Reviews for Hermione Granger, Demonologist
nikhil.majumdar chapter 11 . 11/12
Still an amazing story we all hope might be fully expanded someday, but that epilogue alone is really satisfying!
Dobby-chan5 chapter 11 . 10/22
That was such a fun read. Loved it!
Mark chapter 11 . 10/21
Thank you for your story.

Interesting ideas and well written.

By the end of year 1 I could not decide if Hermione was still innocent even though some actions were ruthless; however the epilogue makes it clear that she was eventually corrupted, even to the extent of murder.

Up to this point I had not been able to determine which way you would write her.

Your reasoning that most people eat meat which requires killing animals means that deliberate 'sacrificial killing' is hardly any different is interesting. In my opinion it is also wrong - it is the purpose/intent behind the actions that makes an important difference. Still, it makes for plausible story reasoning.

Zaphodette Beeblebrox chapter 11 . 9/4
I just finished this story and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. I appreciate that is was well-researched as well, my google search history must look a bit odd right now as I spent a good portion of it looking up the various demons referenced, :) I do wish that you had carried it for the full seven years, but understand your reasoning why not, and do appreciate the epilogue which is a lot more satisfying than a incomplete story. Thanks for taking the time to write this.
imnotahorcrux chapter 11 . 9/1
oohh. So the remainder years were summarized. Fair enough. I'd rather have this than an uncompleted one.
Thank you for your fic! I really enjoyed it. I hope to read more of this, if only to live through a summoner's eyes.


That sound somewhat cringy... but yea. y'know what I mean.
imnotahorcrux chapter 8 . 9/1
Amazing. Is she just gonna be in first year in this fic? It seems like it. I hope you continue on with it... though I suppose it'll be different with all the demons... that or maybe 11 chaps would suffice.
imnotahorcrux chapter 5 . 9/1
I must say, I would love to read more about the demons, especially with their relationship with Hermione. I mean, they're demons... They're likely using Hermione or is just fond of her or just found her amusing for a human.

And Paimon sees her as an useful ally since she's not the ordinary demonologist. She doesn't have greed like he says.

Oh how I wish this is a lengthy fic. I've read something similar to this before, but it's a HP/Supernatural crossover. It's a fic series. Confectionery series I think? not sure anymore, but the title of the fic is Lollies and Loki... or is it Loki and Lollies (?)
Anyways, that one was lengthy. Really long that she's not even finishing her 1st year yet. But I got to read her interactions with Loki (an angel turned god)

It's just a fic, but I'm really feeling nostalgic right now... More so since I gave it up. For good reason of course. I'm pathetically weak willed, but atleast I'm aware.
imnotahorcrux chapter 2 . 9/1
oh would you look at that... apparently she read and FINISHED The Lesser Key of Solomon. Kudos for her lol
imnotahorcrux chapter 1 . 9/1
... This is exactly what I was like when I started to get interested in demonology and witchcraft. Sadly (or maybe not? I realized I'm faint hearted so maybe not) I don't know any covens and where to even start. I tried to read The Lesser Key of Solomon for demonology, and I can't even finish the first book (Ars Goetia)

I figured I'll be fucked if I pushed myself more so I stopped it all together. My notes and materials are still here in my room tho. I can't seem to throw it away, and that kinda scared me a little cause I don't want anything to do with it, yet I still kept the notes and materials.

I'm curious to how Hermione will handle it, I'm so glad it's complete.
martian2001 chapter 11 . 9/1
Fantastic story, love the personalities of the demons! Will definitely read some more stories.
LittleRed18 chapter 6 . 8/20
I'm reading your stor for the first time. it's really good so far you the way! I don't usually review stories but I just read this line where Millicent says she has a black cat named Nox and had too. because I have a dark tortoise shell cat who I named Noxx! in all the years I've been reading on ff Noone has ever named a dark cat nox. Anyway super cool, me and my beautiful Fluffy girl approve.
Wentley chapter 11 . 8/16
This was an awesome, and really fun read. I was sad to see that it was just first year, but the epilogue was much appreciated. Thanks for writing.
RhetoricTurns chapter 11 . 8/4
I just binged the entire story! Amazing! I truly loved it
Aria DeLoncray chapter 11 . 7/27
Great story!
BlackStarMage chapter 11 . 7/26
ahh, really wish you had written all this out, this was a fantastic story. Good job.
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