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mumphie chapter 36 . 7/1
I REALLY love this story. Yes, as you stated, it started out a tad slowly, but it gained quickly. It has been a long time, since you updated. Nearly eight years. I know that real life gets in the way, and the muse can be hard to grasp, but could you consider coming back? This is brilliant!
Guest chapter 36 . 7/1
Hi there,
know what?
This is the most brilliant fanfic I've read so far (and I've read a whole lot of them).
Thank you so much for sharing.
bethb1973 chapter 36 . 6/30
OH MY GOSH, AMAZING STORY AND AUTHOR! I am very sad this is the end of it though!

ZeroQi chapter 34 . 6/24
Fuck me, this was 100% for sure turning into the best story I had ever read on this website.

8 years too late, but I had to say it in case you were still reading or something.

Such a shame. Just like all the other greats, no one on this website can finish a story. What's the point of even starting the damn things?
Ztk016 chapter 36 . 6/4
AriMarshmellow chapter 36 . 5/10
Soooo any chance that ur gonna update again? Always makes me so sad when the best fanfics had their last update YEARS ago T_T way to crush my hopes! Anyways, your writing style is GREAT! I loved reading the fanfic (in one day mind u!) aaaaand i hope you will continue it in the future!
iartemis chapter 36 . 5/9
*teary eyed* nice.
iartemishunter chapter 22 . 5/9
oh my god, that last part was absolutely absurd. i haven't laughed that hard in ages.
AlexisR1978 chapter 36 . 5/7
I absolutely adore this story, I’ve read it at least a half dozen times and I wish you’d continue! Very glad it wasn’t really a cliffhanger ending.
Guest chapter 36 . 5/2
This has been my third time reading this story and I enjoyed it just as much as the previous times. I love the unique solution you came up with for the "Harry Runs Away" trope as most people have him head to Gringotts and have most his problems solved by goblin bureaucracy. The Wright's are a fun family and I wish more families were as loving as they are. While I'm sure the story isn't finished, having the folder provide a way for others to add their magic to the protection is still satisfying. Thanks so much for writing this!
gingkahagane chapter 12 . 4/30
great gnr reference
conjac chapter 14 . 4/28
I like that the story hangs on the miscommunication between what an ordinary person would think was a dire emergency and what Harry Potter would consider a dire emergency. It creates this sort of crack-fic vibe without heightening any of the cracky elements of canon. It just plays with the idea that if you take the idea of a kid that was raised in a boot cupboard under the stairs and who killed a basilisk with a sword when he was 12 seriously you have to also take this surreal set of circumstances equally seriously because it's all still completely in character for the characters in the original work. Moving away to Australia without notifying Harry sounds like the sort of thing that Petunia would do. Getting a job and supporting himself because he doesn't consider being left on the street an emergency sounds like something Harry would do. It's a farce, but it's played straight. It's serious but amusing. You won't laugh out loud, but you'll grin the whole time you're reading it. I really enjoyed the tone of this piece.

Well, I really enjoyed the tone of the piece up until chapter 15, where it suddenly makes a right turn into a family fic but also doesn't change style or tone to reflect that change. The part where Harry adopts a family is so weird. It's not a heartwarming farce, it's just a farce that occasionally tries to be heartwarming. The author tried to do too many things at once, and instead of writing an excellent silly story and a decent family fic, tried to mash the genres up into one story and didn't quite manage.
borde.gwendoline chapter 1 . 4/23
Please continue this is a great story
BlueMoon007 chapter 36 . 4/13
This is a wonderful story. I do hope you decide to pick it up again. It would be a shame to leave this unfinished, its so close to being done.
LocoBriar chapter 36 . 4/1
Nooooo! It can’t end there! D: cliffhanger and no indication of it being continued! *extreme sad face*
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