Reviews for Diary of Time
Geovanni Luciano chapter 42 . 12/11
The major problem that I see in this story is quite minor. Near the end, you listed both Harry and Hermione as either 17 or 7th years, but the progression of the story had them clearly in 6th year. Just a minor correction for the story. Secondly, you never did get to the reveal of who he was married to leading the reader to wonder. Was that deliberate?
Tydbox chapter 2 . 12/10
Good thing but I mean saying "nigger" wasnt necessary

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But I give you my blessing not to edit it, welcome nigga
old-crow chapter 42 . 11/26

I enjoyed every page.

Thanks again,

Guest chapter 32 . 11/23
Fuck you Cunt!

all the answer Amy deserves...
Guest chapter 7 . 11/23
Hermione's a right cunt.
Guest chapter 42 . 11/3
How can one write such a lengthy bs
IOpenAtTheClose of your life chapter 30 . 10/24
2 things with this chapter. 1. Wasnt Blaise Zabini killed at the end of GOF. and 2. Wasnt Sally's chamber opened again at the end of GOF?
BillBrink chapter 42 . 10/17
That was an interesting ending! Just a note of thanks for the many wonderful hours spent enjoying this work.
Karate Koala chapter 6 . 10/8
Right. Hi. I love the premise and the plot but the one downside seems to be the characters. Harry's mood swings too wildly to the point where bipolar couldn't even begin to excuse it and every other character is flatter than an imaginary plane.

Looks like a good story but my pet peeves stop me from going any further.
Miriam1 chapter 42 . 10/3
This was a lovely ending for a riveting story.

It is amazing to see how much changed because Old Harry gave advice and nudges in the right direction.

This was well done and a delight to read.

BaddieDZ2 chapter 1 . 9/28
Matt chapter 30 . 9/21
And now you have him discovering the books behind the statue for the first time, again! You already had him discover them in an earlier chapter, when he took a bunch of people down to the Chamber with him. And he teased Hermione with one of the books, giving it to her knowing she couldn't read it. Are you paying any attention to this story at all? Because it doesn't seem like it.
Matt chapter 30 . 9/21
How the hell is Blaise Zabini in this chapter? He's dead! He threw a Killing Curse in the Great Hall and was killed by Moody. You wrote it! Come on, at least remember what you put in your own story.
Matt chapter 27 . 9/21
Now very confused. When and how did Harry take his OWLS? He asked Dumbledore if he could take them early and Dumbledore refused. Even if he had taken his OWLS, Snape would have had nothing to do with it. OWLS are administered and graded by the Ministry.
Matt chapter 25 . 9/21
Why is it you can never figure out the difference between Parseltongue and Parselmouth? Parseltongue is a language. A Parselmouth is a person. A person is NOT a language! A person who lives in the United States is an American. The language they speak is English. See the difference? Harry is not a parseltongue. He is a parselmouth.
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