Of course I loved the beginning with Mokuba being just the absolute cutest kid ever, haha. And while I was not a fan of Joey being all flirtatious with Kisara, I really liked the direction you took with this chapter. Poor Seto being so conflicting while being a stalker. Also, I would also like to add that I did not expect Seto to be discovered in his stalking by Joey! What a great twist and it led to a great interaction... of course my other favorite part of this chapter was when they were fighting. Oh man, do I love to make Joey and Seto fight whenever I can. XD I bet that's why this was your favorite chapter, too! Or at least part of it. Just all in all, a super cute, great chapter. :D

HiKari Mokuba's Guardian chapter 32 . 4/20/2022
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! When I saw the description of the receptionist and saw her name was Ellie, I immediately sat up and thought, "Wait, is that who I think it is?" And then when I saw your author's note at the end of the chapter, I knew I had called it! Also, does this confirm my other suspicion? That you're just writing this story to make me happy? Because if so, you're doing a fantastic job! 3 Oh man, I loved this chapter so much!

First, I laughed at the part where Seto didn't trust his car with the valet and that he parked it squarely in the middle. That was very much a Kaiba move and Kaiba-approved. ;) And then I liked Seto and Pegasus's whole interaction. So brief and to the point because Seto is so clearly over Pegasus's BS these days! He certainly doesn't have time for it with Kisara on the mind. Poor guy! And then Seto being on auto-pilot and just going through his to-do list to try and distract himself from a week of not having lunch with her. Classic Kaiba! The duel disk technology you described where the holograms rely on the players' imagery was so cool.

Also, it's been a while since I was read up on this story but wow, does Joey have a thing for Kisara. :P Oh man, does this mean you're planning on writing a scene where he asks her out and then she rejects him and Joey gets really sad because, once again, he's lost to Seto?! Or is that just me dreaming? Haha, you know I love to see that Joey character suffer! Even though he's just as well-intentioned as Kisara but we both know Seto is totally the guy she wants to be with. Look at how sad she was! They both were so sad this chapter. Are all of the upcoming, published chapters just them being sad?! My heart can't take it! Although I suppose the brother fluff helps a great deal. ;)

Loved it, loved it, loved it! Can't wait to read more.

HiKari Mokuba's Guardian chapter 31 . 4/20/2022
When your author's note included: "I know SOMEONE out there appreciated the brother fluff in this chapter" I smiled SO FLIPPING BIG! You are such a delightful person and a really wonderful friend. :) I know you wrote that scene for continuity of the story but I'm gonna pretend it was for me. I think there's also a strong possibility it could've been for both which is also a great thought. ;D

Onto the chapter! YOU KNOW, I'm about to dive into all of the feels with that Seto and Mokuba scene! Oh my gosh, I loved it so much. It made my heart soar in ways only the cutest brother fluff in the world could. 3 I thought it was so cute that Mokuba was asleep on the ground outside of Seto's office. Initially, I thought, "Why wouldn't Mokuba just invite himself into Seto's room?" but you highlighted a really good point about their relationship which is that they understand each other. They know what each brother needs, even when they don't know the full story of what the other brother is going through. And Mokuba just knew that Seto needed space in that moment so he wanted to give it to him. And that was just SO DARN ON POINT! Oh man, you write those brothers so well. Makes my heart soar and you know it! :)

Other things I enjoyed from the brother fluff fest was when Seto says, "She wasn't what we thought she was." When I read that, I really emphasized the 'we' in my head because I just think it's so cute that they've been on this journey together. Mokuba's been trying to help him every step of the way and it's been a team effort for sure. Additionally, I laughed out loud when Seto asked if Mokuba was going to be late for school and Mokuba said he already was. I thought to myself, "Yeah, Mokuba cares about his brother, but he also definitely wanted to plan it that way so he was late for school." XD At least that was the angle I was thinking about it from! Just two sweet boys, those two brothers. I also love that Mokuba was thinking it over and over how he just couldn't see Tea and Yugi and Kisara all in on some evil plan to get the Blue Eyes. Such a smart lad!

The last thing I'll mention is that I liked the Mai scene. I didn't think I would (since I'm such a brother fluff gal) but I really did. I agree with the point you made in your author's note which is that Mai and Joey do have an interesting romantic dynamic. And it does make for an interesting subplot for sure! I also just really liked the interactions between Kisara and Mai, especially how Kisara was too innocent to really understand what Mai was doing there and her true intentions until after she left. All in all and as ALWAYS, such a great chapter and story. You know I love every second of it!

HiKari Mokuba's Guardian chapter 30 . 4/20/2022
So... I didn't realize the last time I had written a review was August. And now that I think about it, I think I wrote it the last time I was on vacation at the beach. Where does the time go?! It feels like everything has changed since then but, after reading this chapter, I do remember why I stopped where I did last time during my last burst of reviews. I couldn't bear the pain of them hating each other! :'(

Sad feelings aside, this was such a great chapter! That intro scene where Kisara was taking a bath... oh my gosh. The detail and description was so good! I felt like I was right there, sitting in that tub, replaying those very same mistakes and feeling that same pit in my stomach. I really felt for Kisara. She's a well-intentioned girl and Seto really did say some mean things about her. It really got me upset and it was just fabulous writing, as always! Although I had a hard time believing Kisara at the very end of the chapter when she said she didn't feel anything eating the chocolate ice cream with Tea. It doesn't matter how upset I get, ice cream always makes me feel better. :D

And those Kaiba brothers... a short scene but a sweet scene. I loved the detail in that scene too! I know I say this every time and in every chapter but man, do you have a gift. You really make me feel like I'm right there, sitting with those same feelings as the characters. I can't help but feel sorry for Seto. I know it's a misunderstanding and he'll eventually figure it out but of course his go-to reaction is to push people away! The poor guy doesn't know anything else. :(

Hopefully better days are ahead for those two! Loved every part, as always.

Flopi216 chapter 36 . 10/21/2021
I love this chapter, and I hope you can update soon. Greetings!
itxprincessxlala chapter 36 . 10/13/2021
Welcome back! I was so worried you abandoned this story! This chapter hit all the feels. I’m so glad Kisara is joining for the party and Mokuba’s plan finally coming into place. Can’t wait for the next one!
angiembabe chapter 36 . 10/12/2021
Great to see you posting another great chapter!
I wonder if Pegasus knows about the slab Bakura was unpacking, or if he's up to something dastardly behind Pegasus's back? No doubt he plans to do something terrible.
Good on Mokuba for being sneaky, but I think it's much needed.
I don't know what your original draft for the last part was, but I like what you have actually published. The boys all seem to be pretty hopeless, so I think it's up to the girls to get their men! Not just Anzu and Kisara with Yugi and Seto, but Mai and Jonouchi!
kingdomspds chapter 36 . 10/10/2021
I'm extremely glad this story is still being worked on.
Impatient fan XD chapter 35 . 9/30/2021
Please update!
HiKari Mokuba's Guardian chapter 29 . 8/29/2021
I'm so honored that I get to leave the 150th review on this incredible story! And it looks like my memory was right and this was the infamous chapter with the misunderstanding. Poor Seto! Poor Kisara! Poor Yugi, I guess, but we don't care too much about him, now do we? Hahaha :P Regardless of how difficult it was to see such a great thing come to an end (for now, in their minds, at least), this chapter was masterfully written. You said in your author's notes that this chapter took a while to write and publish but that makes perfect sense considering the very tactful set up. Every piece of dialogue and description had to be plotted out so that some sentences were within ear shot of Seto and some weren't as to add to the confusion. It was really, really well done and I continue to be impressed every time I think about it. Really phenomenal work, even if you did just break all of our hearts, including Seto's and Kisara's... I'm sure they will find their way back to one another but wowzers, we all have to just sit with that hurt until then. :'(

And that's the other great part to this chapter which was the way you describe the hurt they were both feeling. Both were unique to their experiences - one being Seto feeling fooled and part of a ruse and Kisara hearing Seto say horrible things about her while he was misunderstanding a situation - and it was just so flipping good! Seto's pain especially was masterfully done... here's a guy who rarely allows himself to feel pain, so to feel duped like this is incredibly painful and you really captured that. This was really a fantastic chapter even if it broke my heart in very many pieces! It's hard to see how Seto and Kisara recover from this but I know you've got great plans in store for them and this story in general. ;)

Loved it!

HiKari Mokuba's Guardian chapter 28 . 8/19/2021
Okay, first of all, the namesake of the story comes from a BAKURA SCENE?! Lol, I just keep going back to YGOTAS and the "Who's Bakura?" line. I'm just kidding, I know who Bakura is and I know he's going to be playing a very critical role in messing things up for everyone in the story. :P Bakura just makes me laugh because of how he is and how little anyone cares about him but he's great for Ancient Egyptian plotlines for sure. I do like how dastardly you're making Pegasus in this and how he's playing the role of puppet master with Bakura and Yugi. It makes me wonder what's in it for him because I don't think that has been outright stated yet, though I may have missed it since so many other important things are going on...

LIKE SETO BEING IN LOVE! Oh boy, the chapter we've all been waiting for. ;) Although I'm nervous to read the next chapter because I think I remember what happens and I'm a little scared. I wish you could use emojis in reviews because I would be filling this review to the brim with them about the Kaiba Brothers in this chapter. I saw in the author's note that you love writing Mokuba and I can see how much you enjoy it and I like how mischievous you make him in this story. Very on brand for the younger Kaiba! And I love how long it takes Seto to come to the realization about Kisara and his statement before he walks out the door. "Those aren't good enough!" Yes Seto, you tell Mokuba what's up! Still, I am so nervous to read the next one because I hope it's not what I think it is but it might be. Either way, this was grand. The exchange between Seto and Mokuba was so amusing. You write the brothers so well!

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