Reviews for Duplicity
sue1zide chapter 27 . 1h
This story! Here it is, almost 3 am and I can't stop reading this. It's been a while since a story has grabbed my attention like this has.
Good Job!
sue1zide chapter 18 . 4h
Why Bella would be surprised that someone's backstabbing the Cullen's when she's working both sides too?
sue1zide chapter 14 . 5h
About damn time Edward!
sue1zide chapter 11 . 7h
Technically, Kaitlin isn't biologically a Cullen if Jasper was adopted/abducted.
sue1zide chapter 10 . 7h
I can't understand how that pedophile rapist is still among the living.
sue1zide chapter 8 . 8h
When is Jasper going to be taken care of?
sue1zide chapter 4 . 9h
I hope that Jasper gets castrated! I wouldn't have sent him to a hospital.
Bella needs the morning after pill, Pronto!
sue1zide chapter 2 . 9h
Holy shit! Did a 28 yr. old, married Jasper drug her? Bastard!
AgoodWITCH chapter 32 . 9/5
Done! Loved it. Now I'm off to bed.
Sami chapter 32 . 9/4
This story was great, from beginning to end. So much drama, lies and secrets, but Edwards love for Bella is what makes this story! Kudos to you and I hope there will be a sequel, looking forward to it.
clickpic chapter 5 . 9/2
bella's beta chapter 32 . 7/30
What a story! I absolutely loved it
SofeaCullen chapter 3 . 7/14
Hello readers, based on my previous review I apologized for some confusion regarding the rape scene. Our writer " Sunshine1220" kind enough to PM me to apologize for the confusions. I didn't see the warning mentioned in the A/N on the first two chapters since I was reading via the apps. However, if you reading on the website, you can clearly see the warning. So once again I apologize.
SofeaCullen chapter 1 . 7/12
I'm shocked with the rape scene in this. Usually the writer will warn us but I didn't see any warning though.
Godschildtweety chapter 32 . 7/3
Great story
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