Reviews for A Wing and a Prayer
PastOneonta chapter 9 . 9h
Emma's magic is fantastic. She is making things happen, healing Killian, stopping Liam, cleaning the sheets, finding sweatpants for Killian. She should be proud of her capabilities. They had several big scares, landing so close to Walsh's camp, and then flying while Killian was injured. That would be petrifying! They had to get back to the castle, and Killian's strength of will gave him the strength to succeed.

Walsh and the army are at the castle. Can Liam and Merlin stop them? Will Emma have a chance to smack Walsh in the face for his offensive behavior? He needs to be turned into something weak and small because that's what he really is. Maybe Zelena will do it. Liam needs to give Emma a chance. Or he will force Killian to choose.
Ness fan 01 chapter 18 . 10/20
I hope they can get Killian and Liam’s mother back unharmed. Great update. Thank you.
PastOneonta chapter 8 . 10/17
He apologized! He had to, he hurt Emma. She was pretty gracious in accepting the apology. It was wonderful to hear her state 'I'm not nothing!" That was excellent. She is trying to convince herself that all she wants is to figure out magic, break the curse and go home. She is not convincing because along the way she has fallen in love with Killian. She wants more now, she wants to hear him tell her, 'I have yet to see you fail.' That is encouraging and he is sincere and patient. Hopefully she can believe that she is also 'bloody brilliant.'
PastOneonta chapter 7 . 10/17
What a relief they all escaped the cave safely! Thanks to Emma's magic too. She and Killian are so cute, bantering about experience and his sword. We could practically see him blushing. They can get serious too. She wants to know about his life and he wants to help her with magic. They are both tentatively, very tentatively, and separately, thinking about a future with the other in it. She wants to bring him home and he is realizing that dragons mate for life. So exciting! And the kissing is so enjoyable!

I'm glad he is going to talk to his mom. Losing her changed the course of his life, it's almost as difficult to reunite. He's he is fainting? Why? And what happens with Emma? Reading on...
Ness fan 01 chapter 17 . 10/17
Great to see Liam coming around. How could he not though — Emma did open the portal and save his life. Hopefully their mother can get the dagger and somehow defeat Rumple.
Ness fan 01 chapter 16 . 10/13
That rescue was great. And Liam is an ass. I wonder why he's so against Emma. If neither TLK nor Emma rescuing and healing Killian convinced him, I'm wondering what will. Obviously he doesn't trust someone with magic. Is it because of the curse? Or is it possibly something concerning Ruby? I hope they stay together now without anyone else getting hurt in the near future. Thanks for the update.
Ness fan 01 chapter 15 . 10/12
It was great seeing Snow and David accepting Killian. Then you had to go and have him abducted - and tortured. By the way, thanks for not giving a lot of detail there. What's going to happen when Emma gets there? Can't wait to see.
PastOneonta chapter 6 . 10/11
The rescuer was his mother! How is this possible? Because of her Nereid heritage? Then she was unable to return to Liam. That is so sad, Killian couldn't even believe it was her at first.

Emma and Killian are developing feelings for one another, and it scares both of them. They have kingdoms to protect and anything else is a distraction. There was a kiss though, maybe they shouldn't deny it. Looking forward to catching up!
PastOneonta chapter 5 . 10/11
The banter between Emma and Killian is adorable. It is a very serious mission and yet they can still be sweet. Bed-sharing and cuddling! His memories of childhood are sad, those were happier times when he didn't have all the responsibilities of a kingdom and a princess. The regret of how his mother lost her life. What just happened to Emma on the beach? Is she okay?
Antipodes Ahoy chapter 15 . 10/11
This story just gets more clever every chapter. Such a pleasure to look forward to every Wednesday.
cindyp73 chapter 10 . 10/9
I love Liam and David in this chapter, they were fantastic! It's so fun to see them bikering. Also love Snow being all "I'm gonna take with me and protect all the peolpe that could have potentially been kidnapped by dragons" :) And Merlin organising everything behind to match his plans is great.
Ness fan 01 chapter 14 . 10/6
I'm glad David is accepting Emma's choice. At least he was until he saw her on fire. What happens now?
Guest chapter 13 . 10/3
The Killian/ Emma scenes were so sweet.
cindyp73 chapter 9 . 10/4
Oh I love Dragon!Killian whump! It was so good how he just zone out and repeat the same words again and again to keep his mind concentrated on his goals and not lose consciousness before. I hope things will get better with Liam, I don't want to see the brothers arguing, my heart full of Brothers Jones feels can't take them being on opposite sides. And I wonder what will be Liam's reactions when he'll learned their mother is alive.
PastOneonta chapter 4 . 9/30
It was Killian coming down the hall as Emma was finding her way around the castle. He doesn't want to hurt her and he's afraid he can't protect her. But when she stepped off the edge of a cliff he was right there. Poor tired, confused, worried Emma.

Merlin is interesting, he is somewhat helpful and not fully able to tell the whole story. He's cursed too, so he wants to help.

Killian and Emma in his childhood home where he was so happy is a sweet image. Perhaps his mother survived. They are going to explore and practice magic and make a plan. To end the curse. To save Emma's kingdom. Looking forward to the rest.
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