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Hecseferblade chapter 5 . 11m
I’m on chapter 5 and I wanted to take the time to praise you for bringing the unsaid problems that occurs between civilians and huntsmen. The show dosent point it out but we all subconsciously consider it

It’s true huntsmen are romanticized but humans (and faunus) tend to stay away from what’s different in relation to “normal” it would make sense that they start to fear what would happen if they get in a fight with hunters and the potential backlash that isn’t fully considered if a hunter/huntress ends up in a fight in a populated area where it’s only civilians like when yang talked about the bar fight
The Hero named Villan chapter 21 . 2h
Plot twist, the same gang that stole the sword also stole the trophy, how u ask , simple rick was being rick and gave them a spare portal gun.

Bonus: coure and jaune team up to get thier stuff back.
Reaper4425 chapter 21 . 4h
Hey I hope you get your trophy back! And another great chapter.
V01dSw0rd chapter 21 . 6h
I thought Nora was petite, And wouldn't really have much movement - if you know what I mean...
PasiveNox chapter 21 . 17h
ha loved this
quijibo7609 chapter 4 . 18h
So a gang smart enough to bribe Junior's men but unable to recognise the twins? That seems odd... unless the twins are walking into a trap?

Good on Russel. Kind of hope to see more CRDL, and you seem to be angling for it. Jaune's complimantary minion sitting service has to be boon for your single, on-the-go, and over worked criminal masterminds.

Love Captain Dragon. Not really relevant here but thought I'd mention it. You do the rogue's gallery justice. Love Captain Dragon.

So... Adam? Will you have Jaune befriend Adam? You can do it Couer. I believe in you. Then you could tackle the impossible... Raven becomes friends with Jaune... Now I want Yang to walk in on Raven enjoying coffee at Jaune's.
TenchiSolutionsForAll chapter 21 . 20h
I heart Neo, that adorable little psychopath. It's almost a shame this is a Pyrrha/Jaune (please?) story, because I love the thought of Neo beating the crap out of some bunch of schmucks then running to Jaune with some big eyed woobiness for ice cream sundaes.
TheDemonicSaint chapter 21 . 23h
To every teenager boy reading this; please note that a girl being friendly is in fact NOT an indication she want’s to sleep with you.
Tamatoa chapter 21 . 23h
I know I've said it before, but I just love the Twins. Everytime I think somebody is going to finally take the crown from them, they always say or do something hilarious that keeps them from being replaced. Roman and Neo are pretty funny as well, and Cinder's getting up there, but the Twins easily have the most straight-up comedy gold.

So it's a race now between Pyrrha or Nora, huh? Unless you have some wicked curve balls planned coming our way, which given your other stories I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you had. I'm not sure how to feel about that triangle. On the one hand I've always kind of liked Arkos, yes I know it's bland as shit and was pretty much doomed to tragedy from the very beginning (thanks a lot Monty Oum), but there was always something about their relationship that I really liked. When it worked it really worked.

On the other hand we have Nora. One of my favorite characters in the show. And who as far as I know has never been paired with Jaune in any of your other stories before. So this could be a first (either way now that I think about it considering I don't think he's ever been with Pyrrha either). Come to think of it, Nora and Jaune as a couple is pretty limited in general around the FanFiction community which is pretty damn strange. I guess people really love the idea of Ren and Nora. To each their own.

Russel kind of came off as a bit of a inconsiderate dick in this chapter, granted I can kind of see where he's coming from. Pyrrha has the opportunity to help Jaune but either can't or won't because she's afraid of the personal repercussions that could affect her. Selfish? Maybe. But I can understand why somebody who's been viewed as an object for so long might be hesitant to reveal her true identity to somebody who doesn't know who she really is. I can see both sides of the argument.

Russel has no idea what Pyrrha has gone through and probably still is going through every single day. Ironically the only person who might truly be able to understand her is Weiss who has a similar curse with fame. Which probably makes the fact that Weiss has come so far that more frustrating to Pyrrha because she sees that Weiss has managed to make true friends with her team and other people in general while she has been unable to. Maybe she should've taken Weiss' offer of being on the same team when she had the chance.

Speaking of Weiss, I love how much character development she's been getting lately. The fact that she's willing to use her influence to help save Jaune's diner is just heartwarming. I love how she's reluctant to go back to singing but is willing to do so if it means helping her friends. You've come a long way from that rich bitch on the first day at Beacon Weiss congratulations, you've earned it.

Side Note: What's your views on Pollination? Without Enabler? Do you like it? If so I would seriously recommend checking out OmegaInfinity's story Linked in Life and Love. It's the first Pollination story I've read that actually makes sense and one of the best RWBY stories I've ever had the pleasure of reading.
Guest chapter 21 . 5/23
You sadistic bastard! How dare you try and force me to choose between Pyrrha and Nora. That's like trying to choose which arm I'd like removed.
Guest chapter 21 . 5/23
Protect Neo?
Oh. THAT was great.
gordhanx chapter 21 . 5/23
Seems, that there's been a grave betrayal in this chapter. Yang went, to the Café Prime OPENING! How could she?! Ignoring the horrible traitor within the shop, it was cool hearing about the upcoming Vytal festival, and the possibility of Jaune taking advantage of increased amount of people and marketing. It would be cool, to see Jaune have mini expansion of his shop. It was also cool to hear, that we might see the return of Weiss' singing. Hopefully that'll be able, to ring in a few bucks. On the other side of things, we finally get to some Jaune, hanging out with Nora and Ren! It's been a while, since we've seen the three of them together :D . It was a really sweet seeing the three of them again, with Jaune's newfound crush on Nora being straight up adorable XD .…if a little sudden. I don't know, but he didn't seems to be that interested in her, last time they saw each other. Still, it gave us a good moment to see, where he stands in regards to everyone. We can knock out the Malachites in terms of potential love interests, as well as Ruby (disappointing, but understandable) and the rest of RWBY. And pretty much Pyrrha, since he doesn't even think about her during that bit. Man, that's going to be hard, when she eventually finds out. Speaking of Pyrrha, Russel tries guilt trip her into finally coming out, and use her status to help the cafe. While this would normally, have him come across as a dick, you can understand where he's coming from. He does care for Jaune, likes working for him and doesn't want, to see his place go out of business. So, the fact that Pyrrha flipping Nikos, is there and could help boost sales, but doesn't for rather selfish reasons, is all the more frustrating and annoying for him. I do feel bad for Pyrrha, but at the same time, I loved the flaws and weaknesses you've given her. They're very believable and not that easily fixed. Hopefully, she'll eventually come through and help out. Back over with Jaune, the villains arrive for their nightly meeting. After another incredibly cute hen mother moment from Neo, they settle down for business. Whilst letting her lackeys Em and Mercury, to help Jaune control his Aura. It was cool, seeing him actually learn how to use it…even if it's from less than friendly people. Still, it was great seeing Aura training, how it feels to use it and the different teaching methods, the two of them use. Emerald being more patient and informative, while Mercury's straight to the point and brutal. Thankfully, Mommy Neo manages to knock Merc down, before he gets a hit in, and Jaune manages to control his Aura from the experience. Plus, it did lead to an absolutely hilarious scene XD . And with that over, we end with Roman still looking for the Sword…and the Malachites doing, a bit investigating of their own. A bit of a dirty, yet clever investigating. Oh man, I feel bad for those poor souls… This was a great chapter. A great mix of humour, development and sadness, to make it fun. Good job.
kyugan chapter 21 . 5/23
To be fair he'd have better luck with Nora than Weiss. Sure she and Ren are an 'item' but at least she wouldn't break his heart like weiss did. Seriously, double standards much, SNOW ANGEL?

Also, you'd think given the sum total of Huntresses being Hot(ter than the sun in the middle of July), the local scumbags would be more cautious approaching anything dressed like a runway model.

Guess Darwin winds again.
LordLoverDuck chapter 21 . 5/23
Nice chapter, those guys are so dead
noobsaleh chapter 21 . 5/23
Chapter 21 Review:

I hate this trope in when someone is so dense, but then to make things worse their friends just watch him or her flounder about without helping.

I’m glad you’re giving Pyrrha some actual flaws and development, even if her reasons are kinda dumb.

One thing I love about Coeur fics is how even side characters like the twins get some love in some of them.
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