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thehornedserpent chapter 8 . 10/28/2017
So... I read ahead (oops!) But... I’m confused. Did Jessica die of cancer or in a car crash?
PauloPT90 chapter 17 . 10/26/2017
Well...what can i say...

Its been a while since i reviewed anything of you and actually i was kinda upset regarding your decision of putting everything on "hiatus" specially your "The Shining Stars" fanfic, it was getting really good and it was a popular one before your decision. After that i kind of just didnt get the mind to read anything of stfoe fanfic. Thats one of the things that i dislike, people create a good story, they tell that they will finish the story and suddenly they just stop. Ive seen a lot of good stories suddenly end because of that. I get it, you were tired and not motivated because of the path season 3 was taking and the fandom was really ***t crazy at the time but time heals and they are more moderate and with the new teasers from season 3 its only making things more interesting or should i say...villainess (oh Eclipsa, that one got me xD)

But lets move on from this small rant, with the new hype on the teasers at the moment my stfoe senses were asking for some good reading and that was when i remembered, you once told me to read this fic since it was a new one u were making at the moment. I, actually, hadn't thought about reading at the time since i like to give new stories some time for them to increase in length and at the time i was little interested at the time.

But now i started reading this fic, it took me 3 days to get on this last chapter.

Its "different", thats a word that i can perfectly define this story, dark and ooc too, basically almost all the characters are ooc.

Stars broken, Marcos broken and the way they have each other in the beginning is cute and heart warming, both having skeletons and a large background story on their back they still can find love in each other.

Star having familly issues is not surprising, a little surprised of Moon characterization but by far is being real good, the family bond is still not broken just bend

Making Tom the major villain is also something new, despite all that i kind off like his and Marco brotherhood but nonetheless u are portraying him very good.

I was really surprised by Marco, not used for depressing Marco, the background was really well made, the thing about giving him a sister was something new that anyone have tough before.

Overall its a great story, besides being dark it got my interest.

Now regarding this last chapter, Star is one once more and Marco got some new stuff xD

Your portraying of Pete on this chapter gave me an Undertale vibe, it was like Sans was there instead of Pete xD.

Also regarding the music choice on the part of Marcos training it needeed a more hyped tune, played Keisei Gyakuten from Naruto Shippuden and it worked best xD

Dantes reasons regarding Star are still a little confusing, maybe a love triangle will appear on the long run, or maybe just a try...

One thing that i sensed was that somehow Toffee was connected in someway to Star, in the last chapters and in this one it gave me that vibe.

Moon is clearly one of the most out of character, sometimes she seems normal and regal others like an abusive mother, i really dont know how to feel about her.

Anyhoo pls update soon and continue the good work
Oracle6044 chapter 17 . 10/26/2017
Let me just say im really liking pete as a character in this story. Also idk why, but im getting a feeling Dante is going to cause some problems for marco in the future (maybe im overthinking lol). Keep up the great work
silhouette amongst stars chapter 17 . 10/26/2017
Wow. Just, wow.
This was a bit of a monster to work through, and I have no idea how you manage to write so much. But hey, at least we now know that Moon is being influenced by a dark force!
Yeah, I think I can deduce that much. Note usage of the word Think. I am a bit disappointed that star didn't complete her story, but hey, all for the best.
And yay! River is on stars side! I love that. Along with the STARCO fluff. And the idea of Tom dying a horrible, painful death.
Happy thoughts.
Until next time!
Mr. Anonymous
Bedrock Armor chapter 17 . 10/25/2017
Edit: I figured out how to do it on mobile now.
SernaJ chapter 17 . 10/25/2017
I just read thi fic in one go (thanks for posting a link on the subreddit, btw), and I have to say, your writing has improved greatly since the first chapter. Please keep on writing more!
Bedrock Armor chapter 17 . 10/25/2017
Several things to say that I don’t know how to make them flow into each other so I’ll put them in bullets:
-Star is no ordinary princess, after all. She’s a Rebel Princess; she’s the best!
-Is that a reference to Cat-Dog I see?
-It’s nice to see that Toffee is actually a nice guy in this story. It’s not something you see often.
-Marco is the reason Star hasn’t killed everyone. Star is the reason Marco hasn’t gone insane. They really are perfect for each other.
-Heh, Star is still a little sore towards Mewni for all her bad experiences.
-I have had times where I felt the same way towards my mom that Star did towards her mom.
-I’m reading on mobile, so I can’t really read this while listening to that YouTube track you suggested at the same time. Same for last chapter.
-All of this… Pete’s eyes glowing blue, throwing lots of bones at Marco, being a skeleton, dodging Marco’s first attacks last-second, being able to teleport, the “I sorta dunked you” quote… it reminds me a lot of Sans from Undertale.
-Still can’t read and listen at the same time due to being on mobile…
-Whoa. I was not expecting THAT from Moon. So it wasn’t ignorance on Moon’s part, but rather hatred instead.
-Woo! A long chapter indeed. Over 10,000 words! Took me over an hour to read.
-I would’ve read sooner, but I don’t get the email messages until hours later, and by then I was already asleep.
MindCleaver27 chapter 17 . 10/25/2017
That was a good chapter, Star being so composed and playing moon at the table was cool. I always love stories where Marco gets powers and can fight with Star. Also the rate these are coming out at is amazing. Keep up the good work!
Kuriyan BBQ chapter 17 . 10/25/2017
Even seeing snippets of these updates ahead of time, I am ALWAYS excited to see a good update for this story hit the site. These updates have served to expand and ramp up your story more and more, and it has been a blast to see it take shape.

Dante is shaping up to become a solid character, and his aloof nature is going to serve him well down the road, I'd say.

I know we have discussed Moon already, but she strikes me as practically bypolar regarding Star. She will be an absolute witch to her, and the moment Star is gone, Moon will immediately feel bad about everything. Hard character to like, but probably harder to write for at this point.

You work hard at your writing, and it truly pays off.
jolleIQ chapter 17 . 10/25/2017
Took... Me... So... Fing... Long... To... Finally... Read... This...

I'm very sorry that the promised review came so late, but I've just been focused on my studies and reading/writing fanfics is just one of those things I've had to put aside to not become overwhelmed in life. That being said, holy **** this story is good and entertaining! I like that it isn't just sunshine and rainbows like most fics (In my defence, mine's getting to the darker parts :P). You did a good job with altering the characters' personalities; there's a 50-50 chance that you screw up while doing so, but you did a great job! And the romance is cute but not overwhelming, so it doesn't distract the reader from the rest of the story.

Overall, you're doing a great job with this, and I'll be sure to read the next chapter once it's out, and once our professors give us some breathing space xD...
Momijifan Low-Ki chapter 17 . 10/25/2017
So... Toffee is (or has) trained Marco & is apparently on the side of good, Dante may have feels for Star & Moon is still a bitch... Things have officially taken an interesting turn.
RobLebron chapter 17 . 10/24/2017
Oh and I appreciate that you have a liking on my character.

And thanks for accepting my request for my character. I just want one more favor:

RobLebron chapter 17 . 10/24/2017
Feeling bummed I'm not in this chapter but hey there's always next. And by the way, my absence in this chapter is made up with the drama going on with Moon and Tom's mom. Pete really helped Marco become stronger.

God this chapter made me hate Moon so much that I want to kill her and cause chaos.

If only there's a way to do...Oh wait, I can kill her (LET ME KILL HER). I would do Star and Glossaryk a favor. Now I really want for my character to go at the direction of getting revenge at Moon for removing Toffee's finger.

So my question are will I kill Moon for revenge? Does Toffee want to reunite with me and bring the monsters back their land? IS STAR ACTUALLY WORRIED ABOUT MY WHEREABOUTS or I am too good at being under the radar?


Thanks for the chapter. Hope you'll post the next one around Thursday. I'm having a withdrawal that's I'm
not in the chapter. I like
Sussy chapter 17 . 10/24/2017
can we kill Moon in a horrible way?
SernaJ chapter 12 . 10/24/2017 DO know River is from Mewni, right? Not that I'm telling you to change things, they're fine and great the way they are, just asking to clear up my confusion
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