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dragoncaller45 chapter 27 . 10h
...perfect. ill miss Merc. but still, I knew a death would be coming. so, perfect.
TheHatter1 chapter 27 . 9/20
That moment when you binge the entire story in a day and regret not savoring it across a week instead.

Also I'm guessing Yang had Mark's name legally changed by Vincent at some point just to spite him.
JCDash323 chapter 27 . 9/14
I just binged the hell out of this story, and holy hell, I did not expect it to be as good as it was. The concept was frankly absurd when I first started to read it. But after I finally started to catch up with it, I was extremely impressed! The fact that this was exclusively from Yang's perspective (with a few exceptions) was also a nice change of pace, because if you haven't noticed, you seem to have some huge fancy for a certain blonde-haired dorky knight. This story was an excellent read! Can't wait to see what's in store for the next story!
Puncore chapter 27 . 9/13
Welp I liked this story!

I rate it above The Entertainer, Stress Relief, In the Kingdom's Service, and Forged Destiny.

While being somewhere on the level of White Sheep, The Beacon Civil War and One Good Turn Deserves Another.

But just shy of the high bar set by Not this Time, Fate or Professor Arc.

Comparison of power levels aside *cough* 9,001 *cough* the story starts off with melodrama, an while I normally think it's a turn off and deserves a eye roll. This one turned out to be a good one since it actually establishes the main character and her goal without putting all the focus on her emotional hang ups.

Though some people would like to complain about how her teammates were out of character in the beginning. I can't help but praise the way the author went about driving the conflict between them because of this, since it was written in a believable way based on their original personalities. Each member not telling the truth because they thought it be better for her in the long run but ultimately having it backfire on them gives them a lesson to grow upon in the future.

An really whats out of character for Ruby who is always trying to help somebody, even if she thinks a lie or two could help someone by lessening their burden. An what about Weiss? The thinker of the group who probably came to the conclusion that things might be easier this way once Yang had time to recover. Though I will put my foot down and say that Blake was hundred percent in character for this fic. Since this story is taking place after the events of volume 3, and Yang being framed for hurting Mercury was a event that had taken. Then that means the scene where Blake is a unrepentant a-hole when Yang says she didn't attack him after the match happened.
Nuff said.

An meanwhile as the story progresses with the team's drama going on the background we get to hangout with probably the most likable side characters out of the stories the author has written, the villains. Or should I say heroes now?
Either way they were a trip to watch as they went through this roller coaster of a series. My favorite being Torchwick, Lisa and Mark because I kept imagining a scene playing out from The Room. Where Torchwick goes up the the roof of the station.
Saying, "I did not hit her, it's not true, it's bullshit, I did not hit her, I did nnooot... Oh hi Mark!"

Makes me laugh every time, including every time I think of a councilor looking at the news reports and starts shouting out, "YOUR TEARING ME APART LISA!"

*wiping a tear of joy from my eye* Oh man, but still pretty good story would recommend.
WatchesTheVoid chapter 27 . 9/12
Loved this story, was a little iffy at the start. Some of team ruby's behavior was out of character but damn as a hole this story is one that I have now binge read twice.

looking forward to the next story, saw the possible ones on your profile and have to say I am hoping for Null. Seems like it would be a bit darker than normal for you but it is an interesting shift in perspective. Most stories have semblance use and aura as important if not key elements, I would be interested in seeing a more mortal RWBY.
Shella Bruce chapter 1 . 9/12
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Archer0 chapter 21 . 9/12
Thanks for that Coeur now I have to replay Xcom...IRONMAN FOR THE HORROR and he feels...
Ari-Dexel13 chapter 27 . 9/11
I now realize the irony of the ending of the most terrisom based story causing the skip of a post on 9/11
alstar101 chapter 27 . 9/11
For whatever reason, ever since the release of this chapter (chapter 27) I have not been able to read it.
Archer0 chapter 17 . 9/11
Wondering if its who I think it is that Cinder was thinking of when she died...didn't think her sentimental but hmmm
authorofthefall chapter 27 . 9/9

The most enjoyable read of all the Coeur-fics out there IMO.
TheDevilInTheDetail chapter 25 . 9/8
A compelling story where Yang's the hero, Emerald's the villain, and Mercury saves the day. What...?
I love this fic, honestly.
TheDevilInTheDetail chapter 24 . 9/7
Vincent Saint-Sinclair... VSS... I feel so fooled xD
Simply Christian chapter 27 . 9/6
Well done on the completion of “Captain Dragon,” your first RWBY fanfic that does not feature Jaune as the main character.

I admit, I was initially turned off at the beginning of the story because of how incredibly out of character RWB was acting towards Yang. The way they lied to Yang and ostracized her was forced and contrived and a case of them acting out of character just so the plot could move forward.
Not to mention the fact that a person who had just lost their arm has no business being put on the front lines so quickly after their injury.

However, once Yang was in VSPR, things improved. It was interesting reading about an original plotline for a post-Battle of Beacon setting, especially one with Pyrrha surviving and taking on the mantle of the Fall Maiden. The Fang virus was well done and reminded me of the Night Howler toxin in “Zootopia.”

I liked how Yang began to appreciate from the police’s side of things criminal activity in Vale, particularly how it struck her how much collateral damage RWBY’s fight with Roman in his mech caused on the freeway. It was also gratifying to see Yang call Blake out on her attitude that the police are useless and that she’s the “only one” who can do anything to stop the White Fang.

I really didn’t like how Yang lied to Weiss about what happened while she was under the influence of the Fang virus. Lying here was not an act of kindness; it was cowardice. Yang didn’t want to see Weiss hit with the truth, and so went with the more comfortable lie, not unlike what Ruby, Weiss, and Blake did to her at the beginning of the story.
But on the plus side, the incident at the bank did lead to Yang and Weiss reconciling.

Yang’s first meeting with Council was well done. It was a good portrayal of a typically short-tempered girl doing her best to be professional and courteous, and actually succeeding for a bit. Unfortunately, her inexperience with self-serving politicians frays her temper to the point where she calls them out on their attitude. Fortunately, she got backup in the form of Ozpin and Ironwood.

Your portrayal of Emerald is one of the creepiest things you have ever written, and it really was nightmare-inducing at how destructive she could be on her own.

The inclusion of the VSS was a welcome surprise, and I was glad to have them here without a Rat to screw things up.

I also applaud how you were able to develop Mercury’s character from Cinder’s thug to a guy willing to give his life just so he could do something right for someone he worked for, and his final, comforting words to Emerald were touching.

And that one nameless cop in the final battle, the one who held his ground against a horde of Fang-infected people to protect the civilians behind him, who would have given his life if Ruby and Co. hadn’t come along? He deserves whatever the Vale equivalent of the Medal of Honor is.

It was hilarious and awesome to see Lisa Lavendar become part of VSPR, and how she went from mild-mannered reporter to terrifying bringer of death in the climax. And that’s not even going into how hilarious it was to see her lament at how “fragile” criminals are in the epilogue.

I am mildly disappointed we never learned Mark’s real name. While it’s funny as an Unreveal, I would have loved to have Mark casually mention his real name, and everyone go, “Yeah, we’re still going to call you Mark.”

So while “Captain Dragon” is not on the same level as “Forged Destiny,” “Service With a Smile,” or “Relic From the Future,” it was an enjoyable read.
Mahaad chapter 1 . 9/5
Huh. This story got me about as hype as watching Goku v. Beerus in the movie. Or One Punch Man. I'm sad to see Cap go, but happy to watch her leave. Good job!

Looking forward to your next update!
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