Reviews for Winds of Change
Draco09 chapter 1 . 10/12/2017
No reviews? BLASPHEMY.

God this was a trip down memory lane. I was obsessed with Dragon Booster when I was a kid, and this was one of my favorite episodes. Seeing new content is awesome to see, I think the forums and fandom in general for it is almost nonexistent now. I'm so glad that there's still long fics being written for it, and what a nice surprise it was to check up on this site again to see if there was still anything being done creatively. I greatly enjoyed this execution and it was a pleasure reading this, it's so refreshing.

I like how you combined two episodes together (When Opposites Attract and Battle For the Ages I think), I wish they did that in the show, it would have solidified the relationship a bit better instead of a "hey, I know you!". The characters were very true to the show as well, and how they were written here felt realistic to what I would expect from the characters.

My only criticism is that sometimes I feel the backstory details, like with Beau and Artha's relationship and Paynn's debt, could have been shown instead of told directly. That way I don't feel like the narrative is interrupted to explain something unrelated to the present scene.