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Zane122.34 chapter 56 . 11/26
It was very very nice
PasiveNox chapter 56 . 11/22
Great chapter wonderful wonderful
Fellow Reader chapter 56 . 11/20
Truly, every chapter of this fanfiction is a gift.

I get that you didn't want the gathering to drag on and on, so thanks for putting it all in one. You did great! And that ending, woo! Looking forward to how this turns out.

I'm sad about MHA ending too, it's been a long journey for me and many, many others. Still, I'm excited for Vigilantes to get an anime adaptation.

Hope you've had a good year and that it continues to be such :)
jimmy.oz chapter 22 . 11/20
with atrocity with those powers the heroes aren't going to do very well plus i remember they lose later to another villain that captured the hero students. at this rate this world is going to go to hell.
jimmy.oz chapter 20 . 11/20
re reading this and all it is too bad that all for one wasn't able to give izuku his quirks that he had since atrocity ends up taking them. i swear unless izuku comes up with something to give him powers this world is way worse than the original.
Imperial warlord chapter 56 . 11/20
Awesome chapter.
Happy to see new chapter.
Hellbound7567 chapter 1 . 11/20
Holy shit fuck it’s back
TheRealD3lph0xL0v3r chapter 56 . 11/19

TheRealD3lph0xL0v3r chapter 55 . 11/19

I Love How Shiro is ACTUALLY Apologizing to Izuku; Since He Realized How Wrong he was; Especially with now Finding out HOW Awful that Graphene was; without him even realizing that; Until That Situation with Kyo Showed him that there was Rape happening in his establishment without his Knowledge; and Since Graphene had almost Raped Ochako; and Due to his ****ed-up Backstory; Shiro HATES Rape; since HE was a Rape Victim; He'd forbidden Rape happening in HIS Syndicate; and Realizing that Izuku WAS Telling the Truth about Graphene Attempting to Rape someone. . . and Realizing he was WRONG for his Vendetta against Izuku for taking out the trash(Since Both of them HATE Rape)

Honestly. . . Now that Shiro Realizes that Izuku WASN'T Lying about Graphine almost Raping Ochako; I'm Sure He'd be willing to accept him coming back as part of his Organization!

I Honestly Don't see a Better Outcome for Izuku; since Shiro realizes Izuku was Being Honest about Graphene's Rape Attempt; and I feel like Izuku would be Better off with Shiro; now that he knows the TRUTH and has accepted the truth that Izuku stopped a Rapist he was foolish enough to trust for so long; and I Doubt that Shiro would allow Atrocity to invade his headquarters. . . I Feel like Izuku would be better off going back to Hades; than he would where Atrocity could find him and KILL him with Ease!
Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig chapter 56 . 11/19
Oh great, shiro is treating this like a game. Obstacle midoriya and his team, what does he want izuku for!? To join him after fucking everything!? True a war is coming but I think we need a lot more than that...:-):)_()o:-)
All-Bite chapter 56 . 11/19
HEEYYY! New chapter, woo-hoo!
Really missed you, and hope life has been good to you.
Greatly enjoyed the latest chapter and it's been an amazing twist to see all factions come together for a common enemy.
I can't wait to see how this plays out, I did not get the Stain reference to Naomasa, but to be honest I haven't read every chapter of the manga (despite collecting all of it) will have to go back to square one. Now out of all OC's Razor is by far my favourite. Really love her with and connections, you've made an amazing character and the story is in my top five favourites and always will be.
I hope your new job is great, sounds awesome and hope you've had a good gaming experience.
Last game I played from start to finish was Dead Space remake. And quite possibly for a lot of MCU fans the best TV show I've seen up-to-date was Loki :)
Ricee chapter 56 . 11/19
every time this fic updates I have flashbacks, I can barely believe this fic is still going
Guest chapter 55 . 11/17
I hope ur ok. It's been like last December since you posted anything. When the next chapter coming?
Hellbound7567 chapter 55 . 10/22
So are we ever getting another part to this story?
Guest chapter 55 . 10/15
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