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cindyp73 chapter 5 . 6h
First of all, I haven't tell you yet but I love the title of each chapter! The continuity in their composition is great and very well thought and I always wonder what's going to happen in the chapter. And I love the opposition there is in each of them. This is such a fantastic detail that make this story even better.

And second : I didn't cry for the first time while reading it ! I was brassing myself for the next gutwrenching and heartbreaking Liam's flashback. I don't know if I shoud feel relieve, because I know the worst is to come, I'm sure it was just a little reprieve before killing us all (I'm side eyeing you real hard) ;)

"There was an army of little men inside his skull, chiseling out random numbers that danced around his head and using tiny jackhammers to do it." I'm a little bit in love with the way you write the numbers in every aspect of Killian's life, that show perfectly how they are a huge part of him and the first sentence of the chapter was hilarious.
Hangover Killian is as cute as drunk Killian! I love his reaction when Ruby gave him Granny's secret weapon against hungover, I can totally the petulant child in him and it makes me happy because he doesn't had a childhood after Liam's death.

Killian and Emma are really cute together but I have a bad feeling with Emma's project for her criminology class. I suspect she wants to make research on Liam's case and use it for her paper. And without telling Killian. This risk to be ugly if I'm right.
And oh look! A fight! Some good angst that doesn't make me cry :) I have to admit I'm more concern with Killian having lost his equation than Emma storming off, I'm way too much invested in Killian's work to save Liam.

But to be honest, I think everything is going way too smoothly for one of your story and I'm waiting anxiously for all tha awful thing (cough*Gold*) to happen.
PastOneonta chapter 4 . 9/18
My goodness I could cry. The lost boy who just wants his brother back. The loneliness that they each experience is getting better because they have one another. But the grief, the missing of Liam, that never changes. This is so good. I am glad they are together, and Emma is there for Killian. How can she help him with his experiment? What does he have planned? Enjoying this, looking forward to the rest.
gusenitsa chapter 4 . 9/15
cindyp73 chapter 4 . 9/15
« He was just a lost boy whose only guiding star had been stolen from him. He just wanted his brother back », you're going to kill me with brothers Jones feelings, I want Liam back too ! And I just love this sentence, it beautifully represent Killian state of mind and such a nice and clever wink at Peter Pan and Captain Hook.
And he still wore Liam's leatherjacket, always keep it to have a little bit of his brother with him ! « His hands were shoved deep in the pockets of his jacket, the sleeves no longer too big to sit comfortably at his wrists. The scent of his brother was no longer ingrained in the material, and there were holes in the lining that he’d dutifully stitched and stitched again », it's beautiful and painful and so sad. Did I already said I desperately want Killian succeding to save Liam ? Because I really really want it.
And cute drunk baby Killian all angsty and drowning in self-loathing... My heart breaks for him a liittle more with every chapter...
I think I have nothing coherent to tell anymore about this story, apart that you are destroying me and I love it :)
depper57 chapter 4 . 9/14
I think you have had me tearing up every chapter. I am terrible at reviewing but I thought this work of brilliance deserved it. I love what you have written so far and to evoke the emotional reaction to your words shows amazing talent. I will wait with little patience for your next update.
PastOneonta chapter 3 . 9/8
Interesting to see Emma as caregiver to Killian. It's a new role for her. I think he appreciates it and believes she might actually begin to understand him. His memories of Liam's passing are heartbreaking, his thoughts of his father are terribly sad too. His father should love him but doesn't.
cindyp73 chapter 3 . 9/8
There was so many things I wanted to tell you while reading this chapter.
Like the perfect way you write Killian's darkness with his anger hiding just under the surface, always bubbling and ready to attack at every opportunity, that he compares to a beast he has to control because his anger is not helping him to save Liam. That was my absolyute favourite thing about this chapter, it's perfection and so much Killian. You perfectly rewrite his demons in this AU and I'm in love!
And the whump, with my courageous wee Killian saying he's fine while in pain. And Emma hurting him more whle trying to help, that was glorious and what a wonderful excuse to have Killian fall on the floor!
And of course the talk about Killian seeing number, sweet insecure baby thinking he is a freak but trusting Emma enough to tell her.

But then you had to out that flashback at the end and now I'm crying again and I just want to curl up in a ball praying for Killian suceeding in saving Liam. I don't care if that change the futur, he needs his big brother!
"Wrapped up in Liam’s warm jacket, with the sleeves covering his hands and the shoulders slipping down his arms, with the collar popped so it was closer to his nose and the warmth of the thick material finally stopping the shivering, Killian wept." How dare you?!
gusenitsa chapter 3 . 9/7
Do you have any idea how much I hate you, my dearest love?
PastOneonta chapter 2 . 8/31
Killian and Emma have now met a few times, completely by coincidence. Or is it? There seems to be a connection. Killian feels an electric shock when he touches Emma. Is it his loneliness finally taking hold? She thinks he's attractive. They are both focused because Emma needs this job and Killian needs to bring Liam back. I am enjoying their getting to know one another. Killian is pleased to find Emma can actually help him, while she manages to get him to eat a meal. So things are happening, and the rest will be great. Thanks for the chapter.
cindyp73 chapter 2 . 8/31
Fantastic chapter! I like how Killian and Emma keep stubbling on each other, like fate want them to meet. It has me pretty confident that if Killian succeed and save Liam, changing the timeline, they will still met in the new futur :)
The little bit of Killian/Will and Emma/Ruby are great, it's good to see them having some friendship. I really like Will who seems to care for Killian and being a true friend outside his appearance. And the Archie/Killian relationship is still fantastic and it's good to see someone caring for Killian well-being.
Everytime Killian thinks about Liam and is all sad I want to curl in a ball and cry with him. You write delicious whump but you also write angst and sadness and emotional turmoil so well, every words hit me right in the feels.
And it's good to see them getting along and not being "ennemies", I'm glad Emma took interest in Killian's research and that she succeed getting him out of the labs and eating something. But Killian, you have to stop thinking like this "Killian eyed the french fries and could almost picture the amount of time he was going to waste shoving them in his mouth, but he knew they’d be eaten before they left."
I can't wait to see them share their story :)
And of course the whiteboard memory killed me.
And I can't imagine the huge research you probably had to do to write this story, I'm really impressed!
Nugget chapter 1 . 8/24
I'm super excited to read more of this. Honestly you made me cry a lot in that first part alone but I'm still onboard with this. Already loving the way you're writing Emma and Killian and I can't wait to see more. :)
PastOneonta chapter 1 . 8/25
Scientist Killian and student Emma! Fascinating, different, regret that is the loss of Liam. Maybe Killian can fix that. Looking forward to it.
cigarettes-and-scotch-whisky chapter 1 . 8/24
Modern Time Travel CS AU? Sign me the fuck up!
This is an awesome first chapter. I'm giddy to know Killian is such a Nerd. I mean that in the best way possible :)
Ugh, but seriously, I was sobbing while Killian was losing Liam. Like honest to goodness choked up and cried. Dammit, just thinking about it is making my eyes water. I hate that I love scene. See you next update :)
Clairvoyant94 chapter 1 . 8/24
This story sounds fascinating! That opening scene was devastating, but it makes it clear why Killian is so devoted to his work. I can't wait to see him and Emma interact more; it'll be entertaining to see socially awkward Killian and stubborn Emma work together! Thanks for sharing this with us!
gusenitsa chapter 1 . 8/24
WAAAAAAR. I want to say something coherent but legit... that's all I got right now.
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