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Strawberrygirl chapter 9 . 10/22/2017
I totttttaaaallllllyyyyyy forgot that I wasn't signed in when I posted the review... XP
Guest chapter 9 . 10/22/2017
Wow, can I just say how much I love wills POV. He is so... I don't have words. I am now imagining Will meeting Hades and like stuttering a lot and not knowing what to say. XD And then him starting to talk about random schist, like
"There was this one time... " and Nico's just trying not to laugh at this.
Also, wanted to say that I was doing math home work when I Seen this was available and I 'accidentally' exited my work to read them. I'm so excited to read the next chapter
CupcakeQueen816 chapter 10 . 10/22/2017

I enjoyed reading about Tartarus from a different perspective! I think I like how the Arai forest came sooner, because to me it seems like it took longer for Percy and Annabeth because they were alone, and now they have a bunch of people.

What are your plans for NaNoWriMo? This is going to be my first time participating, so do you have any tips? I know the plot I want, but any writing tips are appreciated :P.

Nuada Silverhand chapter 10 . 10/21/2017
Good job, keep it up.
Nuada Silverhand chapter 8 . 10/14/2017
Good as always. I'll admit I googled podex - my Latin's a little rusty - and I laughed at Apollo's Haiku.

Well, they're off. The cast seems a little big, but hopefully it won't get slimmed down too much (you wouldn't do that to us, right?) and I'm looking forward to seeing where we go next.
CupcakeQueen816 chapter 8 . 10/14/2017

Wow! That was really good! I'm blown out of the water as usual! And I'm tossing around exclamation points like candy on Halloween!

Sorry for not posting last week. Lots of homework. We had our PSATs on Wednesday, and Homecoming tonight!

For your question about the Britishism, I guess I would replace rubbish with 'trash' 'garbage' or 'that was a load of crap.' They don't have the same ring as 'rubbish' though...

Also, just wanted to say that I'm amazed at how few Britishisms there are! When I first started reading DoW, I genuinely thought you were American (that's supposed to be a compliment). Also, out of curiosity, how do people in Britain view us savage Americans? What are the stereotypes? I'm really interested in finding that out.

Maybe I payed too much attention, but I think there was a continuity error. In SoN, Reyna has four lines of service, and it was said that the Battle of Mt. Othrys was less than a year before, so she would have served at least three years at the Battle. In this chapter, it says she was only in service for less than a year when the Battle took place. I'll just chalk it up to creative license since there's not much there can be done to fix it as it's important to the chapter. Oh well.

How are you doing? Schools alright?

strawberrygirl2000 chapter 8 . 10/14/2017
You are never done torturing them. And yay, you're bringing leo into this! I'm so happy, I love love love Leo!

Also wanted to say, Reyna is now my spirit animal, she is so fierce and willing to stand up for what she believe's in. My favorite part would have to be the little flash back with Thalia, and then how Reyna used Thalia's words towards the senate.

Neptune appearing was funny too,
"Never thought I'd agree with Athena..."

I like hot chocolate and tea aswell, I gag when I try drinking coffee, it tastes funny to me. My favorite tea is probably honey lemon because I sing a lot and you have to drink that when your throat hurts. What's yours?

I love your interpretation of Reyna, like when she got her praetorship, and the way people complain about it. You put a lot of thought and creativity into these chapters, I absolutely love it.

I cracked up when you had her say: Politics...

It's so true!

Well until next time.
strawberrygirl2000 chapter 7 . 10/9/2017
Hazel probably would like hot chocolate, and maybe tea because Frank drinks tea, I like that idea. ;)

This chapter made me smile, cry, and smile again. Only to nearly scream at the end. Ya know, the usual Fangirl way.

When you want to stand up and agree with Reyna in Greek Mythology class, "TARTARUS IS REAL!"

Also note: I was nearly in tears when Percy asked, "Annabeth, were you my girlfriend?" I want you to write that scene from her point of veiw, maybe a dream or something, or a one shot for those readers that want their hearts broken. (I like the dream idea) Put it how she felt, so conflicted as whether or not so say yes.

Last thing, I promise, Thalia's reaction to Jessica was priceless. I smirked and reread it so I smirked again. :)

Okay I lied, that wasn't the last thing. I liked the way the chapter flowed, it was smooth.

I would've reviewed sooner, but I went on a short, no wifi vacation with my mom. It was nice.
keelsxoxo chapter 7 . 10/7/2017
Ooooo there off on an adventure!
Nuada Silverhand chapter 6 . 10/1/2017
Well that's either gonna speed things up real quick or kill everything off entirely... or, given we're six chapters into a 22 chapter fic, be somewhere in the middle. :D Isn't it great how precise my predictions are.
strawberrygirl2000 chapter 6 . 9/30/2017
I've answered this already, but im going to do it again because I love talking about coffee.

Annabeth- she does like her coffee black, but I feel like once and awhile Percy would make her drink coffee with creamer or milk and she would do it because he gives her that face. She drinks hot chocolate when she is in New Rome because they make a damn good cup of cocoa.

Percy- I don't think he likes black coffee, he likes and coffee (and his ladies *wink*) sweet. He probably likes to eat cookies, especially his mom's, when he drinks his morning coffee.

Thalia- Want's her coffee slightly lighter than black, she does like the taste of black coffee, but the sweetness of the slight bit of milk or creamer probably tells her that there is always something sweet in life, no matter how black the coffee may seem.

Jason- Doesn't make his coffee too strong, he likes to control the amount of creamer he puts in, usually measuring it, because he likes to keep things in order. After BoO he stopped caring how much went in, often times, he would put too much and just make it again, thinking that wasting a cup of coffee was better than controlling everything in life.

Piper- probably like's simple latte's or black coffee, she never really liked being in the spotlight and she always likes things simple, so she would like black coffee, simple latte's or hot chocolate.

Leo- Puts an overabundance of whipped cream on his hot chocolate and latte's, like's things as sweet as possible even though he is totally a morning person and has too much energy already.

Frank- Has to drink a lot of black coffee, or coffee without lactose, he may not alway like it, but he could imagine his Grandmother saying, "Fai Zhang, don't complain about black coffee or I'll make you drop and give me twenty."

Hazel- doesn't drink coffee, or at least not often, she never drank it when she first lived, so she didn't see it fit to drink it now.

Coach Hedge- likes to drink double espressos. He eats the cup as a snack afterwards.

Reyna- She drinks coffee with a little milk in it and enjoy's the cup of cocoa they make in her favorite cafe. She allows a little whipped cream in her hot cocoa once and awhile, depending on the day.

I put a lot of thought into these, hope you agree. :)
CupcakeQueen816 chapter 6 . 9/30/2017
I thought my other review was long enough so I'm putting my thoughts on the coffee situation here. (Subtext: I forgot)

Annabeth: she mostly drinks coffee black, but sometimes she treats herself to a fancy drink

Percy: definitely a mocha person

Piper: fancy super long list coffee drink that the rest of the seven tease her about

Jason: espresso or mocha like Percy

Hazel: totally a caramel frappachino person, but only if they're cream based with no coffee. Probably still thinks coffee stunts her growth, and probably would keep thinking that until she's like thirty

Frank: hot chocolate (made with almond milk. I'm not trying to kill him) . Sometimes with cinnamon (cause he's a cinnamon roll haha)

Leo: puts so much sugar and milk in it's not even coffee anymore

Reyna: cappachinos all the way, but hot chocolate when no one else is around

Nico: midnight mint mochas.

Coach Hedge: espressos or vanilla bean frappachinos around his kid

I think that's everyone. And no I totally didn't spend twenty minutes trying to figure this out and I am in no way obsessed


CupcakeQueen816 chapter 6 . 9/30/2017
Curse you for making this Annabeth's point of view and making me want to read it! Oh well. I don't have that much homework today anyways...

Really great! This chapter made me smile. The only thing I have to mention is that in America we really don't use the word "rubbish" in daily conversation. It just sounded unnatural to me guess. Maybe because I live in America with all the rest of the uncultured people. Lol

Other than that, good luck with the next DoW book! I'm sure it's great!

On a completely unrelated note, I'm reading Oedipus Rex in English class, and my teacher told us a joke that I thought the lovely world of Percy Jackson fan fiction deserved:

Why is Oedipus against cursing?



Lame joke. I'm sorry.


CupcakeQueen816 chapter 5 . 9/24/2017

Really great chapter as always!

How long do you estimate this story is going to be? Just wondering.

Also, how's the process going for the next DoW story? Totally not asking out of self-interest. Just want to know.

Finally, I don't think I'm going to be able to review or read this for a while. I'm taking a break from electronics since my school year started three weeks ago and I'm still getting used to a new school. Really sorry though. I'll make it up by posting even longer reviews once my electronic fast is over!


strawberrygirl2000 chapter 5 . 9/23/2017
Oh wow, Bella Swan.
Wow, how did I not get that.
I loved the part with Terminus,
"Just because you were preator once-"
I love this fic, I can't wait for more. ;)
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