Reviews for Realizations
jasnrob chapter 36 . 4/12
Enjoyed your story and OC characters.
Amanda Pall chapter 35 . 4/9
I know it's been a long time since you updated this story. I was kind of hoping to interest you in it again. This is the second time I have read it and I was totally absorbed in it just as I was the first time. I would LOVE you to finish it!
crankypants16 chapter 36 . 4/8
great story!
sarahsezlove chapter 34 . 3/29
So good to read this again, even though it was never finished.
SeaSeraph chapter 36 . 3/29
This is an awesome story! An a horrible cliffhanger, considering how long it's been since the story was last updated. Thanks for sharing your story with us though, and I hope that you consider finishing it some day :).
Niknakkitkat chapter 36 . 3/17
Good fic! Damn good!
Sunshine-Midnight123 chapter 36 . 3/15
I've been totally emeresed into this for days! Well done!
csheila chapter 29 . 3/14
Love the story; especially the Harry you created and the OCs. It's just hard too see Dumbledore as a good person.

But you write so well I would love to see other work.

Thanks for sharing this work with us
debo chapter 36 . 3/7
This really is a good story. I hope you continue it.
Guest chapter 36 . 2/13
Please continue this story. I really like it
Books85 chapter 36 . 2/9
A lovely resolution to the question "How does an untrained witch and her magical daughters support the magical protections on Harry Potter without the blood connections which were previously supporting the same." A bit legalistic, but reasonable in an unreasonable world.

Thank you. I have enjoyed your story.
Books85 chapter 35 . 2/8
Hurrah! The story does appear to be mostly resolved, after all. I had suspected that Harry's folder would appear in Mrs Figg's enchanted box. (Wonder if it's made from cardboard or sapient pearwood?)

I can't help but think that Sirius could be a good partner in taking care of Harry, and not simply in his Grimm form. Maybe that is what you have planned in the next chapter. You know what would be cool? An epilogue: a look back on the arc of the life of Harry Potter and his muggle guardians, The Wrights, before and after Harry defeated the Dark Lord Voldiepants. Just kidding! (sort of)
Oh, yes, nearly forgot. Thank you for writing and sharing this lovely story.
fireball900 chapter 22 . 2/8
I find that suggestion if Snape's absolutely hilarious: that didn't occur to me when Harry originally wrote that sentence!
Books85 chapter 26 . 2/8
Harry's folder could easily select the Wrights as Harry' new guardians, couldn't it? And here I was thinking that Tom was a cinch for the post and the Wrights were a diversion from the plot.

I look forward to seeing how you proceed.

Thank you for sharing.
Books85 chapter 17 . 2/8
I like the idea of Harry writing the introduction to muggleborns. As fond as I am of Hermione, she would put too much detail in, and discourage the new students rather than encouraging them.

This really is well written; it is a shame for it to be incomplete. Sometimes writers who have 'lost the creative spark' of inspiration for a story will write a somewhat perfunctory, but acceptable wrapping up of the story. I believe that this is not a disservice to the story when you consider the alternative.

Thank you for writing what you have.
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