Reviews for Reconciliation
Silentforce666 chapter 4 . 2/7
Sorry! i couldn't continue with the reviews yesterday!

In this one i just wanted to give Amras a hug, he's desperate due the lack of news concerning his brother, but it's not like Maglor could easily go in and out from the camp, just to keep their brothers informed of everything. The younger redhead is clearly not a child anymore, but between the others sons of Feanor he seems like one, even causing all that disturb in the gates, and i know he didn't meant to, just wanted to know if Maitimo is alright. And as Fingon said, Amras is stubborn and he won't go obediently without fighting back. Ow, the question "Pityo or Telvo?", that broke my heart a little, and the reaction of Amras with the mere mention of his twin is sad.

On the other side, Maglor didn't leave Maedhros, for he seems to be in a quiet sleep. But soon Fingon learn of Pityo's death. The burning of the ships, the crossing of the Ice... both claimed too many lives.

See you in the 4th chapter! ; )
Silentforce666 chapter 3 . 2/5
As expected, all the brothers went with Kano XD that is no surprise, they wish to see their eldest brother, and I suspect they still don't fully believe the fact that Maedhros is alive. But Fingolfin was clear and none, except Maglor, can cross the camp.

Caranthir did a fuss, and even Amras protested, but finally the four of them had to step back, task almost impossible being the sons of Feanor we are speaking of. The wounds are revealed, and my heart hurts everytime you describe the suffering of Maedhros, even Maglor suffers just from seeing him like that. Poor thing!

I'm glad the redhead did fall asleep while Maglor sang, that indicates Maedhros finds comfort (I like to think that) in his brother voice. Comfort and safety, even when he's not concious.

Very good chapter!
Silentforce666 chapter 2 . 2/5
This chapter is so intense from the beggining. Maglor reaching his uncle camp, not knowing what to expect and for a moment even thinking is a trap, but he is right, Fingon is just so sincere and... well, Fingon! to do something like that. The moment Maglor saw who was on the bed, my heart stopped as well, and I swear almost cry with him. This is something i really like in general about your story and that is that you really capture the essence of the characters, and you achieve to make them look more vulnerable, (even more, aside from their other concerns about the enemy), and something like retrieving your long lost brother definitily was unbalancing to Maglor, because he had accepted his own sentence for his brother, to leave him there in the hands of the enemy, and hoping that maybe he was killed soon to spare him further pain... he was wrong.

And know, he has to return to the settlement to share the news with the rest of his brothers, and taht is not and easy task, nothing is easy when is about the sons of Feanor actually.

Turgon... I really like him when he is the king of Gondolin, but right now he is... he is so mean XD
I know, I know, the Helcaraxe was horrible, and he lost the women he loved (loves?, one never knows with the elves), Fingolfin on the other half, seems to be a little (just a little!) more understanding and he allowed Maglor to be in his camp.

Everything in the chapter was great! I'll continue in the next one!

Silentforce666 chapter 1 . 2/5

Just as I promised, I'm here to leave my reviews, I'll leave today as many as I can, and reread the chapters will be an easy task, as I do that often. And now that the story is finally finished, I have mixed feelings, hahaha, don't worry, I meant good ones.

So, I was thinking: Fingon was better than a fox or something, just to desapear without trace and leaving everyone in angst, just till his returning, and that was just the beggining...
Levade chapter 26 . 2/4
Not THE End, just An End. Because I WILL bother you for more and more. :)

Thank you for ending it on an up note, and likely one of the last happy times they face. I loved seeing Maedhros go from helpless and terrified to regaining his confidence and gathering his brothers again. I'm sure Maglor, at least, was happy of that!

And it was a lovely rounding, to end with our narrator, Maglor, who started our story.
It's always a bit sad to me when a story ends. But I'll look forward to more!
Levade chapter 25 . 2/4
What is really sad about all this mistrust between the family, and they are all family,
is it's not really, at the root, about Feanor or Losgar or the Ice.

It's about Morgoth lying to them all, the darkness infusing the land, and the way they all
let those things take hold of their lives. Yes, Maedhros' captivity makes everyone
uncomfortable, but it's not just because the brothers didn't rescue him. It's not just
because looking at him, seeing what happened, it's easy to imagine themselves in the same
state, and wonder if he's truly free of whatever nightmare Morgoth and Sauron did to him,
if he ever *could* be free of it.

All the posturing and pretending, all the displays and words... I wish they would just get
it all out in the open, but everyone is so darn proud. And still nursing hurt feelings.

At least Alcarino didn't take a sword. Good for him.

And they all made a pretty display with all the colorful clothing and banners.

Maedhros did very well. I liked his speech. I'm surprised we didn't get a reaction from
Fingolfin at the sword, but he was probably paying attention to Maedhros' words. I liked
his speech too.

Poor Celebrimbor. Even then stuck on Galadriel. That one is a losing battle.

Heh, Curufin and Galadriel. I'd still love to hear that convo!

Glad Maglor joined the singing. He needs to recover too.

Loved Maedhros calling Lalwende auntie.
LadyPorpoise chapter 25 . 2/4
I love it. I love the imagery you painted for the ceremony, and that everyone is getting along in the end. :) I hope to see you do more with Maedhros in the later years in your other works. Your portrayal of the characters are splendid.
Levade chapter 24 . 1/27
I feel for Amras. It's not fun when someone takes your favourite horse without telling you, especially when it's a horse who seems to be particular about how rides it!

And then we get a scuffle (which I really doubt is all that rare with these brothers) and an argument, an upset horse and ...

Whew! Nope. Do not grab Maedhros. Even for the best of reasons. Though I do love
Caranthir's reaction and the reason for it.

For all that Curufin can be a jerk and his later actions were reprehensible, I do love that
of all of them, he looks out for things like giving Fingolfin a one-handed sword and the
wearing of a circlet a the meeting. He cares in what might seem odd ways. He's just ...rude about it. And that is, in its own way, kind of hilarious. He just speaks what he thinks. So does Caranthir, really.

And, I love how Maedhros, knowing his brother, cuts him off from mocking Fingolfin with a sword. By flattering his talent, yes, but hey, he was a master smith.

Bless Alcarino for stepping in and for being there to reassure Maedhros about his arm. For Elves, who are such physically perfect beings, I can imagine it was a very hard thing to deal with, especially one who was called "well formed".

I had to laugh at the part where they're all getting ready and everyone is bickering or
trying to control everything (Maglor) and there's Caranthir, having a fit about the robes
so hey...Maedhros just puts him in charge of attire. XD That's how you do it.

And then Curufin with the sword. He has a point but dude...not helping here!

I feel badly for Amras. I'd not want to give up my favourite horses either! But as a gesture, it has to be a good one.

Traveling with those brothers like going on a long road trip with your family. There's the one who has to have the window seat, the one who just ignores everyone and puts on headphones, the one who worries about everything left behind and did they turn off the oven and lock the doors, and the one who asks, every five minutes, "Are we there yet?".

Love the comments about the water. It does draw one. I think there's a quote, too lazy
to find it, about the water holding the Music better than anything in nature and that
was also why people were drawn to it. Poor Maedhros, sitting there unable to get up. :(
For all that his brothers aggravate him, they're his and they look out for one another.

Amd the big finale is almost here! :D
Levade chapter 23 . 1/27
I think the thing I like the most about this story is how many little details you add.
Interactions, big and small, between the brothers, and things like Curvo shuddering when he opened the chest that has their father's things in it. The ring that Maedhros tries on and is too big. The way he leaned in against his brother. All of those little things are what make the story so alive and brings the characters to life.

Of course it was Curufin who thought of the circlet but he's right. Maedhros needs to look the part.

The whole scene where they're doing seating arrangements is a great statement of how carefully everyone was walking around the other. I would pay to see Artanis sitting with Curufin and overhear those conversations! Love that Finrod is the easier-going of the group and genuinely concerned about Maedhros having a brother near him. He has good insight into people. Love the "Are you calling our family problematic?" XD Uh...yes!

Poor Maedhros. It sucks to feel cold like a human and be weary all the time. He's getting stronger but I like that you add those moments in. He's not healed, not yet. That will take more time. But he's doing so much better!

We're getting closer to the big moment! I'm going to miss this story and these brothers!
wolfawaken chapter 24 . 1/25
A wonderful story and very good writing. Your words made me cry because I can feel the pain and emotions of Maedhros and brothers.
IoliteofEchoriath chapter 24 . 1/21
Kudos! The dynamic between Maedhros and the rest of his brothers is really something here. You can tell that the bros are just concerned about him and that they are managing things in what is perhaps the only way they truly know. But still they are being yet another burden to poor Maedhros, and he is trying to grin and bear it. That's what I love so much about Maedhros's character: he endures.
IoliteofEchoriath chapter 23 . 1/14
Another excellent chapter. I especially appreciated Fingon's comment: "Are you calling our family problematic?" Oh yes, woe to he who dares to call the ruling family of the Noldor "problematic." It made me laugh :) I look forward to finding out what happens next.
Levade chapter 22 . 1/7
To have a glimpse of Maedhros as he was (and will be again) was awesome, even if it did tire him out. I love when Curufin and Celegorm ride in and see the commotion then see Maedhros and they just stop in surprise. It's quite the image of him! I also love that despite being wounded, he's going to ride out there and find his brothers, even if it kills him. And wearing chainmail that doesn't fit (great little detail). It says so much about who he is.

I also like how Alcarino is watching him carefully but doesn't interefere until Celegorm points out that Maedhros wouldn't be able to keep the pace. It was sad to see all that energy dim, but I know it will be back once he's healed!

Celelgorm saluting him was lovel (even if he did break it with a smile and a was there all the same). Very Maedhros to see let the party know he's not going and then see them off even on the verge of collapsing.

Curufin has the right of there - learn to use his left hand to fight and get his own chainmail - because taking that set off was awful!

I laughed at Caranthir sleeping through all of this and thought, oh, he's going to be so annoyed...

And he was! XD I don't blame him, but that was all pretty funny - then he goes to his own bed and Maedhros, despite Caranthir's protests, sleeps there. :D Maedhros doesn't like to be alone. Can't blame him at all!

I can't blame Celegorm for not liking his brother's plan, but Maedhros is right. All of his reasons..none of them can really argue against them.

I think Caranthir really stole this chapter, with his grumpiness but it's hard to forget the image of Maedhros readying to ride out to see his brothers! Love how individual they all are and that's not easy, keeping seven very different personalities in check. Another chapter well done!
Saum the Smol Teddy chapter 22 . 1/6
Amazing chapter as usual, I like how some of their real insecurities beyond "we are proud feanorians" are coming out. Eagerly awaiting the next update. Happy new year
Silmarilz1701 chapter 4 . 1/4
Wow this chapter had me I'm pieces. I'm still wiping my tears. As soon as I saw the description I knew there would be pain, and thus kept avoiding it. But I'm morbidly curious. Very glad I decided to brave the emotions and read. So far so awesome!
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