Reviews for Overwatch Prompt Fills
IDidn'tSignUp4This chapter 87 . 11/6
snowmcslow chapter 85 . 11/6
damn near loved it :D Thanks for doing the prompt :D favorited and followed :D
IDidn'tSignUp4This chapter 86 . 10/23
When the little gremlin of a daughter you have discovers new ways to prank everybody
ShadeFireDragon chapter 84 . 10/6
Oh my goodness, it actually happen. *holds out arms for virtual hug* ;3;
IDidn'tSignUp4This chapter 84 . 10/6
This was beautiful. You should definitely have a look at Hamilton, it's a fantastic musical.
Random prompt ideas:
A "musical episode" - the Talon squad performs a musical, this can be as rediculous as you want.
Or: Sombra and Sigma father-daughter bonding. I've adopted this concept as canon and would love to see some fanfics with it.
IDidn'tSignUp4This chapter 83 . 9/19
Thanks a lot! This turned out brilliant!
ShadeFireDragon chapter 82 . 9/9
Yay, I was noticed!
IDidn'tSignUp4This chapter 82 . 9/6
This was so cute and adorable! I adore this
IDidn'tSignUp4This chapter 81 . 8/27
Oh Sombra... I think you're going to be going full on neutral very soon
IDidn'tSignUp4This chapter 80 . 8/10
This was great!
Chloe chapter 2 . 7/26
Tracer x Emily please

Tracer gets injured during a mission and Mercy is preoccupied with Genji, Emily visits her and gives her a lecture about being so care free.

Tracer x Emily hurt/comfort with a bit of gencey thrown in for fun
IDidn'tSignUp4This chapter 78 . 7/16
This is sweet and all, but I just can't vooe with Jesse being the reason for all of Blackwatch having the flu.
Now I want a one-shot of sick Jesse
ShadeFireDragon chapter 77 . 7/8
Aw, this chapter was sweet ;)
ShadeFireDragon chapter 76 . 6/17
R.I.P. Jack’s legs
KuletXCore chapter 75 . 6/6
Aww... It's so fluffy! I love it!
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