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Marbbles123 chapter 8 . 6/2/2018
Love this story! Rereading it because I loved your update and really wanted to remember everything that happened prior. Was just reading this chapter and noticed a time mistake. It says Ron was captured in summer 1999 but then Harry defeated Voldemort January 1999. I am guessing it was supposed to be summer 1998. Just wanted to let you know!
Guest chapter 23 . 5/31/2018
This story is extremely fantastic - i just really love the flow of it, please update soon! You are such a fantastic write and actually speaking of that question: are you ever going to continue with A PRISONERS SILENCE. ? Cuz that by far is your best and most interesting - pleaaaaase continue it
Guest chapter 23 . 5/29/2018
You're seriously killing me here. I need you to just upload your full stories for this and Boogeyman cause I'm becoming completely neurotic checking literally every hour or few mins to see if you've updated. Save me from myself so I can get back to normalcy and just post the full story so I can binge and then move on with my life (which will consist of rereading your stories all the time of course) Please
ShePotter chapter 23 . 5/28/2018
Wow, this is such a good, untold story. Keep up soon. Thanks
ScarletProphecy14 chapter 23 . 5/27/2018
Great last two chapters! I love where you’re taking this. I also love how others are interacting with Ron. Especially how female characters, like Jane, still find him attractive. Keep it up!
nirdoodle chapter 23 . 5/27/2018
That depiction of Nox Wrack was amazing - and Ron's casual references to the sale of humans and others was hard to read. I was intrigued by Harry's insight that while Ron is a terrible liar he is great at manipulating the truth and often does so to help those he cares about - that he was always "the middle ground."
Incredible that Lee Jordan is still alive and can't wait to find out if Ron and the others can get him out. I have a feeling that Harry is going to find out who Spitfire is very soon.
Themis chapter 3 . 5/27/2018
I never thought I could cry again when I decided to reread your story.
I was wrong.
I am crying right now.

"You know, don't you" Ron whispered. "That I'm not really here ?"
Harry didn't answer.
No one was in the room with him, after all.

Oh my god.

All of this is so poignant. They are all so broken, devastated, miserable. When I discovered your story for the first time, I remember I thought they were only shadows. Shadows of a world in which joy and happiness had a place and which does not exist anymore.

One of the most difficult things about this fic is to supress the urge to yell and strangle any being believing that Ron, one of the most loyal and brave human beings on the surface of the Earth, could betray his friends and family. A slap on your face, Ferris, and you Perkins, would be fine with me.
Ron the traitor would be so wrong. All the time I want to enter your story and scream that all those rumors are utter crap, and that Ron does not need any more pain, thank you very much.

Oh, no. Now that I know what happened to Ron, I can't help thinking it's the place where he lost his sight and a part of his soul. If this is the case, no one will restrain me from murdering this utter bastard of Lestrange (oh god ! You made me swear and insult characters !)

At first, I really thought that Harry was paranoid. All the more poignant to know that he is not really paranoid, but that Ron is not really here either.

This world is dark.

Ron, light, joy, laugh, they have all disappeared.

I hope they will come back one day.
Guest chapter 2 . 5/27/2018
So much suspense.
Some of the greatest questions of this storie lie in this chapter : What will Fawkes do with Ron ? What does this bond mean ? What powers will our boy gain ? And what the hell happened to Hagrid ?
Even if I suspect that his remarkable ability to fight is linked to his bond with Fawkes, I can't guess for sure.
And what the hell, Hagrid ? Where are you ? Why didn't you protect the trio ? What happened to you ?
So much questions and no real answer. Only guesses.
I must say that I always thought of Ron as a living fire. But not in the same way as you. I never one pictured Ron looking for destruction. To me, Ron is only light. That does not mean there's no complexity, no intensity about him. The fire can hurt, it burns, it's painful. You can burn with him and becoming ashes.
Ron is passion. Emotion. Explosion.
His strong feelings tend to burst into flames, to shine, to blind. But it can hurt too. Over the years, Ron has burnt with his inner fire. Sometimes he led his flames touch the others.
His fire is usually warm, comforting, reassuring, but it can also be overwhelming, painful, poignant even.
I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope that Ron won't be reduced to ashes.
Themis chapter 1 . 5/27/2018
Oh no !
I wanted to read again the previous chapters and let you a review about each of them. And I just thought "Why not begin by the author's note ?"
So I read it.
I had forgotten about that. The fact that you want to make this fiction a threesome fic. I recall now that I always thought there was a kind of strong intimacy between Harry and Ron, and that I was a little queasy when Harry was stroking Hermione's hair while speaking about Ron.
Please. Don't do that. Your fiction is fantastic, it would be tainted for me if their friendship became something else.
I know you have probably already written the arc, the structure, the plot of the story, but isn't there another way ? Can't you write something like in 'Stay standing" ? Because in "Stay standing", there was a chemistry between the tree members of the trio, a real and deep chemistry, but not a romance. Spitfire could go this way, couldn't it ?
I know romance is not your forte. That it is bizarre, a little odd for you. On the contrary, maybe unfortunately for you, I am really romantic and sentimental (so expect me to whine a little if I am not happy by the turn of events). So please believe me when I say that their friendship doesn't work that way. Ron and Hermione share a sort of brotherhood with Harry. Not a romance.
You really caught the fact that Ron is the trio's heart. Their light (I always saw his departure as a metaphor : when he left, he took the light with him). Without him, hearts are aching, joy is grey, laughes are hollow. Yes, all of this is very true. But Ron is not Harry's lover !
A threesome, to us, romantic mushy girls, is...bizarre. It makes us queasy. To us, romantic mushy girls, one can't love in a romantic way two human beings. No. Not possible. Can't picture it. Ron couldn't stand it if he had to share this kind of love with both Hermione and Harry. Ron is a character of great integrity, uncompromising. When he feels something, it's too strong to be split in two. His love is always uncompromising. I really can't picture the fourteen-years old boy who blushed after claiming that Rita Skeeter was making a scarlet woman of Hermione, or the sixteen years old boy who ended heartbroken when he learnt that the girl he loved had given her first kiss to another boy, or the seventeen years old man who muttered "er-my-nee" in his sleep when he heard her voice, agreeing with a threesome with Harry and Hermione. Argh, no.
Their friendship, really, really strong friendship does not need to become a romance to be strong. Ron is missed by Harry and Hermione in different ways. Hermione misses the boy she loves, Harry misses his brother, his walking stick, his dearest friend. None of them would agree with a threesome !
By the way, Hermione too is really uncompromising.
Harry...even if he is not Hermione and Ron's lover, that does not mean he would end up left out.
Each member of the trio needs the other two. Not in the same way yet.
If you don't show that Ron can be missed like mad without being loved in a romantic way, your story and your goal will loose some strength.
You just have to show that Ron has taken the light with him when he left.
After all, his name is Spitfire.
AFWidget chapter 23 . 5/26/2018
So I have NEVER posted a review on a story before (I know bad) but I just have to with this chapter. There are two ways I see this going.
#1: Harry with his hero complex is going to just not care about the consequences of his actions and fight to get Lee out of there and get someone with him or Lee hurt or killed.
#2: His team is going to have to drag him out of there by knocking him out or something like that and when they get back he is going to go off on Ron about not abandoning his friends and Ron is just going to take it, walk away and them possibly go back to get Lee out for Harry and his brothers without saying anything.
I hope that I am wrong and they can get them both out, but Harry has that STRONG hero complex and not enough foresight (DoM battle) to wait for a better time and not blow their cover in the underground.

Also, Harry is so dumb. He knows that Ron can't see. Knows that Ron is a gimp. Knows they are somewhere that Ron has been before with people Ron may have fought before. Why is he so ignorant as to not put these things together about him being Spitfire? I know that he wants Moody to be alive and I know that him and Hermione get fixated and then can't see anything else around them (everything always being Snapes fault and unable to see any other alternative). But I would have hoped that he would use his new skills as an Auror to not get that much tunnel vision that he can't see what is going on around him. I think it might have to do with the fact that while he is okay with Ron, he still does not want to acknowledge what he has gone/lived through once he left the tent. Tonks laid it out for him after he saw Ron at his place of work and Kingsley did the same to him and Hermione when he told them about Rons trial. All the shit he went through and they just see him standing there and not wanting to accept everything that may have happened to him when he seems so put together.

I LOVE when your stories update. They are my favorites and I get so excited my coworkers think that I have lost my mind and my husband just shakes his head at me. I may like when others update, but when I see your updates I want to drop everything and read them, and when I can't I get mad at the situation. I was on vacation in Rome for Christmas when you finished Stay Standing and I just had to read it as soon as I saw it finished, so I did. Thank God we were in the hotel resting but that happened. I am, as always, anxiously awaiting your next update for this, Vanguard and The Boogyman (really excited for The Boogyman).
Mondmaedchen chapter 23 . 5/26/2018
Oh shit, it's Lee. What the hell happened to him!? :O
Themis chapter 23 . 5/26/2018
Oh my god !
You updated this story ! I need the following chapters ! I need to know how this story will end ! I need to know that Ron will be okay !...
Because Ron will be okay, right ?
When I read the first chapters last year, I cried for weeks. This was so heartbreaking. So heartbreaking. So much pain, and everybody despising him, hating him. I wanted to yell at them, to let them know how much he suffered. I had never seen a fanfic in which Ron was that tortured before, and I have read Within these Walls. I had daydreams in which I entered your story, and gave Ron back his soul, his eyes, his leg and his finger. His feelings. His passion. And love. Oh god how much I wanted to give him love.
I longe for the moment everyone will learn the truth about him. The awful things he had to endure (torture, slavery, torture again, so much torture, rape... because in the way you described the Lestranges, I am pretty sure these bastards took that too) and the fight he led (Ron my spitfire). I want everybody to be mesmerized by Ron ! His bravery, his sacrifices, his compassion...
Please, please, please, tell me Ron will recover his sight, his soul, and even his leg and his finger... Please please please !
Please update soon. I can't stand the wait.
Let me guess : the hatred the "Horcrux Ron" shows for Ron is in fact the hatred Ron feels for himself, right ?
And congratulations... for everything.
TroyWeb chapter 23 . 5/26/2018
This was a very good chapter! Your description of Nox Wrack is good enough for its own story. It sounds like the set of a Guillermo del Toro movie.
purplepanther18 chapter 23 . 5/26/2018
I’m dying to read what will happen next! Update soon pls pls!
Guest chapter 23 . 5/26/2018
Oh man! You cannot leave it there!
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