Reviews for Right Where I Want to Be
pipelynn chapter 21 . 2h
i REALLY love this bella this chapter. her concern for the waiter is sweet and i felt so bad
Team Marylou chapter 22 . 13h
Cannot wait to see what Mr. Mergers & Acquisitions thinks about the idea too!

Thanks xoxo
cbmorefie chapter 22 . 14h
Bella and Rose are freaking hilarious together!
DarkBitterSea chapter 22 . 16h
I'm looking forward to the grand exit. *rubs hands evily*
SassYNoleS chapter 22 . 17h
"You were going on and on about your platinum cunt; the poor boy is lucky to be alive."


I choked on my cuppa !

Cannot wait for their grand exit ;)
Mlh4ads chapter 22 . 17h
Can't wait, I'm sure Edward will be happy
Mom23xx chapter 22 . 17h
I am dying!
TheUnderStudy chapter 22 . 18h
Well he can merge and acquisition me any day of the week! I love this idea of Bella's studio. I always wanted to attend those classes. And this grand exit? Oh man! I can only imagine. Jake is in fucking trouble!
Browneyes1970 chapter 22 . 18h
Omg if you could see me right now. I'm chanelling Rose right now. Hehehehe. Great chapter
AnakinSmom chapter 22 . 20h
If it involves Jake being humiliated in the process I'm all for it!
debslmac chapter 22 . 21h

jansails chapter 22 . 21h
Smart idea, given Jake is putting more pressure on Bella & Rosalie.
smook chapter 22 . 21h
So excited for the GRAND EXIT!
Rita01tx chapter 22 . 22h
Well, that answers the question of just what kind of dancin' Bella and Rose would be teachin'! Lots of happy hubbys on the horizon LOL! Can't wait to see the look on Jake's face!
grandmachix chapter 22 . 23h
Edward might be amenable to the job since she is willing to ask for his help. A good move on her part.
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