Reviews for Scruples of Honour
gabyhyatt chapter 1 . 9/20
Great fic
Unicadia chapter 1 . 9/16/2017
Hello, I'm here from the Shorter Review Game from Writers Anonymous. I love "Gone with the Wind," and your beautiful writing and characterization made reading this story very enjoyable.

I really like how the story begins. It feels as though I have walked in on Ashley's thoughts, not at the beginning, but in the middle, which is a great, unconventional way of mixing things up and making the story, from the start, unique. This also emphasizes Ashley's struggle more.

The ending is also very good. We have come to the end of Ashely's thought process, and though he has mulled the situation over many times, he has finally decided on the point he kept coming back to over the course of his internal dialogue. I like this because it underscores the fact that the issue Ashley finds himself trapped in can only have one outcome.

I love your characterization. We see Ashley's calm, studious nature as well as his suppressed passion; Scarlett's reckless wildness (I like how Ashley recognized that she really hadn't matured much as far as character; we still see him denying that she's completely unsuitable for any man, though, which speaks of his flaws, no matter how well he can hold his wine. ;) This is made even more serious when he keeps recalling her slap, but not considering it as a reason to stay away from her); and, of course, Charles' shy, sweet nature. I especially love how you wrote him; he is one of my favorite characters, and you portrayed his shy, gentleness combined with his thrill at Scarlett's attentions beautifully.

I only found one small issue with the story:
". . . without any interruptions from neighbors' sons riding clattering up to the porch . . ." The phrase "riding clattering" feels a bit awkward. Maybe just use one of the words instead of both. I, personally, would go with "clattering" as it evokes more of a sense of the kind of haphazardness we get from the Tarleton boys at the beginning of the book, which is what this sentence reminded me of.

This was a real treat, thank you sharing it with us.

Scarlett Jaimie chapter 1 . 9/2/2017
An unusual take on the events surrounding the BBQ and its aftermath but I enjoyed it. Not Ashley's biggest fan but it was so well written that it was great to read. Hope to read more GWTW fics from you.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/31/2017
Some think that Scarlett and Charles ultimately would have been happy enough together if he had lived.
lostrocket chapter 1 . 8/31/2017
I really really dislike Ashley, the main reason for which is that his vaulted "honor" always fails him or, perhaps better expressed, ends up actually getting in the way of him doing the right thing. So I can't believe you just got me to read 2,551 words of Ashley Wilkes POV but wow it was worth it. And your closing words summed it up just right for me, "there was no way, in all honour, that he could." Hahaha as usual. Jerk. Other than that, I stopped and read this part multiple times, it was just so beautifully captured: the whole paragraph of "He'd gone overseas to Europe, and come back with memories full of culture and beauty from centuries when Georgia still slumbered beneath her primeval woods...No, it was Scarlett who'd come to the sudden brink of adulthood: Scarlett, the daughter of the roaring little Irishman Gerald O'Hara." There are many other beautiful turns of phrase in here. It was a pleasure to read. Still can't stand Ashley ;)
Kinderby chapter 1 . 8/31/2017
This is just wonderful! I love all the historical and literary references, they help make it such a cerebral piece, so much like Ashley. He's a little bit Hamlet-like, knowing he needs to act, but a little bit too in his head to ever make the move to do so. And in the end, it somewhat similarly dooms them (at least to unhappiness, if not Ashley's death). I think all those references really drive that home: his head is so much in books and seeing how the present is like events of the past, that it paralyzes him in the *now*. You really bring everyone so much to life: the pictures of Hamilton siblings as they grow up, Honey and India, and Ashley's relationship with all of them. I just *kisses fingertips* This is so, so well-written, I really hope you have more stories in this fandom! Thanks for posting!