Reviews for The Glass Serpent and the Dark Horse
Eimana chapter 40 . 9/21
noooo, you can't leave us with such a cliffhanger xD Can't wait to read more! You've done a marvelous job writing yhtis story!
Gooberdee chapter 40 . 9/19
PLEASE OH PLEASE tell me you'll be updating this very soon :) it took me 2 days to read all you have now and i absolutely LOOOVVVEEEE IT!
Katznowlz chapter 40 . 8/26
I just found this and I absolutely love it. Read all 40 chapter in a few hours, I just couldn’t stop reading. I hope to see an update soon.
holyscythe chapter 1 . 8/24
can you please make more chapters i love this story and i relly want to read more, i have read this story 3 times and it feels better and better for every read.
i am an old fan i found this story mars 2018 and really am hopping for a uppdate.
have a nice day.
Looking out there chapter 40 . 8/24
Any updated planned? Love this story!
Insanities.Epistemologist chapter 40 . 8/11
Wow! what can I say? This is like the third time I've reread this and finally managed to come up with omg next chapter please! and something similar.

I love daddy Riddle even with his crippling fear of women, though I cant imagine he'll have a problem tearing strips off Ritas hide when he figures out the connection of what you've set up.

You have a pretty solid writing style that I do quite enjoy, though at places it looks like you rushed your typing and your space bar once or twice. Your ideas are solid and fluid, which is a pleasure to read.

I look forward to reading the next chapter!
supernaturalreader21 chapter 40 . 7/30
Please update soon
Twitch101 chapter 40 . 7/11
Interesting story. I look forward top seeing where this goes!
EurasianLynx chapter 40 . 7/8
I just sped read this in 2 days and I have only 2 words for you.



10/10 would read again (probably will ngl) I love this thing to pieces and FUCK am I looking forward to the Howler. I had all but 0 care for the Riddle family but all of a sudden I love them to pieces and goddamn Dumbledore has no idea what's coming.

He made the mistake of messing with a dragon's clutch.
magibear chapter 1 . 6/29
It's spelt bealtaine. It's a common misspell for people who don't know geailge,so don't worry about it.I just an very precise about my home language. Good story so o far it's a bit fast tho. Tom seems very trusting and occ for a typical slytherin?. Brilliant story by the way.I think it's funny how meek Harry seems to Tom incontrast to his snarky behaviour to draco
Jesseka89 chapter 40 . 6/23
This is, by far, one of the best stories I’ve read! I love Tom Edward riddle, love snapes reaction to him, love harry, love junior, all characters a soo good!, I read all 40 chapters in a day. Please continue!
sakura tsukiyomi lefey chapter 40 . 6/22
it's amazing i'll be waiting for the next chapter
pangpangmoji chapter 40 . 6/22
Really this is the one of my most favoriute story!
I love Riddle family to the core. As such, Tom sr. did a wonderful job to be father. It's great that Tom jr. knows love and pround of his so thought 'plebian' name Tom. He's so cute. I can't wait to read more chapters. Please update.
Deliaflaminvaldez chapter 21 . 6/20
How do you beat a giant squid with a baguette? And how in the world did I feel normal about this?! Like this is an everyday occurance for the Harry Potter fandom xD
CloudZzFluffyBedsOfWhite chapter 40 . 6/16
OMG please please please! update this soon you can't just end it there! I NEED to see Dumbledore's and Hogwart's population reaction to the howler!
Dramatics aside, I love the story! Especially the portrayal of Tom Riddle Sr. No one else (that I've read) ever really showed the repercussions Merope's action had on him before, he was always just the scumbag that left the pregnant witch and doomed Tom to the not so tender mercies of Wools. To see him overcome his trauma and moving heaven and earth for his son makes this story so special.
Also he thing with the crazy ancestor and dragon blood was inventive. Now it's obvious where Voldie got his drive from and it wasn't from the notorious House of Ambition... Really with both the bloodlines of Salazar and Kieran culminating in Tom the WW has no chance at all, not with Papadragon Sr waiting in the wings
At first I wasn't sure about the mix up of HP-Era chars into Tom Riddle time but now I'm loving it, you just made it fit somehow and the Tom Sr and Snape interactions are pure gold, I'm looking forward to see how that develops as well.
Waiting anxiously for the arrival of that Howler, a hooked fan.
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