Reviews for Homecoming
swu chapter 1 . 2/10
ehehehe, ehehehe, heh.

awwww i loved this so much 3

there arent many same age aus for this pairing, for this timeline either. i hope you do some more fics to expand on this verse, if not on kakasaku specifically, because i wanna see how it all shapes out. did contents in sakuras letter to rin help her heal kushina? how did obito end up getting away from madara? did obito, like, save rin from getting impaled or something? im so curious!

butterfly effect is so powerful and intriguing.

does this mean tsunade visits konoha if only to see her 2nd apprentice? awwwe, that would be so sweet.

i think kakashi would deny his feelings because its his best friend, less, "everyone i ever loved is dead". when he realises sakura is actually a young woman, ohohohoo.

and the icha icha series? does he still read it? man what if he did and sakura finds out.

this was incredibly cute 3

(man kakashi pushes her to be the best, and she decides to train w gai because he is like, the best at taijutsu. ohh sakura interacting w everyone, interacting w kurenai, w kushina! this verse's sasuke! itachi! the stubborn kouhai in kakashi's team!)
zainab7256 chapter 1 . 8/12/2017
good job