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Dismayed chapter 36 . 8/25
I am dismayed that this very good story, so close to the end, has not been updated in five years.

Therefore, I shall give the ending. Harry's instructors and honorary uncles share their magic with Harry. Janet and Katrina are trained. Harry is adopted by Steve and Janet. Snape dies valiantly helping to take down Moldyshorts. All live happily ever after.
destroyerofzombies1 chapter 36 . 8/23
this is so awesome i cant wait till you update it keep up good work
Guest chapter 33 . 8/23
The wizards and witches... Granger Weasleys Sirius Dumbledore etc. are horrid... they're talking of tracking charms, getting Harry back when he's clearly in no trouble and reluctant to return... like locking up a weapon before it's time to use it. Love the Wrights, love Harry, dislike the 'friends family teachers and puppet master'. Prison wardens more like.
bookworm661 chapter 36 . 8/20
This is a fascinating story. I enjoyed the fact Harry was able to hide in plain sight just by hiding his scar, wearing contacts, and getting a haircut. Is that all people really see him as? Please continue the story; I want to know what happens to Janet and the girls. As well as Voldemort's reaction to the change in custody. Will Severus be in trouble for not knowing this? Or will Lucius because he didn't get a hold of Harry? What becomes of the Dursleys?
B0nk3rs chapter 36 . 8/17
I love this
DaveC chapter 14 . 8/15
They are not bills they are notes in UK
Tribblelet chapter 36 . 8/15
I am so honored to be able to read your fiction. I rarely take the time to review, however, I have logged in just to let know know how special your imagination is. You have done a lovely job with the characters and plot. I didn't find myself searching for points, nor did I feel as if things were going pear shaped. Keep up the good work even if it is not finishing this fiction.
Dave Cochrane chapter 8 . 8/14
It's a pavement in UK not a sidewalk,you guy's always think US , there is proberly more so I'll finish this later.
sucinquee chapter 36 . 8/12
hi. i just found your story and it's really great. very original and interesting. i especially like that it stays realistic(some fanfics i stopped reading because they invented more and more complex magic,creatures,worlds and so on until i just lost track of any story/plot).
my favorite part is probably the way you manage to portray all the different characters and their reasoning and thoughts. it is perfectly understandable why harry acts how he does, even though dumbledore and the others cant find him and what harry does , doesnot seem to be logical or understandable to them.
aditionally your writing and switching of viewpoints/people/locations is really a professional level even i think. oh and of course i am especially happy that you've managed such a positive story without bashing anyone. (i have read many fanfics that bash people. but you have stayed realistic without resorting to blaming someone and just smashing them. must be a lot more difficult by how rare it seems in harry potter fanfictions.)
i apologize for spelling and other mistakes. between my small phone screen and english not beeing my first language its not been my first concerndo ask if something if its not understandable though.
oh and i.d really likento read morge from youand thanks for the great readi ll probably read it again lots of times;)
sonofthehills chapter 36 . 8/9
I really like this. An independent but not perfect Harry, an original approach to why Harry's magic strength is so variable (the folder's sucking him dry), and adults in Harry's life that trust him on some levels but not others, and aren't in the habit of carefully distinguishing or explaining the difference. Quite fine.
grayceg chapter 36 . 8/8
This was an excellent story! I wish you had finished it!
ArcticWolf1996 chapter 36 . 8/2
Great book!
Guest chapter 36 . 8/2
I really like this story. I like stories that show a different twist than the books. You've made Harry's insecurities sound very real. Growing up as he did will leave a mark on someone.

I hope you finish this sometime. I'd like to see Harry and Kitty at Hogwarts.
PotterVengerLock chapter 36 . 7/22
I hope I'm not the only one who caught the Shakespeare reference?
PotterVengerLock chapter 23 . 7/20
So a snidget is a bird? I thought it was short for snitch midget or somthing like that.
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