Reviews for 1 When Angels Weep
Dejla chapter 1 . 8/27/2020
honestly, i am happy that you are aware that Cus is the strongest, because she deserves to be like that, even her other siblings can't reach her feet of her power, i think that, it will be awesome that she'll come back in another season of dragon ball, maybe she will play an important role, like training goku and vegeta,etc... this story is half-good because i didn't like cus to be the youngest and weakest, and i don't think that she will need a senzu bean, healing is enough, with whis's staff for example, piccolo can fix robes etc, but i don't think cus will be surprized that piccolo can do it, also, for being the oldest of her siblings, she will be the one who is AMAZING, because i expect anything from her, and thank you for your hard work
UnidentifiedUser chapter 1 . 8/16/2020
You took the easy way out.
keiman and kei chapter 1 . 5/5/2018
Aha! Now I remember! Cus is Whis's siter. That's why they could not be a romantic duo. A good beginning but you leave us up in the air at the end. What happens to Cus once the Senzu bean's powers wear off her? Will Piccolo's defib technique hold since he has never used it on an Angel before?

Why do the losing fighters' Universes have to be destroyed in the first place? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely it seems with Lord Zeno. Is this Grand Priest the Angels' boss? Does each niverse have a Grand Priest?

Not fair to allow only the Angels to decide if a Universe will be restored and if they are anything like Lord Beerus and his nutcase twin brother, not many Universes will get restored!
WOLOLOLOLOLOLO chapter 1 . 12/4/2017
came here from youtube lol. good fanfic tho
Arthur101SueEllen chapter 1 . 9/18/2017
I enjoyed this story... Very nice entertaining. Cus is one of my Favorite Angels.
shadowwriter01 chapter 1 . 8/30/2017
Pretty good.
Typical for the Angels. Two universes have already been erased, but as soon as it got one of them, they suddenly get enraged.

If this followed the timeline, Goten and Trunks should have actually been on Seventeens island however.
ArceusThePokeGod chapter 1 . 8/29/2017
I have a requested crossover story that I want you to write ( Basically a Dragon Ball Super and Pokémon crossover story idea ) :

Crossover Between Pokémon and Dragon Ball Super ( This Story takes place before the universe 6 and 7 Tounament / But after the Ressurection of Frieza Movie )

Main Pairing : Arceus ( Complete Form / Multiversal God Version / With All Plate Types and is in a handsome human form / basically he looks just as attractive as the pretty boy Sephiroth / Arceus has long snow white hair tied in a pony tail / piercing emerald green eyes / and a perfectly chiseled six pack plus a well toned body structure / and his skin is that of a pale white color / plus he is wearing a long thin white colored cloak covering his most of his body minus his head / that is in the style of a greek male god ) x Vados ( In Character )

Note : Arceus's personality will be that of truly pure hearted person who is a sweet and kindhearted individual who cares for everyone even the ones who are in need of having their problems resolved for them ( Like Vados for example / Who is afraid of the Omni Kings Power and childish personality / plus a bad temper / for eradicating the universes of the angels and their gods of destruction )

Genre : Adventure / Romance

Rated M for Mature Themes ( There will some lemons in this story / but there will be action scenes as well / DBS sagas like the fight between Goku Black and Zamasu vs Goku and Vegeta plus a fight between SSGSS Vegito and Merged Zamasu / In which both story arcs will happen sometime later on in the future / after Arceus and Vados being a married couple and have a child named Raizer / Also the tournament of power will be somewhat different than it was in the canon universe / instead of losers having there universes destroyed they will be trained by the great priest himself / to improve upon their power and potential / and reach their maximum power / but the same fighters will appear like they did in the dbs show / also / the winners will get to challenge Lord Arceus himself as a test to see if they are worthy of becoming his very own pupil / or pupils / if there is more than one winner of course / basically Arceus made an actual agreement with the Omni King to stop destroying universes / basically it will be through Lord Arceus's own rules with the tournament of Power Itself / his decision of what to do with the winner and losers of the Tournament of Power )

Title : Her God His Angel

Plot : When, Vados, awakens, one, night, to, find, herself, in, the, bedroom, of, an ancient, deity, called, Arceus, never, had, she, meet, such, a, compassionate , man, in , her, entire , lifetime, one, who , even, has, the, power , to, resolve, the, troublesome , issues, she, has, been, , currently, having, with, her, worlds, ruler, Zeno, and, maybe, give, her, the, chance, to, become, something, so, much, more, than, just, a, ordinary, servant, of, lord, Zeno .

PS :They ( Arceus and Vados ) will have a child named Raizer whose appearance is that of an cute baby with pale blue skin emerald green eyes and white hair ( An Absolutely adorable child if you ask me ) :)