Reviews for R A V A G E
xNostalgiac chapter 4 . 2/3
I always find my way back to this story, been reading it for YEARS. I want to finally catch up on SAVAGE, but I needed to come back for a reread of the story that started it all 3
kitkat422 chapter 43 . 4/14/2022
Wow I read this in few days and I have got to say definitely amazing! Loved it!
chellekathrynnn chapter 13 . 4/13/2022
I’m currently re-reading this. Phew! Even the Siri translate got me hot and bothered with that Spanish, god damn!
Nimk-chan chapter 43 . 4/2/2022
this story is a masterpiece from the start to the end.
I binged it in three days like there was no tomorrow
You have me impressed, your story truly stand appart with the way you presented the plot, fantastic by the wayy
ughobi chapter 13 . 5/24/2021
as a native of the language, I'm shooketh. like, literally, i had to stop reading, process it and then let out three hundred sighs and internal screams. i panicked. also very probably blushed.

small tip, in next chapter (theory), when they're about to start tutoring, translation had a very small detail. correct would bePrometo no dejar que mis emociones saquen lo mejor de mí esta vez".
thelilspud chapter 12 . 5/2/2021
Absolutely cackling to myself reading this chapter! Loving this!
Wolfiemeow chapter 34 . 3/30/2021
U amazing writer (sos 4 bad grammar but it takes longer to type like this)
Wolfiemeow chapter 30 . 3/30/2021
They do allow emojis they just don’t show them
Wolfiemeow chapter 12 . 3/30/2021
Tyler intelligence range of a teaspoon
Wolfiemeow chapter 11 . 3/30/2021
get your snacks ready people! We’re being hauled in for the long run!
Wolfiemeow chapter 6 . 3/30/2021
WTH! Is uncle Waylon a vampire? Or knows about them? So many questions!
Wolfiemeow chapter 5 . 3/30/2021
Wolfiemeow chapter 4 . 3/30/2021
I hate Mike newton! He’s just so stuck up and pushy , always trying to get in the way of relationships!
BeeTawon chapter 43 . 2/23/2021
This is setting up for some serious juicy revenge and I am LOVING IT. This was the most amazing slow burn author- amazing work.
KoreanMusicFan chapter 17 . 2/3/2021
I thought she was wearing leggings not jeans?
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