Reviews for Saiyan Effect
TSFreedom chapter 20 . 5/18
Great chapter .
victorpantamedina chapter 20 . 5/17
¡gracias por el capítulo!
PasiveNox chapter 20 . 5/16
Great chapter
tinman543 chapter 2 . 5/15
there is no way in hell they could cover up all that happened in dbz. that is bullshit
dlowe2651 chapter 20 . 5/15
fucking awesome update again soon
Bucio chapter 20 . 5/15
That's interesting, seeing that even the secret leaders of the Dalastrass against the Saiyans, left her alone to her fate, after she raged about how things were not going in her favor and the Saiyans wronged her for obvious reasons, and the Asari and Turians for not supporting their allies (I wonder if that attitude of hers was her own or implanted by her Masters)

In addition to seeing Vegeta prepare for the attack against those leaders of the Salarians (those against the Saiyans), mentioning the targets that are going to prioritize their captures, due to the information they possess (such as the Dalatrass and a certain mysterious orb in her office; as well as others with tactical information from the STG), in addition to prioritizing the Salarians who are secret in the world of the Krogans, a task that Vegeta decides to be carried out by Wrex to test his training under Gohan.

And as for Goku, I admit that part seems like a jab at his usual attitude towards his opponents, prioritizing strength more than the level of danger and the consequences of it (all the lives massacred by Frieza in his deaths and returns to dominate everything) ; apart from even seeing the North Kaioh in the plan to ship Caulifla with Goku, who also appears to help them against Sleet (and take care of her future Hubby and father of her children, of course, that's if she manages to convince him), by the way, as for Frieza's grandnephew, will he also have access to the most powerful form of his race? - Black Frieza -

By the way, I don't remember if they mention it here too, but what about the DBS version of Broly? Will he eventually show up? (or his descendants)

Good luck and keep it up
ShadowCub chapter 20 . 5/15
Goku can really be a empty headed nut sometimes.
Rankin de Merthyr chapter 20 . 5/15
Goku? Miscalculated? Bro, I don't think Goku even knows the concept of math, let alone knowing he's bad at it LMAO.
Kalstorm99 chapter 20 . 5/15
interesting chapter.
Speed Reader chapter 20 . 5/15
Great chapter, appreciated Goku being reminded that mercy isn't always the right decision when dealing with megalomaniacs.
heartfanglives chapter 20 . 5/15
Always fun to see idiots despair. Also good for Fiji’s family for sitting him down for an intervention. Can’t wait for the next one
myafroatemydog chapter 20 . 5/15
Wasn’t the glowing ball in the first game? That was a leviathan?
myafroatemydog chapter 20 . 5/15
Great chap
N1cok chapter 20 . 5/15
Enjoyed the chapter.
Monster King chapter 20 . 5/15
Awesome work please continue the story your doing amazing work
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