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noobsaleh chapter 22 . 5h
Chapter 22 Review:

Adam’s power level keeps changing between Coeur fics. Oh well, at least it’s more consistent than canon.

I hope Yang’s arm is made out of...Adamantium.
FranticHamster chapter 22 . 8h
Adam just committed suicide. He can't win against them if he gives up reason and tactics for brute force and blind rage. Qrow will cut him to pieces in no time when he is on the fang.
Fantasy OH YEA chapter 22 . 9h
I love this as always and I knew it was a paladin and I’m pretty sure Vincent is VSS, but anyway, I love it as always and I hope you keep up the great work!
Scallywaag chapter 22 . 9h
Hang on, he made a Wizard of Oz joke. Does that exist even with Ozpin and Glenda Goodwitch? I know RWBY referenced it but what?

Loved the chapter btw.
Guest chapter 22 . 10h
Honestly, I believe you could do better with Adam. RT might have made him a complete moron during the last volume, but that stems from bad writing. Adam is strategic and calculative fighter. By injecting himself with Fang virus, he effectively cast aside one of his main strengths. Given his condition, and the fact two more fighter have joined the fray, he effectively signed his death sentence. Even if he thinks he will win, there won't be anyone to bring him back from the madness. It's a lose-lose decision.
Devious Writer chapter 22 . 12h
Adam stronger than Qrow? Hard to swallow, Qrow and equals (Tyrian, Raven) always seemed to be at the top of the chain when it came to huntsman without magic hax. Adam struggled against the robots on the train and depended on Blake's cover to pull off a moonslice, and the simple fact of seeing that Cinder and Emerald beat most of the guards around him got him to join them when he originally refused and hated the idea of working with humans. Though I guess we could explain the second one as him seeing Cinder's fire and recognizing something was up rather than assuming it a semblance due to in-universe knowledge of the difference or something.

Qrow in comparison is wielding the supposedly deadliest type of weapon and one of the few Ozpin entrusted with the secrets surrounding the maidens when he was still in a good position and not desperate like he is now with the RWBY/JNPR gang, and Raven specifically mentions they were chosen for their strength. Cinder, Mercury, and Emerald also chose to leave when Qrow appeared to save Amber rather than fight him nearly 3v1 despite needing Amber incredibly badly. Tyrian, who Qrow is about a match for, was able to assassinate most of the Huntsmen of Mistral.

But ignoring that, great as always!
Jack54311 chapter 22 . 13h
Welp, this isn't good. Glad she was smart enough to bring her new arm. She would've been a real idiot not to. Nice gifts from Vincent lol. I particularly liked the nice little touch where Roman gets to use a paladin.
Orion's Left Arm chapter 22 . 14h
Dang that was epic.

Just realized, if everything ends up going well, the Council’s either going to have a lot of explaining to do, or a heck of a lot to cover up. Explaining why the infamous criminal Roman Torchwick and Co. have a custom-paint job Paladin (again), and a heavy artillery Bullhead (if the third one actually survives the battle) parked out front would be... an experience.

I gotta admit, I have no idea how I even want this story to end. I’d like an official reunification of Team RWBY on principle, but VSPR just has so much potential.
Ultimatrix bearer chapter 22 . 14h
Thanks for posting before my birthday!

Eramis8 chapter 22 . 15h
Oh man, this assault on the White Fang feels like a proper movie action scene. I like that they used mixed tactics here. Having both heavy infantry with the Paladin and the Bullheads for the battle.
Guest chapter 22 . 17h
That reveal with Yang's prosthetic was epic. She's accepted it and that will be a major step in growing and learning from past experiences. Of course, if the VSPR does capture Adam, and they stop the canisters that are about to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting Vale, just what will come next? I can see the council trying to take their success as gracefully as possible, insisting that the VSPR has completed their job and they can all retire from the VPD; Yang gets to go back to Beacon and the ex-cons have earned their freedom. "Thanks. You can go now." That sort of thing. What I wonder though, is what Ozpin will have to say. "If you're interested, I have a new assignment I'd like your team to take on," or something of that ilk.
Hold on, when "[Adam] sheathed his blade and the blade glowed[?]" Was light escaping the sheath or was it the sheath that was glowing?
True to character, Adam has allowed his own rage to be his undoing. He knows he can't win against all of them so he's just going to spitefully take out as many as he can. It's really something to think about, just how far Taurus will go to get back at Blake. Adam's gone hulk; he's roid-ed out; he's entered beast-mode and I. AM. HYPED. Fourteen day timer, set.
Speculation-wise, hmm, Yang might need to make a few calls to her allies; the VSPR is going to be on one heck of a time crunch to stop those canisters from zombifying ("they're not zombies!") Vale.
Bookfisher chapter 22 . 17h
well Yang at least began to use her new arm
quijibo7609 chapter 1 . 17h
Ah! I hope this fic isn't heading to it's ultimate climax, but that is just me enjoying it so much. Hope College Fool is doing well. I miss a Hunter or Something. Be well sir, and thanks for all you do.
Sm0keyPanda chapter 22 . 18h
God damn, you always manage to leave me wanting more!
Logist chapter 22 . 19h
Well, about beating Adam... Like if it is really hard to fight mindless opponent, who is unable to use his arms properly, or use own combat experience and do someething even a bit more complex than rushing for somebody's throat.
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