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Daniel Red Dragon chapter 13 . 6/30
This was a good read. Though, some of the words in the story doesn't seem to be proofread. Have you considered doing that? I'll suggest getting an beta-reader for this story if you want them to edit it. This was not something to be considered "hate" of my opinion. Just an thought.
ZabuzasGirl chapter 1 . 6/2
Update immediately, please!
Hitler's Moustache chapter 13 . 3/7
this story makes me feel slightly bad about all that Smaug and Saphira porn I've seen. (and fapped to)
Chicwowwow chapter 2 . 1/10
Umm... So, in the novels, dragons are seen as vastly more powerful, mentally and physically than humans. So Brom's first reaction to a hostile dragon is to forcefully search his mind. Even if Smaug is a different kind of dragon and may not have the same capabilities, it still seems massively out of character.
Hitler's Moustache chapter 12 . 1/4
the only way I can imagine dragons grinning Is if they are anthro or bare their teeth like a dog. just me?
mpowers045 chapter 12 . 1/4
Can't wait for the surprise
Lelouch-Strife chapter 12 . 1/4
i'm thinking Paarthunax's role should be of Elder and ally to the gods as he would know so much and can offer advice and words of wisdom and help Eragon learn the true meaning of being a Dragon Rider

dispite his voice actor being the same one as Mario his voice in Skyrim is epic
Lelouch-Strife chapter 11 . 1/3
lol I think you should add Paarthunax
Hitler's Moustache chapter 11 . 1/3
saw your reply to the one guy on chapter 10. good job not taking shit from anyone disliking your story it's your story and I quite like the story (even if I do skim through a lot of it most times).
Zekariah C.L. Schron chapter 11 . 1/3
Another great chapter. You have certainly kept smaug close to his normal self aswell as changed him. Although I do wonder what will happen when he sees the Dwarves massive star Rose.
mpowers045 chapter 11 . 1/3
It's very well done
mpowers045 chapter 10 . 1/2
Excellent drama
mbh040 chapter 10 . 1/2
Really liked their dreams.
The only thing I can think of what the gift could be would be a scale.
Mjoern chapter 5 . 1/2
OMG I hate ERAGON! I hate him so much!

Smaug : OMG they even killed a crow! I can get the total destruction of a town and all, I did it and enjoyed doing it many times myself so I certainly wouldn't judge them for that, but why would they even spend an arrow on this poor Crow?! What senseless violence! These people are savage!

Eragon whistles for no reason other than for the audience that didn't follow it all to get that it was him that shot the innocent crow..

Smaug had of course understood all along as he had recognized the arrow. He had also guessed why because he knew what specieism was..

The dragon teased the pathetic human : "Well let's not allow their life to go wasted.. at least I won't have to hunt any time soon.." then proceeded to gobble the corpses as Eragon watched in horror..
"What's up Eragon?" he said between some bites : "Not so tough now, uh? You hypocrite! You shoot the small bird because you can, but when you're faced with my glory, you can only stand agape as I devour your pride away! C'mon, miserable mortal! Shoot! I dare you! aren't those arrows a bit to big for such a small animal as yourself? Compensating for something surely, My guess goes to the lack of proper claws and teeth.. What pity when weakness is used as an excuse to cheat your way to victory through underhanded means. If you had challenged this bird to a fair fight, you would be nothing but a vaguely humanoid bloody mess like all the other here and I would eat you all the same!"


I think the crow with an arrow through the chest should speak more to Smaug than any dead human children.. Smaug takes pleasure in killing human children after all..
You know with all the similar anatomy and the arrow in the chest history they have in common..

Dragon-bound, By Lady Donovan-sama is one of the greatest fanfictions ever written.. I don't expect anyone to write something as good on the subject, but seriously, 10 000 in and he's sheltering humans from the cold under his wings and called them friends?!

I mean you said lil bit OOC at the beginning but dang that's real heavy OOCness right there..
(And I am not saying my parody above is a good Smaug impression, no it's terrible, of course Smaug wouldn't care for an insignificant crow just like he wouldn't care for insignificant human children)

It's one of those bad habits that Fanfiction writers tend to have, Making characters change.. If Eragon and Smaug can't go along, then they simply shouldn't and forcing it will only result in terrible writing for both characters.. as one of them will have to forget who they are and the other will have to excuse the sins in the past of the other.. Neither Smaug nor Eragon can do those things..

Do you think that a guy like Eragon who shoots a crow just because the crow had the audacity to be hungry at the wrong moment would be able to allow someone like Smaug to live after what he's done and Can you just imagine Smaug being okay with apologizing and begging for pardon for what he's done in the past as he swears he has changed?
No it's stupid.. Those two needs to be enemies, like communists and nazis.. they literally can't get along and that will never happen.. Even if a nazi becomes a communist, the commies will still make his life miserable, just like it is true the other way around..
mbh040 chapter 9 . 12/30/2017
This story is reminding me SO much of Blood of a Dragon by DragonKnight - Beta 26, especially this chapter. The chapter name and events are pretty much the same just some ever so slightly different wording. Honestly it felt like I was reading chapter 8 in Blood of a Dragon...
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