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Anaxandra chapter 16 . 7/20/2003
Hey there! Sorry for the delay in reviewing the last two chapters! Life's been kinda hectic lately even though it's summer. Anyway, I am loving this story more and more as you update. You are an awesome writer! I really like this idea mainly because it is so unique. Most people write about the summer between fourth and fifth year as Harry being abused and that got kinda old (though I still am loving Never Alone, Never Again by Bored Beyond Belief). But, I am really enjoying the fact of Harry spending time at the Leaky Cauldron. You are doing a great job characterizing Tom especially since he's not a real common character in the books. I have only question, will the Dursleys ever come back from Australia in this story? Or do we ever not see them again? I don't like the Dursleys at all, but I was just wondering. I'd like to see what Padfoot, Remus, and all the others would do to the Dursleys if they came back. Well, enough babbling! I think I made up for not reviewing lately, right? I hope to see another chapter soon!
Lady FoxFire chapter 16 . 7/20/2003
Is Sirius going to turn Harry over his lap and paddle him for disappearing like that? I sure as hell would!
Illucia chapter 16 . 7/20/2003
Ah, I just had the most horrible idea.

Harry deciding to go (maybe because of a vision) privet drive at the attack night and he would be found in such a simple and boring way.

How much magic does one have to have to be invited to a magic school? Is it possible that is just a little more than a squib, well between neville and a squib. Just that she havent have enough to be invited.. or in any other area than divination.

Its good that people actually notice the work Harry has done (the cleaning etc.) And I do read the replays to the reviews. It usually clears things a lot. Like what to expect and especially how the writer has ment some things to be looked at and even what the characters have been thinking!

Ive always wondered how an earth pettigrew made friends with them and how the hell he became an animagus. totally unexplainable. and by the way, I WAS happily suprised to found a new chapter. (those stupid nt -things tend to forget while writing in a hurry. making phrases sound totally rude) *whacks head in Dobby style*
anon63 chapter 16 . 7/20/2003
Love it, i'm so glad ff is back up and i can read this again *smiles blissfully* I'm glad you created the Wrights, theyre a sweet family, they can almost be adoptive parents to Harry/Jim, lol. I'm supposing it was Harry Remus was smelling? Well, great chap, keep it up!
MORE Kerii chapter 15 . 7/17/2003
Update! Update! Update!

Why have you not Updated! Its been so long!
Atrixo chapter 15 . 7/16/2003
Oh why haven't you updated yet? This story is too good to be left un-updated for so long! I love this fic!
bfergu01 chapter 15 . 7/16/2003
You are going to do more with this, right?
Timber1 chapter 15 . 7/15/2003
Hey! This is a great story, but I do have some questions about it. This is one of my favorite stories (You should read neutral's work), but I'm a perfectionist and I hope you don't mind me nitpicking. This could get confusing because I'm going to bouce around, but you don't have to answer a question if you don't want to...

1) Wouldn't Arabella have noticed the Dursley-Harry relationship at other times than just when he first came to the Dursleys? Greif only lasts so long? Petunia may not have given her much time, but unless Harry had a set of clothing for company...

2) How many chapters until Harry is caught? Is he going to be in the next chapter? Even if Harry was able to leave before Lupin came, you said he could smell Harry by scent. Moony should be able to smell Harry even in a fairly crowded place, right?

3) Brown contacts? From what I've read, eye color is the biggest difference from James. Wouldn't that make people who knew James suspicous?

4) Why is Dumbledore so confident? "A good 90-95% percent of the time I'm always right" scene works, but I'd apprieciate a small explination.

5) If the Dursleys have been gone since the beginning of summer, wouldn't the phone be cut off sooner? Or would Hermiony not call because of the Dursleys?

6) Any story recommendations?

That's all I have time to ask, but I'm looking forward to the 2 chappies you will owe by the weekened.


Keep Writing!
kateydidnt chapter 15 . 7/15/2003
Sorry it took me such a long time to review! *please* tell me that the Wrights are not the ones moving to number 4. . . no I suppose not since they have already moved in and Arabella says number 4 is still vacant-but it would be quite a good plot twist, not that you need any advice from me.. . eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
Konnie chapter 15 . 7/15/2003
More More! I love it! So when are they going to meet the the harry! And is harry going to become an animagis
Jan-AQ chapter 15 . 7/14/2003
Oh my! o.O This is such a wonderful story! Marvelous! I can't wait to read more! :) just write what you want to! I like it as an AU... :)
cameron chapter 15 . 7/14/2003
Absolutely wonderful chapter, and story overall! This is one of the few stories which I read and look for regularly. I am in total agreement about the book OOtP. As an earlier reviewer said, I too had to remind myself that this was the actual book and not fanfiction. JKR's plot leaves much to be desired; indeed, Harry seems very OOC in OOtP, at least to me, with his outbursts of anger, etc. But, in any case, we'll see where she goes with it. I think I heard her say in an interview that she was writing the book through writer's block... in any case, it certainly seems obvious to me.

Enough about JKR though, this is a review for Realizations! I have immensely enjoyed this story since you've had the first few chapters up. Your characterization of the adults and Harry seems right on the mark, better than JKR's. I think one of the things that JKR has failed horribly in is the lack of recognition, still, of Harry as someone other than "the Boy Who Lived." When the adults are discussing the abusive household that Harry has lived in, he is looked upon as not Harry Potter, the idol of the WW, but "just Harry," the child who is just as much in need of help and care as anybody else. JKR seems to just expect Harry to "suck it up" and not have any outstanding issues that require resolution with an adult, a premise with which I am not in agreement. This is one of the best, if not the best, fanfiction that I have read that deals with the issues that have faced Harry from his life at the Dursley's.

This story is similiar to "A Harry Situation" by Jelsemium. That would be a good read if you had the time-it deals with much of the same situation, and your writing styles seem scarily similar (at least to me). In any case, I look forward to reading more of this story-I cannot praise it enough.
Didaskaleinophobia chapter 15 . 7/14/2003
Loved it. Are the other three going to see him? Update this magnificently wonderful story soon.
Nova42 chapter 15 . 7/13/2003
KAT: I really really loved your story

TIAH: as did I

Wildfire: and me. I also liked it

KAT: I...erm...we can't wait for the next chapter. please hurry. cliffys are very evil

TIAH: *takes out super soaker 20* die cliffys die!

WF&KAT: *baks away slowly* right

KAT: that was a very bad place to end the chap considering everyones been waiting for the moment when the order notices Harry is not w/ the those stupid muggle have them notice soon if they don't in the next chap or soon after I'm going to have 2 very disgruntal counter parts on my hand.

Wildfire: I don't know what r talking bout I have very what ever that P word is

KAT&TIAH: uh-huh

KAT: anywho

TIAH: anyhow

Wildfire: anywhen

TIAH: anyplace

Wildfire: anytime

KAT: *shifty eyes* don't talk no one told u to talk

WF&TIAH: we can talk whenever and how ever we... *falls to the ground*

KAT: *holding the almighty stick of doom* you see what I have to put up w/ please hurry. I will be looking forward to ur next chap till then lovs
Lirenel chapter 15 . 7/13/2003
Hm. Good chapter. Is Dumbledore ever gonna find out where Harry is? Please update soon!
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