Reviews for Growin' up Guardian
Belle chapter 38 . 6/22
Dude! I came back to this after literal YEARS and it’s just as good as I remember! All the new chapters I hadn’t read yet were like brain candy! My favorite chapter was 38. It’s so sad when pets die because they’re not being properly taken care of, so I was happy to see Peter make a good decision, even if he is dumb AF. Kraglin and Peter fighting was sad, but it’s canon accurate, so whajagonnado I guess. Still, fun going’s around, and I hope you have the inspiration to keep this up!
Dawn248 chapter 1 . 4/29
I just found your story. Thank you so much. You did an amazing job. I really enjoyed watching Peter grow up.
GuidingHand chapter 30 . 3/20
I really like Kraglin's backstory.
marilee1024 chapter 38 . 2/21
Hi Molli3, I know you wrote this series sometime ago but I just found it and LOVED every chapter. Even re-read them. I absolutely loved how you portrayed a completely different and very realistic side of Yondu. I know this took a lot of work but I will always wish there was more. Please put me on your list should you ever put out more work based on Yondu. Thank you Molli3
GuidingHand chapter 28 . 1/29
Lol. My husband babysat our nieces and nephews. One of the nephews had a habit of peeing on the seat instead of lifting it, so my husband came out of the bathroom with the kid's toothbrush in hand and said, "This is your toothbrush, right?”Our nephew said, "Yeah, why?" "I just wanted to make sure I cleaned the toilet seat with the right one." enough for you yelled wait and went and cleaned the toilet himself and never again peed on the seat. You do a great job of representing the characters. It's fun to read.
Guest chapter 11 . 1/27
Hi! I'm a big fan of your fanfic, and as much as you haven't updated it in a few years, I hope you read this :D
Could you write a chapter where Peter is a child or teenager and ask Yondu about his father? Please, I was thinking about it and now I really wanted to read something like that️️
GuidingHand chapter 25 . 1/1
You managed to make car maintenance, uh, ship maintenance interesting, or at least the character interactions surrounding it. Typo... while Kraglin his clippers from his top dresser draw... Should be... while Kraglin took his clippers from his top dresser drawer
GuidingHand chapter 19 . 12/28/2020
Good interactions between Star Lord and Kreglin. Typo... but they were having fun with is...Instead of with it
GuidingHand chapter 17 . 12/28/2020
Great battle!
GuidingHand chapter 9 . 12/21/2020
Great heist scene!
GuidingHand chapter 8 . 12/21/2020
Well deserved and we'll delivered
GuidingHand chapter 7 . 12/21/2020
It reminds me of a South Park episode where all the adults are trying all these weird solutions for when one of the kids has the flu and the kids are like what the hell are you doing? Give him some 7 Up and Campbell's chicken noodle soup and he'll be fine. Good chapter.
GuidingHand chapter 6 . 12/21/2020
I like it. The Captain gave him a lesson on when not to use the blaster (great line about not using it when you're feelings are hurt) then gave it back so that he'd still have protection and with the threat that if the lesson wasn't learned he wouldn't have it back. Perfect.
GuidingHand chapter 5 . 12/21/2020
Kraglin's reaction to the tooth loss was great.
GuidingHand chapter 4 . 12/21/2020
Yondu handled it well.
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