Reviews for Desperate Measures
hermitcrabandproud chapter 31 . 4h
OH MY GOD I don't how I'm supposed to recover from that...
AnnabethLawliet chapter 31 . 6h
gandalf.nho chapter 31 . 7h
Damm to hell, both Dumbledore and Fudge
priestessedgecombe chapter 31 . 9h
That is so sad. Now who is going to take care of Harry?
333 chapter 31 . 9h
This chapter was intense, what an amazing story. Keep it up!
Mila Pink chapter 31 . 10h
OMG! It was so sad. An now what will be happend?
TwistingHope chapter 31 . 13h
wiccagirl-2005 chapter 31 . 14h
O please tell me that Black is not dead because that would really suck if he is. So want more so as always keep it coming
bootstring chapter 31 . 15h
Fudge is an absolute creep. And poor Harry...

I was really not expecting that.
Rachel-Macca96 chapter 31 . 17h
Great I'm crying now. I did not expect this to happen. You've just shattered my heart and soul. This is so sad, just when I think maybe Harry will finally have a bit of happiness it gets taken away just like that. Poor Harry, he's suffered so much. Don't know how he ill cope with this, if he was ready to take his life before he's gonna want to even more now after losing yet another loved one. Having your hopes risen, being promised a better life all to have that shattered right in front of you. How is anyone meant to cope with that. Now I'm sad. Need to go watch some anime as therapy.
Guest chapter 31 . 17h
Great chapter! I wonder if things will stay as they are or if they’ll use a time turner.
potimarron chapter 31 . 17h
I cried... Keep going it's so good !
phoenix-rob chapter 31 . 17h
I hope Fudge burns in hell and Harry sends Dumb-as-a-door there too.
Amazingly powerful chapter
lovian chapter 31 . 18h
I'm literally crying right now, it's like losing Sirius all over again after OotP. And what's going to happen to Harry? He'd already beaten his depression and now he's probably blaming himself... This is just too much. But now more than ever he needs Snape to step up! I guess we can't expect much happiness the next couple chapters but I really hope that Harry will eventually find some comfort and maybe a family in Severus
InArduisFidelis-RAMC chapter 31 . 19h
Well. I knew the plan wouldn't go perfectly but that I was not expecting. Poor harry :(
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