Reviews for The God of Fairies
greed720isthinskinned chapter 24 . 9/28
This story makes me feel like I'm enduring the Holocaust.

Please stop writing. Ew.
MUI SSB4 Brandon chapter 1 . 9/20
I'm rereading this story to catch up with the latest chapters and there's some mistakes. One is about Percy's mortal point as it says his own "desire for survivable" when the correct word would be survival. Grammarly works pretty well to fix issues like that, but I personally don't use it
Zargham chapter 24 . 9/11
Yeah ! This great story deserves a happy ending for Zervis. Just in case you misunderstand, i'm serious.
demigodninja21 chapter 24 . 9/2
If you keep along the lines of the cannon ending for this one I think it would be nice if Wendy were to be on the island as well. You could have it so that she tags along to help out.
yeeterskeetr21 chapter 23 . 8/27
I like your story, but I don't know how I feel about Wendy being left behind. Who is her mom? Is Percy ever going to talk about Annabeth and all his other friends? Does he stilllove Annabeth or is he completely over her? i think it would be cute if he was still in love with Annabeth. Just ideas by the way. Please finish this story
T chapter 11 . 8/24
Nice Avatar reference with lightning redirection
Guest chapter 7 . 7/23
I can't stand this story any longer. Don't get me wrong, it started great and i highly enjoyed it, but the one BIG problem that i have with it is the constant struggle of your characters...

Just don't introduce OP MC's if you want them to dramatically struggle in every fight or encounter with the bad side...

This is why i don't like Fairy Tail crossovers of any kind. Authors just don't manage to keep away from the damn drama and angst.
te.nellis chapter 24 . 7/23
Epic! Keep it up!
noondark chapter 24 . 7/23
I am very curious what you will do in regards to Acnologia on Tenrou. With Percy having been around during his time, and the fact that Percy has a home field advantage and unlimited resources at his disposal basically.
S1LVER FOX16 chapter 24 . 7/23
Love the story keep it up
Rizza Harley chapter 1 . 7/23
the writing is quite fleshed out, and I got the idea of what was happening fairly well, aside from some minor spell checks and what not.

i really dont know what to think of how percy acts based on gray's description though. i am unnerved that someone like percy (who, from the books, seemed like a really sweet person who was a tad bit dense at times) would give gray this impression. im still reserving judgement because percy DID go through tartarus, which is fairly traumatizing and understandable. i would have thought that percy would be protective of most of the young ones in fairy tail, not a select few, but i am trusting that there is a reason. there is apt mystery in gray's statement that pulls me in and makes me want to read more, to discover what exactly happened to percy, so good job on grabbing the reader's attention!

i cant really judge right now, since this chapter i felt was only narrating what happened in the episode with detail, so ill read the later chapters and see where it takes me.
Shadow Wolf 15846 chapter 24 . 7/23
nice! cant wait for the next chapter!
CRUDEN chapter 24 . 7/22
Damn what a good chapter, I especially enjoyed the trash talking between Mira and Edo Erza
Ultimatrix bearer chapter 24 . 7/22
I like your reasoning for failing natsu. It reminds me of some of the naruto takes the jonin exams fics. Glad to hear you have plans because I absolutely hated how acnologia went out. The reveal of the dragon gods just made it worse. I’m iffy on zeref considering he wasn’t exactly wrong in his endgame and it’s established he can only be killed by a contradiction. END on the other hand and frosches supposed death were pretty horrible like the reveal of the Grimm reaper death unseal.

RHatch89 chapter 24 . 7/22
Awesome update :)
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