Reviews for Kid Icarus: Adversary
SmashBrosFan96 Jr chapter 7 . 10/18
Well, in Palutena's defence. that's the awful truth about war. countless lives are taken and you can't always save your men.
This applies to Bowser's Army from the Mario games. in Paper Mario COlor SPlash there's a Shy Guy in one of the Train Levels where he rants about how much it sucks being Bowser's Minion, he's forced to work for Bowser and that he simply wants to see his friends and family again.
It's stuff like this that makes me feel sorry for both the heroes and villains.
ShadmeTheAngel chapter 6 . 10/17
*throws hand into air* YES! Thank you for being one of the rare fanfiction writers who understands that romance isn’t necessary for a good story! There’s really not much to do with it- I find reading stories with unique and interesting plots to be more fun than the same rehashed romance story over and over.
Ahem, romance rant over, you just want to torture us with that cliffhanger, don’t you? XD I like how you physically made Magnus age (I did in my story, too!) and how he and Gaol are a fighting force together. Gaol’s one of my faves. The battle against Palutena was really interesting, too- once again, her motivations seem to be true to her character, but in a lot more twisted way. Where did all those angels come from, though? XD I’m also glad to see Dark Pit here! His opinions are pretty brutally honest- it’ll be interesting to see how he’ll be able to fight Palutena’s forces without being biased towards her, as Pit will likely be. Don’t leave me hanging! :P
SmashBrosFan96 Jr chapter 6 . 10/16
I always had this idea that Medusa was originally the protector/savior of Skyworld and the humans. but Medusa eventually realizes that they aren't exactly pure, they never treated her right for being the Goddess of Darkness and favored Palutena. Palutena constantly defended them for their actions and it eventually leads up to Medusa's bitter hatred for the humans, Palutena turning her sister into a monster and banishing Medusa to the Underworld.
It's pretty strange that Palutena is starting to... enjoy defending the humans. could it be that she's turning evil possibly?.
This is probably just me. but Dark Pit always reminds me of Vegeta from the Dragon Ball series.
I feel so sorry for you. I'm kinda glad I didn't go to College. I can't afford it anyway.
SmashBrosFan96 Jr chapter 5 . 10/6
Wow, I didn't think Medusa had it that hard in the Underworld. I can see why she clings onto her servant. she has a bond simillar to Pit and Palutena and Veridi and phosphora.
ShadmeTheAngel chapter 5 . 10/6
Sooo too much affection between master and servant is deemed unacceptable? I assume this means that Palutena X Pit will not be a thing. Thank goodness- I don’t like that ship. XD It was very interesting to learn about the geography and inhabitants of the Underworld! I wonder if there was an estrangement between Aeria and the other harpies, after watching that spat go down. Harpies are still quite mysterious, it seems. I liked the moments between Pandora and Pit, by the way! They’re still pretty clearly uncomfortable with each other but tolerant, at the very least. Is Thanatos around?
ShadmeTheAngel chapter 4 . 9/28
Oh wow. O.O So much went down in that chapter! I still refuse to believe that Palutena's that dense- she's acknowledged the faults of humans before, and she seems to be written a bit...aggressive? Controlling? Though her being so against preserving Underworld monster survival does make sense. Why did she let Pit just...go like that, though? XD She of all people knows how strong he is, and that's just asking for trouble! I liked the bit of character building that was done by adding the detail of the Underworld monsters grieving for the fallen. Makes me more curious about this Pit-Viridi-Medusa allegiance that seems to be blooming. :0 Sorry this review's all over the place, lol!
SmashBrosFan96 Jr chapter 4 . 9/25
i'D LIKE TO SEE pIT and Medusa interact with each other. maybe Medusa can tell Pit her side of the story of Why she and Palutena hate each other. there was a time when Palutena and Medusa ruled Skyworld together after all.
SmashBrosFan96 Jr chapter 3 . 9/11
I like stories where the villains show they have their own problems. with this, it almost justifies the reasons why Medusa hates humans.
ShadmeTheAngel chapter 3 . 9/11
College classes? Ugh, I can't even imagine. I'm taking three college-level (AP) courses this year and it's so much work! I have my first AP Biology test today and I scarcely knew what to study. Aaa! XD
Well, I was wondering how you'd link the Nature and Underworld alliances. Makes sense to me! It seems to me like if the problem was that small, there would be no need for an alliance, though; it would be no problem for either side to squish the humans. So this must be more of an epidemic than shown, right? Anyway, if I could offer a bit of critique, I would have liked to hear more about how Pit escaped Palutena's watchful eyes and enlisted Viridi's aid in the first place. Angry as you said Palutena is, I'm sure she would notice Pit leaving, especially for the length you said they were gone. She seems to snoop on him telepathically a lot. And writing Pit's thought progress through it could be interesting- it could offer secondhand insight to whether the readers should be suspicious of Palutena or not. Also, it kinda seemed odd that he'd be fighting against Viridi one moment and then getting her help to fly somewhere the next, which could be smoothed over with a bit of exposition. Anyway, the chapter was pretty solid, and I'm interested in seeing what Pit does next!
SmashBrosFan96 Jr chapter 2 . 9/6
I like it. but then again, almost anything with Medusa interests me since she's my favorite character.
ShadmeTheAngel chapter 2 . 9/5
Oh no, Viridi's in this too? I didn't see that coming! Interesting how she switched sides, but understandable, considering Medusa's new motives. I like the idea of Viridi acting as an enemy if there's a reason for it! Seems that Reset Bombs are up and running, too. And also, I may have been right; how can I not think Palutena's hiding something here? XD My question for the next chapter is in regards to everyone's favorite doppelgänger! SSB4 confirmed he's been chilling at Viridi's. In my story, when things got rough, he fled Viridi's Sanctuary; will your iteration of Dark Pit be completely removed from Viridi or will he begrudgingly fight Pit due to some shred of loyalty towards Viridi? And do the rest of the Forces agree with Viridi's choice? I'm curious to see what goes down on Viridi's end soon!
Martyn chapter 1 . 9/3
Will this story introduce Pit's origins and why Palutena's like a mother to him? (Something like she found him as a baby after an Underworld genocide)
ShadmeTheAngel chapter 1 . 9/2
Good introduction so far, though I'd recommend finding a way to separate the author's note from the story so that the two don't bleed together- maybe bold it, or use a line break? Anyway, I find the setup very interesting so far! The first bit about time lead into the story quite well, and I'm intrigued as to why you selected the quote about Palutena and Medusa's inner darkness for Pit to ponder over. Now it's made me wonder if Palutena pulled Pit out of combat so that he wouldn't learn anything that Aeria had to say. XD Speaking of Aeria, she seems pretty cool so far! It's very refreshing to see an OC that isn't an angel, human or god, but also belongs to a species that seems like it would make sense in the KI world. However, what I'd like to know is your stance on the common Underworld monster called a Syren- it resembles a harpy and is certainly not scarce by any means. How do they fit in that lore? Anyway, I'm interested to see where you take this story, so I'll be hanging around!