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Daimon Agafo chapter 38 . 5/18
"Pxiebob! Manual!" - mistake.
Kayen1024 chapter 42 . 5/18
Great chapter, this was a relaxing change of pace, from the usual suspense filled content.
Guest chapter 42 . 5/16
Love the running gag of Shirou being weirded out by invisibility.
fan chapter 42 . 5/16
one of the best fanfiction but i think you should reveal ubw soon
Axccel chapter 20 . 5/17
Don't wounds caused by Gae Bolg not naturally heal?
MiaMorn chapter 42 . 5/14
Great read
KorevainsoLightshire chapter 42 . 5/14
Finally finished binge reading this. It's a great story, thanks for writing it! I, myself, am perfectly happy with scenes even without Shirou in it so I'm more than fine with more than one action chapter.
There is only one thing I gotta question throughout this entire story, why does it feel like Shirou has unlimited Magical Energy? (I don't know the specifics of what it'd really be called.) I mean, I get you mentioned double his past, but it still feels like way more. Not that I'm really complaining, the fight scenes and everything are still really interesting. The way I've been picturing it, just for little more sense, is he's been burning nerves left and right for the extra boosts before healing them when he finally gets rest.

Great story overall, I look forward to future chapters.
Maglad chapter 41 . 5/11
I forgot to ask in the previous review: Did I skip some chapters at some point? Where does Archer's arrival into this world happen? It's been referenced that he saved Endeavour's daughter from some mountain thing, but I can't find it.

Please someone explain it to me. Thanks in advance.
Maglad chapter 42 . 5/11
I just spent a few days reading through the entire fic, and I have to say its a great read. The author had some weird quirks here and there (no pun intended) such as using 'the Emiya' when talking about Shirou, but fixed it later.

The funny thing is, it seemed weird until I thought 'maybe he's a native spanish speaker like me?' since over here, we often referred to people as 'the [insert last name here]' when talking about them. And yeah, I don't see that happen in English, so since the author stopped, I'm going to assume somebody brought it up already.

Anyway, absolutely a fic worth reading. Some odd misuses of words here and there, but I suspect its because of the aforementioned language barrier? *shrugs* To answer the author's question about whether or not he should write shorter/less fight scenes. In my opinion, YES. But that's not so much because I don't care about the other characters, and more because since it takes so long for each chapter to come out, that having 2 chapters dedicated to a single event, or much worse yet, a single fight, its downright painful. So yeah, I would definitively prefer if the author just did Shirou's fight scenes and just mentioned the other fights going on or even just mentioned that they happened after the deed is done. I mean... this fic got started in 2017 and we're already on 2022 and not very far into the story, are we? I think that yeah, the fight scenes could do with some trimming.

Don't get me wrong, if this fic came out bi-weekly, it'd be okay, and I'd encourage it to stay the same, but it doesn't, does it? I'm reminded of the Unlimited Blade Works Abridged in youtube, releasing one chapter every 10 months. Its 26 chapters plus an OVA? Let's see... 260 months would be 12 years. I highly doubt anyone is willing to invest that much time on it, so they really should start cutting stuff and/or speeding up. By the same token, we have over 350 manga chapters of My Hero Academia already? Is the author willing to spend his whole life doing this? Because at this pace, it feels like he or she is going to burn out, get bored, and drop the fic long before then, so yeah, I'd highly advise to start skipping non-VITAL fight scenes, or at least cutting them down to one or two paragraphs each.

Again, don't get me wrong, I am loving it, but I suspect that's only because I read through 5 years worth of chapters in 3 days. I am sure that at this pace, it will be torture from now on. I wouldn't be surprised if more than one person has asked 'are we still on Namek?' along the way.

Besides, I'd personally love to see more character development and interaction instead of those fight scenes. A part of it may be that Japanese names are pretty hard to remember to those of us not used to them, so hearing [unpronounceable Name] does X feels completely alienating because I can't for the life of me remember whom we are talking about, and so its not 'character X does Y' its 'cardboard cutout does X, who cares?'.

It would probably be fine if those characters were brought up a lot more, like Yaoyorozu. She's already the main heroine because she's the only girl who's name I really remember. *shrugs shamelessly*

I like the looks of Ashido, I think she's adorable, but she's hardly even been mentioned, for example... and that's all the girls I remember. Yaoyorozu because she got lots of screentime (and I'm still waiting for Shirou to talk with her about the molecular structure of weaponry, plus reinforcing her stuff), and Ashido because I like that she helped her classmates despite being afraid (courage is not the absence of fear, that's stupidity and recklessness. Courage is overcoming fear when needed.), and because she looks adorable. I really hope the author will end up giving her a better name than pink girl as her hero name. Hell, maybe even Bubblegum Queen would fit?

Speaking of hero names, I realize I'm years late to this party, but Sword is really plain, if incredibly Shirou-like as a choice. Why not have his classmates come up with one? Armory, Arsenal, Kensei (a Japanese honorary title given to a warrior of legendary skill in swordsmanship. The literal translation of kensei is "sword saint"), Truestrike, or Silver Bullet (a metaphor for a simple, seemingly magical solution to a difficult problem. For example: If mankind ever created a vaccinec for all diseases that could be taken at birth in the form of a perfectly safe skin patch band aid, that would be a 'Silver Bullet'.).

Classmate: "He's always there for us, he's our class' Silver Bullet"
Reporter: "I see!"

Also, I like that Shirou finally internalized that there's no Magus Association in this world so he opened to Yu, but I feel like he should open to his classmates soon, as well. Probably not that much, but some.

Oh, and I'm surprised he hasn't told the copycat guy (again, those names are super hard to remember) 'Don't copy Midoriya's quirk. Or mine. You saw him tear himself apart when learning to use it, and I had both burst muscles and broken bones while learning to use mine." which wouldn't be a lie because he did hurt himself badly when learning his reinforcement. Hell, he doesn't needs to say it as a lie, he may be genuinely worried about what'll happen if the guy succeeds in copying it and pops his own heart or something.

Speaking of Shirou and his classmates, how hasn't he began cooking fat/oil rich foods for Yaoyorozu yet? Those are what the body transforms into lipids, so those are what she needs. (Also, I'm surprised Yaoyorozu isn't flat as a board since breasts are mostly fat, also known as lipids.). Well, I guess cooking a purposefully greasy meal could be an aberration for Shirou, but in this one case, it's literally what she needs. I'm actually surprised she manages to stay alive with her quirk consuming the lipids in her body. Forget about the breasts issue, the human body needs those fats (also known as lipids) to store energy in! If she's out of lipids, she shouldn't 'just run out of fuel for her quirk', she should down right drop down dead because her heart shouldn't have anything to use as fuel anymore! Hell, the fact she's able to move at all is already uncanny. Damn authors not really thinking things through... *mumbles* Heck, the brain uses like 40% of a normal human's daily energy, I'm surprised she doesn't gets dumb as a brick along the way to unconsciousness and flat-chest land.

So yeah, that should be a rather huge worry for Shirou, since he knows/cares/loves healthy and tasty food.

And now to my questions:

Will Yu end up moving into the dorm after Shirou's isolation ends? It seems really convenient for helping his classmates.

Will Shirou start cooking for Yaoyorozu?

Will Avenger fuck with Shirou's mind by pulling a BBEG speech at some point? Preferably on camera while he has him beaten and grabbed by the head, for dramatic effect. Something like "It was I who burnt your town. It was I who burnt your family, your memories, and your feelings until there was nothing left. The man that adopted you gave you a dream, so I killed him too. Now, I destroyed the public's trust in you and your beloved future as a hero. Hell, your mom's career was just collateral. We may not be blood related, Emiya Shirou, but I made you, we are most definitively family." Would be a classical BBEG thing to do, and since it was on camera it'll clear Shirou's reputation along the way. *shrugs*

I'm a fan of Invincible, and that's what happened int he comics, though not the tv series. Omniman's speech was broadcasted live, along with Mark choosing Earth over his dad.


Anyway, since Shirou has been orphaned three times already, will Yu get heroically killed any time soon?

And that's all. I hope to read from you soon!
Just a fan chapter 42 . 5/8
This chapter was fire like always, pls don't Cut down the final exam, ir would be kinda boring/weird only having Shirou Moments and taking the rest moments of the fic
Ancientgu150 chapter 42 . 5/7
Great chapter and good to see you.

I say go ahead and use more chapters for the exams. I'd be interested in seeing what the others do or how their strategies might have changed from canon.

The bit with Aoyama firing his quirk through his finger was pretty awesome. Third rate magus he may be, but he is still at least a little bit of a magus it seems XD. Rin would probably have a field day investigating these people.
aAaer chapter 42 . 5/5
How many girls swooned over Shirou pole vaulting over the ice?
Vanessa Masters chapter 42 . 5/6
Oh bo, stain...

David and his daughter? Hmmmm.

Lol poor kirishima.


OH wow, he's got that stuff in him!?


Eyes, both angry and surprised, turned to him.

"... What I'm saying is that, if given enough time and effort, even a copy can become something greater," Shirou explained. "You hear it often in regards to some sports. A promising newcomer comes around admiring the champions around them and copies them, and through their efforts, become a champion themselves. While it might be hard to say how Monoma can become a hero without relying on copied quirks, it remains a fact that he can still become one if he tries. The only question is about the amount of effort he needs to put in. From where I stand, he's putting more than enough."

Monoma simply blinked.

"Those are some manly words!" Tetsutetsu howled. "You're right! If you put enough effort in, anything is possible!"

Well, that's a simplified way of looking at what I said, but let's go with it.

Bakugo frowned but huffed as he looked away. "... Nice and pretty words, but that doesn't change anything. That leech needs to do something more than steal someone else's effort. He can't do anything alone, then what's he supposed to do when he is alone?"

"You don't think I know that?" Monoma snorted. "I'm not an idiot. This quirk of mine… I can't get stronger on my own. I can't be anything more than someone who waits for others to get stronger…"

"What did I expect from a leech," Bakugo rolled his eyes. "If you're that pathetic, then why don't you–?"

"But!" He raised his voice momentarily. "I can at least help those around me get stronger. If they grow, then that will be my growth. If their strength is the only thing I can copy, then I'll make it so that their strength topples everyone around them. I can't be the main character, but at the very least, I can be someone who supports the stage they stand on."

He narrowed his eyes at Bakugo.

"Their strength will be my effort because I've put effort into raising that strength," Monoma declared. "Unlike you, I'll never be alone."

Shirou blinked.

That's… actually admirable… ignoring the implied barb at the end there.

Shirou originally thought that they were alike because of their ability to copy, be it quirks or the experience behind weaponry, but that was where the similarities ended he supposed. Whereas Shirou copied the skills of those long since passed, Monoma could not, and thus, needed the living to be as strong as they could.

That sort of philosophy of bettering others around him so that he could be better… was equally as altruistic as it was selfish.


Very good words Monoma

Bakugo is bastard, I'll never like him to be blunt.
Midsunris chapter 42 . 5/6
I am happy for your return and we all look forward to the next chapter (and for me, Shirou vs Yoroi Musha) but I recommend calmly eh, we do not want to see you dead to bring us a chapter.

In plus, I'm just asking. But reading the old chapters and particularly in chapter 20 Shirou tells Deku that the name of the Beast is Angra Mainyu, but has this never been brought up until now?

Is it Midoriya who has simply forgotten or do you have other ideas about it?
Bleedndreamz chapter 1 . 5/5
Not gonna lie, I am kinda waiting for Gilgamesh to show up. As much as he may have issues with Shirou, and as cruel as he can be. I think he would unironically stand up against villains in this world, more than willing to proclaim himself as mankind's first hero. But I guess I can talk more about that later.

I want to give some criticism because I actually love this story, and I just want to give a little bit of advice when it comes to storytelling, and the concepts of narrowing the scope on a story.

This chapter is fine and all, particularly when you consider that this is all fanfiction and not made by professional writers. Fanfiction is usually a bunch of cool ideas put to paper. However when you look at it from a position of story narrative, a chapter like this would really never get made in a normal story in this particular fashion.

The reason being is it is highlighting pretty much every young character in MHA's cast, but doing so all at once. And then the protagonist having a influence on every single character in that regard. The problem is that in foreseeable future, its so unlikely that you're going to focus on every single one of these characters, and a lot of this attention in this chapter is going to be essentially wasted filler even if its an idea that feels cool on paper to write down.

An easy way to describe this is if JK Rowling decided to have Harry talk to and address every single student in the DA individually, and all of their flaws that Harry decided to help shore up. Doesn't matter if they were in Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff. There's no way in the story she would ever be able to focus on a couple dozen characters moving forward without completely losing track of the plot.

This chapter, while fun to read from a fanfiction perspective, should really have been a cursory statement at the start of:

"And that is when class with Shirou was in session."

And then go directly to a post-session set of segments where Shirou and other individuals talk and continue to move plot threads in meaningful ways.

-This could have been Bakugo, Midoriya, and Todoroki having a conversation about how frustrating it is fighting Shirou. And Todoroki mentioning his father is looking into Shirou. And then those characters questioning why? Maybe they go to the coffeeshop to drop off the key from the last chapter, and Bakugo the suspicious/perceptive one of the group finds Archer suspicious - perhaps even calling out his appearance, or even attacking the man.

-This could have been Shirou talking to Momo, and her expressing her frustrations trying to help students, and feeling inadequate. Maybe they are watching over two separate groups of students at the time, and Shirou's seem to be performing better. Instead of highlighting the larger cast of characters that ultimately wont be focused on in a major way in most stories, Shirou talks directly with Momo and their relationship moves a bit forward/grows. It could have been as simple as an Into The Spiderverse "Don't try to teach them like me, teach them like you."

-The Kirishima beast blood conversation could have been longer, and we actually get to see others react to his condition rather than just being told about it. (Show don't tell.)

-Perhaps a segment where Shirou walks away to go get his notes, and its there that he encounters the Shield family.

-And presumably the Aoyama conversation which is probably trying to get a leg up on his obvious future(No spoilers, but anyone can wiki it).

-A conversation in post with Class A and B members about how they are going to move forward, and maybe clearing up bad blood between them or whatever.

And then in doing these things you would have actually moved the narrative forward in meaningful ways without having this chapter ultimately feel very long but also very empty. This will be a bit hyperbolic but the chapter could sort of be summed up as "The characters train, but they do not grow as characters."

And I think lastly most of all is that Shirou as the protagonist should also be growing as a character. However day after day of training doesn't really do anything for his personal growth. I think you need to figure out where you want Shirou to go as a character and then narrow in the scope of your chapters to support the narrative and less so on things that ultimately wont help move the story forward. It's like trying to focus on the ins and outs of Jabba the Hutt's criminal empire on tattooine during Episodes 4/5/6 when all of the main characters are trying to complete the rebellion on a galactic spanning empire. Is the information cool? Sure. Does it help move the story forward, and keeps it concise? Not at all.

Contrasting this to Fate Stay Night or Fate Zero, any plotline for as convoluted as that lore can get: We as the reader always know that every step taken by every character involved in every line of narrative is moving toward one thing They want the Holy Grail, and they'll do almost anything to get it.

Part of the reason why I joked at the beginning of this review regarding the arrival of Gilgamesh is that Shirou being as strong as he is needs a foil or some ideological tension to promote his growth. Below I will leave using Gilgamesh as a simple example of this, but this character can be replaced by anyone good or evil force in the world willing to test Shirou's resolve and ideals in meaningful ways.

Gilgamesh shows up as a "Hero" that executes a villain in broad daylight, but at the same time saves countless civilians in the process. This is the type of ideological battle that the story/Shirou ultimately needs. Here is Gilgamesh essentially subscribing to Kiritsugu's ideology 110%, kill 1 save a thousand. Something that Shirou or Archer probably don't inherently disagree with. And yet in the world of MHA, Gilgamesh would be branded a villain and people would be calling for his arrest because heroes don't kill. Gilgamesh effectively being the Punisher in a world where all of the heroes aspire to be Superman.

The multifaceted tension brought about by:

Shirou and Gilgamesh being antagonists to one another.

Shirou agrees with Gilgamesh's decision to save lives by killing a villain.

Shirou acknowledges that Gilgamesh could have stopped the villain without killing him, but didn't care to bother to try to do that.

The world of MHA criticizing Gilgamesh as a hero in spite of the fact that innocents would have died otherwise.
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